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Friday 11 December 2015

List Of Killer Websites That Every Programmer Must visit

Here is the big list of websites where you can find the most popular site for programmers and also you can find most of the solutions of programming errors. These websites are  chosen websites  by me that every programmer should  visit . These provide online tutorials, programming courses while most of them are simply question-answer based  websites in which professional experts provide answers to any problems by users.

Here are the  Best List Of Websites That Every Programmer Must visit: : Provide fresh updates on web development technologies.
One of the world's greatest open source projects,with some of the brightest people in the world working for improving the community.

Slash Dot
 all  latest blog post and news stories related to technology and coding. : One of the top  websites for online reference on HTML,CSS, Javascript,SQL,etc.

MIT Open Courseware
link -
Video lectures, activities, and much more!
 -one of the latest ideas, releases, trends, events and must-read articles from the programming world

Coursera partners with a number of the world’s leading universities to offer free courses. : This website is Similar to coursera, take online programming courses online for free

 Code Academy
A free  learn how to code a number of different languages.
 Also Provides full courses on technologies like HTML/CSS,Javascript,Jquery,Python,etc. : website Provides tutorials and  solutions of problems related to languages like HTML,Flash,PHPJava,Javascript and many.

Tutorials on  anything related to coding

Access to all the open source code you will
 need. : Provides programming practices and challenges.

 just like the popular Q&A site like Quora, but it is strictly for developers. : It's aim is to provideexcellent courses with video tutorials on Java,Javascript,python,etc.

Smashing Magazine
Get all Coding tips, tricks, and ideas from an assortment of today’s leading professionals. A website provide and complete solutions of selected C,C++ and java Problems.

Norvig -There are lots of code snippets, articles, and essays.

xda-developers :For development of android Apps and softwares.Best websites for developers. :  video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. : online courses specifically on computer science technologies.

 It offers video tutorials on various topics like Python, computer game development, iPhone development, Photoshop and so on

 Besides these websites Sometimes,You can also watch random videos about programming on youtube  to expand your knowledge.



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