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Sunday, 20 December 2015

How To Increase Facebook Likes On Status/photos

Facebook has now  become  very important aspects in any one’s life to gain fame by followers or by likes.Facebook has connected millions of people around the world and it is used by millions of Peoples.There Are Million Of People On Facebook who did not get Any Likes and comments On There Photos And Status.So To Gain Fame On Facebook Some Minded People Have Developed An online Software called Autoliker To exchange Likes Between users.It is very useful For Them Who want to get Famous and Gain popularity on Facebook.It exchanges likes between users.

What is Autoliker?

Facebook autolikers are nothing but a way to exchange the likes of a number of particular users.AutoLiker is a social marketing system that  increase likes, comments To Facebook Status,photos,etc. Autoliker system is based on an online community of users who  get likes quickly. In otherways,Autoliker is a revolutionary technique to gain fame quickly For those who Want to get Popular  or  gain followers or to get followed by specific audience.

Advantages Of Using Autoliker:

  1. Likes from all Parts Of the World(males As well as Females)
  3. Easy To Use
  4. No limits On likes
  5. Sell likes To others And Earn money
  6. Increase your Facebook Followers

How To Use Autoliker website?

Settings To Do Before Using Autoliker website:

Login to your Facebook Account Go to Settings>Followers or click here to Go and make your Followers settings Public Over there.

Steps To Get Autolikes:

  1.   First login in to facebook and goto Any autoliker website Like,,etc
  2.  Find “click here to get access token” and click on it .This step Is important you can't skip it.
  3. Now you will be redirected to facebook page to allow permissions to app.
  4. click on “ok” everytime when its ask.
  5. After Giving Permissions you will get an url like this ”
  6. ” Copy that url.
  7. Now after copying that url now return back to Autoliker and search input access token box to paste the token or url which you have copied..
  8. Now After pasting that url,click on submit button below that url .
  9. Now you will be redirected to page to use their services like autoliker,autocommenter,autofollowers,etc.
  10. Now click on Autoliker,you will see all your statuses/ photos ,etc.Select The Status Which You Want To get likes And click On submit.Likes will be delivered in seconds on Your Posts.

NOTE:Posts Status and Photos In Public.Otherwise other users will be unable to like or comment on your post if your post is not public.

List Of Some Best And Safe Autolikers:

My Suggestions and Recommendations on Using Facebook Autolikers

1. Don't Use Facebook Autolikers From Your Real Account.Create a Fake Account And Use it Safely because Some autolikers are now spamming Badly

2. After using autolikers From Your Real account, Go to settings and then Click on APPS and then select the app Which you have granted permission to use autoliker.After finding that app click on it and then  remove that app From Your account 
                             RESET YOUR FACEBOOK PASSWORD

3. Some Autolikers Are Spamming Badly. So avoid it as much as you can as it is against Facebook Policies.

Cool Android Tricks And Hacks

cool andrid tricks and hack

cool andrid tricks and hacks

Android  has brought many more interesting features To us. While some features are visible to everyone, there are also some cool features only Few People know.Here is the list oF some cool Android Tricks and hacks

1.)Locate and wipe your lost phone:
Follow the Below Steps:

  1.  Make sure that  Android Device Manager is installed
  2. Now Go to
  3. Now Select your phone from the menu
  4. Now you can see the location Of your phone, ring it, lock it, or erase all data.    
2.)Smart Lock:This amazing feature will unlock your device when you are in a trusted environment which can be Bluetooth enabled device. If you will be connected to the trusted device it will automatically unlock your phone.
To activate Go to settings > security >Trusted devices Or smartlock
2)Locate and wipe your lost phone:
Follow the Below Steps:

  1.  Make sure that  Android Device Manager is installed
  2. Now Go to
  3. Now Select your phone from the menu
  4. Now you can see the location Of your phone, ring it, lock it, or erase all data.    
3.)Force reboot
Just press Power Button+ Home Key + Volume up button simultaneously.
4.)DO Google search without typing 
  1. FIRST Open the Google Search app
  2. Now Go to Settings > Voice
  3. Now Go to “Ok Google Detection”
  4. Now Enable “From any screen”
  5. Now train the app to recognize your voice
5.) Clear default app Data
  1. First Goto Settings and tap Apps under DEVICE.
  2. Now Choose  app which you do not want to launch by default.
  3. Now Tap on Clear defaults under LAUNCH  DEFAULT.
6.)Share Files(docs,pdf,etc) on Whatsapp
You just need to select the files and wait few seconds for uploading, then this app will automatically open whatsapp.
 app size is only 1.7 MB
7.)Open Locked Apps (locked by applocker,etc)
Go to settings, then to apps, and then to the 'app locking' app, and then disable it, or by force stopping it, you get a way to open the locked apps without password.
8.)Speed  your android device :
If developer options is not there in your device then you can activateit by going to settings>about phone>Tap on build number(3-4 times)
  1. Go to developer options > animation
  2. Now change animation scale from 0 to 10.
  3. Now put animation scale .05x or animation off.

8.)Turning  off Autocorrection in keyboard
  1. First Open app Settings and select 'Language & input' under personal.
  2. Now Tap the Quick Settings icon  next to 'Android keyboard'.
  3. Select 'Auto correction' under TEXT CORRECTION.
  4. Now Select 'Off' to turn off 'Auto-Correction'.
9.)Open someone's whatsapp,protected by AppLocker:
        1. Go to settings.
        2.  Navigate to "Application manager"
        3. Now you will see  list of running processes. Find the name of App Locker there.
        4. Now Click on it and click "Force Stop". This kills the application 
        5. Now open whatsapp that was protected by appLock.
10.) Add multiple Google accounts:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Add account.
  2. Select Google and setup your New or Existing Google account.
  3. Once added, choose any account which you want to sync with the account.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Facebook Page verifying Trick 2017

hello Freinds,
I have seen many people asking me how to verify facebook page.So today i have decided to share a complete guide on how to verify your facebook page. Facebook is one of the biggest and most trendy social networking site. There are many Peoples who use fb profiles or pages to promote their brand.I’ve seen some peoples who will charge money for getting your page verified.but i am sharing a Trick that will help you for free.

Before we proceed we must know about what is Fb verified Page.
You’ll see a blue badge  next to a verified page or profile’s. This badge helps you to  grasp you more followers  and for those who find any profile or  page using your brand name.

Eligiblity for facebook page/profile verification?
1) Celebrities,public figures or sports, media, politics and entertainment.
2) Global brands and businesses.
Besides these all above categories local business pages are also easy to verify on facebook with very small verification process required if you are the Right representative of  that corresponding business.
Benefits Of Having A Facebook Verified Page:
1.More Reach
2.More attraction
3.Increased Fan Following

Steps To Verify Your Facebook Page:
First of all login to your Facebook and click This link here
You will see Just like below screenshot

2.Now ‘Request A Verified Badge’ page will appear. Now Select the page you want to verify it.
3.Now,Just attach a photo of your ID .
 FROM Below list, you can submit any one of the proofs.
  • Drivers License 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport

Now If you have your official website then youmust also add your official website.
In about section Add a short description about your website,Keywords about your company,Email,website,location with claimed business address and other details in Page Info tab .
Now click on SEND button.
NOw just wait for some days, Facebook will confirm your identity and if they found your ID Real they will verify it.
How many days It will take to verify your Page?
*For celebrities or sportsperson,musicband,etc it may take upto 4-5 days
*For business category it may take more days maybe upto 1 month
Note: It all depends upon your popularity as fb doesn’t provide any one hundred% garrantte to affirm your web page,but if you have provided Correct information then Facebook will definitely confirm your page within few days.
Wrong Myths on verifying Facebook page:
*some of the blogs says that there is a minimum like criteria for verifying your blog.Don't believe on such things, I have personally seen many verified pages with too less likes such as 3000 likes,2000 likes,etc.
*For more information regarding above topic, check the official FB help center page by clicking here. 

If you encounter any problem in the process,comment DOWN  BELOW.

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Friday, 11 December 2015

List Of Killer Websites That Every Programmer Must visit

Here is the big list of websites where you can find the most popular site for programmers and also you can find most of the solutions of programming errors. These websites are  chosen websites  by me that every programmer should  visit . These provide online tutorials, programming courses while most of them are simply question-answer based  websites in which professional experts provide answers to any problems by users.

Here are the  Best List Of Websites That Every Programmer Must visit: : Provide fresh updates on web development technologies.
One of the world's greatest open source projects,with some of the brightest people in the world working for improving the community.

Slash Dot
 all  latest blog post and news stories related to technology and coding. : One of the top  websites for online reference on HTML,CSS, Javascript,SQL,etc.

MIT Open Courseware
link -
Video lectures, activities, and much more!
 -one of the latest ideas, releases, trends, events and must-read articles from the programming world

Coursera partners with a number of the world’s leading universities to offer free courses. : This website is Similar to coursera, take online programming courses online for free

 Code Academy
A free  learn how to code a number of different languages.
 Also Provides full courses on technologies like HTML/CSS,Javascript,Jquery,Python,etc. : website Provides tutorials and  solutions of problems related to languages like HTML,Flash,PHPJava,Javascript and many.

Tutorials on  anything related to coding

Access to all the open source code you will
 need. : Provides programming practices and challenges.

 just like the popular Q&A site like Quora, but it is strictly for developers. : It's aim is to provideexcellent courses with video tutorials on Java,Javascript,python,etc.

Smashing Magazine
Get all Coding tips, tricks, and ideas from an assortment of today’s leading professionals. A website provide and complete solutions of selected C,C++ and java Problems.

Norvig -There are lots of code snippets, articles, and essays.

xda-developers :For development of android Apps and softwares.Best websites for developers. :  video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. : online courses specifically on computer science technologies.

 It offers video tutorials on various topics like Python, computer game development, iPhone development, Photoshop and so on

 Besides these websites Sometimes,You can also watch random videos about programming on youtube  to expand your knowledge.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Single Mobile Phone

 Nowadays, Dual sim phones are quite popular among smartphone users. So today I’m sharing to how we can use dual WhatsApp accounts on a single android device. And yeah you don't need to  root your phone.
WhatsApp is now a days a biggest source of sending and receiving messages. Ninety% of more youthful generation is now making use of whatsapp application in their cell phone. In 2015, WhatsApp will be  probably the most globally trendy messaging app with more than seven-hundred million  users, with India alone having a consumer base of greater than 70 million.

How to Use multiple WhatsApp Numbers in One Phone ?

We are just going to use a modded version of whatsapp to register multiple WhatsApp account.
You just need download the following apks on your phone

Features of this whatsapp

  1. You can Add WhatsApp+ widget ( to hide/show your Online status 
  2. You can Add +50 new themes in Themes Server
  3.  preview Contact pic in Conversation Screen Header by pressing on it
  4. You can Update the base to the latest version ( 2.12.361 ) on Play Store
  5. Support Calls
  6.  possibility of hiding to appear
  7. Privacy options
  8.  send video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
  9.  backup your conversations to Google Drive ( may not work )
  10. delete messages according to specific period of time ( older than a month/6 months )
  11. Ability to preview links in Conversation Screen
  12.  possibility of sending 90 image at once without 10
  13. Possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters 250 instead of 139 symbols
  14. Counter statistics for groups
  15.  star important messages to read it later
  16. chat with received attached contact 

Now enter the second number on which you want to run WhatsApp and tap on Ok.
  1. Enter the confirmation code to verify the number.
  2. Now it will ask you to add profile picture which you want to use on your second number.
  3. Now Click on next and your second WhatsApp account is ready to use.

Note-  You will get messages and notifications from both these numbers.
NO root is required.


Friday, 4 December 2015

55 Killer Amazing Websites That Everyone Must know

Quora’s mission is to share  Knowledge. It is question-answer based site where people ask their questions and queries and get responses from expert.
This site deserves a much higher place in this list because of its mission which aims at providing world class education to those who need it but cannot afford it. It is non-profit organization which provides world class education for everyone everywhere free of cost.
Do you ever dream of studying at world’s top universities? Now you can fulfill your dream. provides online courses in collaboration with world’s best universities like University of California, The Hong Kong University of science and technology, Stanford University, University of Pittsburg, University of Tokyo, University of Michigan and many.
As Internet is expanding each day, there is more demand of web developers and programmers. At codeacademy you can learn the basics of code – favorite blogs delivered as PDFs.

6. – share you screen with anyone over the web. – recognize text from scanned PDFs and images – see other OCR tools. – Track flight status at airports worldwide. – It Backup your sensitive document online.

10.scitable-Learn Science at Nature
Scitable is an open online teaching/learning portal combining high quality educational articles authored by editors at NPG – The best online place to buy things .

Comprehensive online encyclopedias of astronomy, maths, physics, scientific biographies, and scientific books, with many equations and formulas.

Blog that features cool web sites, software, and Internet tips. Links are provided with snapshot and home page previews.

14.Gizmodo - gizmodoIs Technology
Blog dedicated to news and rumours

This Blog focuses exclusively on social networks.

16.Tech tips
Technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips.

17.Engadget | Technology news
Blog covering  all gadget news – for sharing really big files online.

19. – a temporary online clipboard for your text and code snippets.

20. – Make it sound like you are hard at work.
GeographyIQ is an online world atlas packed with geographic, economic, political, historical and cultural information.
eHow is an online community dedicated to providing visitors the ability to research, share, and discuss solutions and tips for completing day-to-day tasks – quick summarize long pieces of text with tag clouds.

24. – create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.
Not only it provides new recipes but also teach the way how to make them tastier. All the recipes are well written, photographed and very easy to understand. Videos
solid collection of how-to video tutorials. This website offers authentic, engaging expertise on the subjects you want to know . – A graphical look at the weather. – Various network tools. – Correct grammar and check for plagiarism. – It  translates text,web pages, PDFs and Office documents – discover new sites that are similar to what you like already. – You can Download Free E Books –  Download Videos, Podcast, Music From Almost Any URL For Offline Use – You can Watch Youtube In A TV Mode – Make Cool Videos By Just Dragging Pics, Videos Etc. With Pre  Themes Available – you can Find Meanings Of different old And Modern Used Words – Check your  Grammar And Spellings

38.BugMeNot –shares login I'd  Passwords for many forums and websites. – Edit Documents In Real-Time. – Download From Over 45,000 Free Ebooks – broadcast events live over the web, including your desktop screen. – automatically find perfectly-sized wallpapers for mobiles. – preserve complete web pages with all the formatting. – create your virtual whiteboard. Now yo can Solves any kind of math problem and it also tells you how. Disposing e-mail address. When you don’t want to receive spam. Another disposable e-mail address. This one is only valid for ten minutes. It Writes text upside down. this website  Converts many file formats without having to download anything. People can  do any kind of tasks for you for $5 on this website. It Shorten links and it also has the option to view stats of your links. It Compares two types of food. Gives you calories, carbs, fat and proteins per 100g. :Tracks prices of items on Amazon and tells you when the price drops
.  This Create a fake identity. How to delete your accounts from many popular websites.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Redmi Note 2 new record with over 1.5 million sales in 12 hours

The most up-to-date Xiaomi success is  Redmi note 2. It was announced merely on the thirty day period before along with were able to market an astonishing 900, 000 items in just 12 several hours through its primary display sales within the home-based market place.

That had been undoubtedly a biggest achive at that time, but it turns out that along with business resources currently declare that this mobile possesses exceeded 1. 5 trillion sales as of Sept 5.


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