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Sunday 14 February 2016

Complete Guide On Event Based Blogging To Earn Money - CaseStudy

Hello Friends,Today in this Article I will be revealing some secrets on making good  amount of money with Event Based Blogs.By using this Guide You can Earn Huge amount of money by Creating Event Based Niche Blog.

So,Today, I Am going to reveal some Best ways to earn money more than 1000$ A day, through event based blogging.
Complete Guide On Event Based Blogs To Earn Money - CaseStudy
Complete Guide On Event Based Blogs To Earn Money - CaseStudy

Before starting we must Also know that What is event blogging ?

Basically Event based blogs are the blogs which Focuses on any Trendy upcoming event.
For example: New year,Valentine day,Diwali,EID,Christmas, etc.

It is supposed to be organized according to the most trendy upcoming Things like festivals or any special events.It's very easy to create and rank a event blog and receive tons of organic visitors during that event.There are many Examples of event blogging such as,,,etc

Steps To Start Event Based Niche Blog 

  1. First Choose a perfect Domain which contains similar keywords related to the Event.
  2. Now Set up your blog on Blogger or Wordpress.I think you should choose blogger because it is free to use.
  3. Now Choose a Perfect SEO optimized Template/theme For your event based blog.
  4. Now Start publishing contents related your event based niche blog.Do off page and On-Page SEO.
  5. Start creating backlinks for your event based blog
  6. Now monerize your site And Apply For Adsense,infolinks or any other ads company.

Done! Now start Earning Money From your Event Based Blogs

So Below are Some Techniques To Gain tons of traffic to Event based blog:

1.)Choosing a Domain Name

This is the Most important step To rank Event based blog.Buy and choose domain name related to the event.Be sure that your Domain name must contain the name of the event For which you are Going to create Event based blog.

For example: 
If you are making a blog on Christmas day then your TLD should look like this,
So,Like above you can choose Many Domains names According to your Event blog.

Benefits Of choosing A similar Name related to Upcoming Event:

  1. When someone will search about that event on google,Your blog will come first in searches Only if you have included the exact keywords in your domain.
  2. This Will Drive tons of visitors to your website and you can earn lots of money by putting ads.

So this is one of the best part to make a successful event based blog/site

2.) Content and Post title

If you have exact domain name related to the event,It doesn't mean that you will be top on Google searches.You have to consider about the content as well as Title of that blog.
Create Quality content with enriched special  keywords Mainly On Title, Permalink, Content and in Alt tag of Images,etc .Try to invovle the year in your post title.Also Don't Forget to update More Content on you event blog Related to the domain that you have taken.Content creating of such sites is not a difficult job. Like in some posts you Can articles which may include Wallpapers(Related to your event),Statuses for  that event.So you can easily make Collection of Such images from different websites or you can create by yourself.

3.)Link building (Off page SEO)

Use various techniques for link building techniques such as Blackhat techniques or by manually.Try To get Backlinks mainly  from Social Media sites,Directory submissions, Blog Commenting(nofollow/dofollow), Forum Posting, Web 2.0 Sites and From any websites. Event based blogging is boon for those people's  who want to make money in short duration of time. Find blogs with good page rank and which are capable of driving traffic to your blog.Find auto Approve+dofollow blogs For Event Based niche blog and spam them completely on each and every page of such Blogs. 

There are several tools which you can use for finding Auto Approve +Dofollow blogs like AHrefs and Cognitive SEO.

Submit Your Blog to Web directories.
Read this: 300+ Directory Submission Sites List For BackLink Building

How to Earn Money From Event Blogging?

If your blog started getting good traffic then Monetize your blog by the following advertising companies:
You can Monetize your Event blog in many ways:-

  1. Adsense
  2. chitika
  3. Infolinks
  4. propeller ads
  5. various Adnetworks

Below are some of my Favorite topics To start event based blogging

1.)Event blog Related To Sports Events Like T20Cricket,IPL,ICC world cup,FIFA world cup,etc.
Many People Don't Get time to watch These sports events on television. So they  search on Google for latest updates Of Cricket scores,Etc.Sports likes IPL, FIFA, Olympics are the best choice to set up a event based blog.

2.)National Days Quotes.
On the occasion of days like Republic Day,Independence day,Etc most of the peoples Search quotes Related to these Days. So These kinds of Things are searched a lot on Google(Specially From India), and thus it may result into heavy traffic to your event based blog easily

3.)National Festival Days wallpapers
Create Event based blogs on Festivals which is popular Over the world. Try to use best keywords in alt tags and description in images. If you follow these above rules perfectly then it will really help you to gain tons of heavy traffic per Day and by monetizing your blog can Earn 1000$ Per day.

For example Happy Holi Wallpapers, Happy Diwali wallpapers, EID mubarak wallpapers,etc

Final words:

So these were Some Golden tips and tricks to create a Successful Event Based blog.Now i am sure that you are able to start a successful event based niche blog and make huge amount of money from it. Most probably Use Blogger Platform rather than WordPress because Blogger platform can help you to rank your posts.Also It's Free to use.
I tried my best to include all the important points in this guide.Most important thing is that Post quality content, Promote it on social,Do Off Page and On-Page SEO, , Blog Commenting, forum posting and web 2.0 sites start backlinks building and directory submissions

If you have any difficulty then please comment Down below. And If you Find this post helpful then share it with your friends.


Thursday 11 February 2016

How To Fix "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server" Error in playstore

As we know that Android is one of the top Mobile OS as compared to other Mobile Os. The reason is because of its  User Friendly and Easy to Use for all Users. Google Play store is the top Android market with millions of Apps and Games.Most of them are Free and some of them are paid to download and install.

It Doesn’t Mean that you will never Face any Error while using Android Phones.Sometimes while you may get an Error in Google Playstore while adding new google account which says “Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server Error”.If You open Google Play store You will directly Get an Error which says "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server Error.This could be a temporary problem or your SIM card may not be provisioned for data services.If it continues, call Customer Care".

So if you face this kind of error while adding New Account in your Android smartphone and want to get rid of it, then Do not worry because here in this article i am going to discuss About This Error and How to Fix it.
How To Fix "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server" Error in playstore
How To Fix "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server" Error in playstore

These are The Proven Ways By which You can Fix This Error.

#1)Method By Editing Hosts

If your Phone is rooted then Go for the First Method and Follow the Steps carefully.
1. To Solve This Error You must Root Your Device,For Rooting Refer This Guide
2. Now Download and Host Editor first.Click here to download
3. Launch Host Editor As shown in the screenshot.
This error can be fixed by putting # before the ip address.

hosts editor screenshot

5. Then click on the Second host as shown in the image below

6. Now click on # {toggle} symbol in the Option.
Finally done.Now open Google playstore and You will not see this Error Again.

#2)Method :Correct Date & Time

Be sure that your Phone's date and time is correct.This can also be reason for this error.
  1. Navigate To Settings and then go to Date & Time.
  2. Turn on option automatic date and time .
Your Phone's date and time must be accurate.Sometimes this may also cause this error.Go to Settings>Date&time set it manually or choose Automatically.

3.)Clear Cache Of Google Play Store:

This step works for many users.  Just follow the simple steps below:
1. First Go to settings.
2.Now Open “Apps” and then go to All Apps
3. Now search  for Google Play Store and open it.
4. Now press Clear Data button.Done


Now I am sure that You have Fix this error Properly.If you have followed the above guide carefully,then I'm sure that you have successfully fixed this "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server" Error in playstore. .But, if you still experience this error even after following this guide carefully,Feel Free to comment down below and we will try to solve your problem.

Do share with friends, subscribe and comment below.

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Tuesday 9 February 2016

How To Create Fake Conversations Of Facebook And Whatsapp

GeeksGyan is Again Back With Another Amazing Facebook and whatsapp Trick to create Fake conversations Screenshots.This is  Really Awesome Trick If you want to fool and Prank your friends By creating Fake conversations of Whatsapp and Facebook Messengers.So In this Post I am Going To show You about How To create Fake Facebook And WhatsApp conversations.This Trick is Really awesome If you want to create Jokes,Funny Conversations with AnyBody.So Let me introduce You To An amazing app called Yazzy which allows Anybody to create fake conversations for Facebook Messengers,WhatsApp,Twitter and Many More Social Networking Apps.

Each conversation screen Of Yazzy is highly customizable.You Can Easily customize bar With Custom Battery Level,WiFi,change,Change avatars, WhatsApp background, etc.
How To Create Fake Conversations Of Facebook And Whatsapp
How To Create Fake Conversations Of Facebook And Whatsapp

Features Of Yazzp App:

  1. *By using this app, you can Easily Make any type of Fake Conversations in your android phone.
  2. *Create Fake WhatsApp conversations with emojis
  3. * Fake Google translate
  4. *create's iPhone WhatsApp Conversations
  5. *Fake Facebook And comment Likes
  6. *Create Fake Facebook Messenger conversations
  7. *Create Fake Android SMS messages, iPhone SMS with emojis support
  8. *Create Fake WhatsApp group conversations.
  9. *Fake Tweets with hashtag and mentions support
  10. .*Create Fake Google searches.

Steps to Make Fake Conversations App Yazzy in your Android Phone.

  1. First,Download Yazzy android app from Google Play Store which is Available For Free.
  2.  Now Launch Yazzy in your android phone.
  3. Now Open Settings in Yazzy App And Do the Following Settings in it.

  1. Uncheck Include watermark option(as we Don't need Any watermark on our Fake screenshots)
  2. *check Auto-update image option in settings.

How To Create Fake Whatsapp Conversations From Yazzy App.

1. First Launch Yazzy app in your android phone and tap on Whatsapp icon.

2.)Now type the name of the victim/friend/anyone you want to prank in the Name Field. Enter the exact name Of the victim which exists in your WhatsApp contact list.

3.)Now add the profile picture of the victim by  clicking on the avatar option. 

4.)Now Click on next to the right to Go to MESSAGES tab. The Tricky Part Starts here...
Now type Messages which you want from your side.Now click on right + button.
This will add messages By You to the victim.

5.)Now After Typing The messages From your side,type the Chats which you want from victim’s side and then click on left + button.The above process will add messages from victim side. 

6.)Now Repeat the above steps to add  messages from both the sides.

Now Swipe to the right and click on the refresh icon to see how the conversation looks.Now If Everything is OK Then click on Save button.The picture of the Screenshot will get automatically saved in your Gallery.

Steps To Create Fake Facebook Conversations in your Android 

  1.  First Launch Yazzy app in your android phone.
  2.  Now Tap on Facebook Messenger icon.
  3. Now Type your name and write down your messages which you want to display by you.
  4. After the above step,Set the settings you want in STATUS BAR or leave it as default.
  5.  Now Slide to Right, you will see your Fake conversation Picture. Now If Everything is OK Then click on Save button.The picture of the Screenshot will get automatically saved in your Gallery.

Final words:

So From the Above Simple Steps You can Create Fake conversations of Facebook,WhatsApp,Fake twitter tweets,etc. So Now You can Easily create anytypes of jokes with these fake conversations and You can share these funny jokes on social media.


Sunday 7 February 2016

Zbigz Premium Account For Free 2016 (No survey)

Today we are Sharing a Premium Zbigz Account For Free Without Any Survey. As you know that for downloading Torrent files, we need Utorrent Application.This Zbigz Premium account  for free, for our Readers.The benefit of having a  premium account is that you can download unlimited files simultaneously and with superfast speed while Free account users can download 2 torrents simultaneously.
So realizing the need Of Premium account Of we shared this post with you.
Zbigz Premium Account For Free 2016  (No survey)
Zbigz Premium Account For Free 2016  (No survey)

About Zbigz

Zbigz is one of the most amazing website to download torrent files through idm.Zbigz is an online torrent downloader From where you can directly download your torrent files  through internet Download manager with full speed. Download limit is 1GB for Free account,If you want more go for premium.They also provide anonymous downloads.To start Downloading Files with IDM,FirstFirst download the Torrent file (containing .torrent  extension) from any  torrent site and save it anywhere on your computer and then Go to and Follow below steps .Zbigz Works as an Online server which allows us to Download torrents with IDM directly. Nowdays, we are posting too much Good tricks & tips. so always stay tuned here and also like Our Fanpage For updates.While using Premium Account of Zbigz for Free, If you Faced any issue Feel Free To comment Below The post.

Why you need Premium account?

This premium account of Zbigz(Link Given Below), allows you to  download torrent files without paying a single rupee. So you can use this premium account, for daily use without any issues. You can also download unlimited number of files from this premium account.


Features Of Zbigz Premium account 2016:

  1. Download Unlimited Number of files in storage, Store Unlimited Number of Files in this account, & Download It later or any time.
  2. Unlimited Downloads, No Daily Download Limit.
  3. Ads Free,You will not get any Advertisements by using this Premium Account
  4. Fast downloading Speed and Without any speed cap issues.
  5. Download Pause and Resume Support. So if  you want to download files anytime or Pause it or Resume is supported.
  6. Get Musics and videos directly From website like Youtube without downloading it.
  7. Get Full Speed & boosted download speed.

Why To choose ZBIGZ.COM

  1. The Benefit Of using this service,you don’t need to install UTorrent app. Get Direct Access to the Zbigz Premium Account, no need to wait For a single minute .
  2. No Waiting for leeching other torrent files, you can download unlimited files without waiting.

Follow These simple Steps to download files with :

 1.)Go to

2. )Now Sign up a account which is free of cost and verify your account

3.)Now You will see homepage.Now Upload your torrent file
 and After that  click on go button and you will see  popup window.

4.)Now  Click on free button you will be redirected to  a page 

5.)Now click on  that zip file.

6.) Now  click on start download button and now  your download will start.

With Zbigz Download WITH IDM

By using this zbigz premium account, you can download torrent files directly with IDM(Internet download manager).As we all know that IDM is best and fast  download manager for windows PC.Downloading some files with utorrent, you will get slow downloading speed. But by Using this Zbigz Premium account you will get full download speed. Also there is no limitations on downloading files.You can download as much files you wants to download.So Guys Use this Premium account and ENJOY!!!

Music & Video Streaming

Zbigz allows you to Stream and download Movies & Videos with this Premium account. Also You Don't need to download every file from torrent.Play Music or Video files on the go instantly with this premium account by leeching Files on Zbigz.Also No limitations on Files,Stream music or videos,You just need Good speed Internet connection.

Final Words:

So friends Enjoy Premium Account of Zbigz for Free. If You Encounter any problem,just comment below. So guys, i hope that you have liked this Article.Share as much as you can Because sharing is Caring.

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Friday 5 February 2016

Easy Steps To recover Deleted Messages/Photos Of Facebook

Today Facebook Has connected  billions of people in the world. Facebook has become an very important aspects in any one’s life.Sometimes some important messages on Facebook May Get Deleted On facebook Accidentally. So in this Tutorial I will Show you a method to recover deleted messages/Photos/Friends lists on Facebook.So Bymistakely If you deleted some important Messages/Photos,etc.Don't Panic because Facebook permanently stores your all data which includes Photos, Messages,etc. The best thing is that they allow us to download a copy of this data in a zip archive format. So below is the simple Guide to Get a archived Backup Of your Facebook Data.

Easy Steps To recover Deleted Messages/Photos Of Facebook
Easy Steps To recover Deleted Messages/Photos Of Facebook

Follow simple Steps to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages / Photos :

Step1:To initiate,First Go to and login your account.

Step2:After logging,Now Go to this link to navigate to your Facebook settings.

Step3:Now You can see your general settings. Go to bottom Of that page and click on Download a copy of your Facebook data as shown below.
Easy Steps To recover Deleted Messages/Photos Of Facebook
Easy Steps To recover Deleted Messages/Photos Of Facebook

Now a page will open And from here you can see a list which will get downloaded during this process.
Step 4:Now click on Start My Archive.
Now After clicking on Start My Archive  button a popup will  Open where you need to enter your current password of your Facebook account. After that click on submit button.

Step 5:  Now Again you need to click on Start My Archive button to start downloading Your Zip file. After finishing this step, Facebook  will send you a copy of your all data to the email which you are using on your Facebook account.


After Following above steps carefully,You will immediately receive the email which carries the download link of your Facebbok Data

This email comes in the social label/folder of your email account.
If the email doesn't comes Then wait for 5minutes.within 5 minutes you will receive a email which is titled as Your Facebook download is ready.

Step 6: Now Click the link which is highlighted in the above picture to download your Facebook data.
For security reasons it may ask you to enter your facebook password to download your Facebook data.

After downloading Zip Archive of your Facebook data,extract it using WinZip or 7zip or any Zip extracter.

After extracting, launch index.php file which is in your Facebook data folder. This will automatically Open your default browser.Mostly Open with Chrome.Now,Here you can access your all Facebook data And the data which you have deleted previously.

Saturday 23 January 2016

How To Make An E-commerce website Like Flipkart

Flipkart is Today India’s largest online ecommerce  website. Flipkart was started in 2007 . Recently Flipkart had also acquired an online fashion ecommerce Store Myntra for $300 million.Flipkart generates 5000 crore  revenue every year.Flipkart is  one of the top 100 websites in the world with an alexa rank of 82 globally and in india it positioned at 7.
How To Make An E-commerce website Like Flipkart
How To Make An E-commerce website Like Flipkart

In this post i will talk about how to make a ecommerce website like flipkart.Flipkart is very advanced and it cannot be cloned but a similar website to that can be made with very beautiful design.There are lot of ready made templates available this days which will help in building ecommerce websites.Flipkart has been developed  within years of efforts and would have invested more than $25,00000 till date on their website. So it is always a phase wise approach for any business and they grow eventualy with time by time enhancements and uplift.


1.Domain and Hosting

For a website like Flipkart we need good hosting server because it should have capacity  to handle  load of Users.These servers will be costly.Actually We need VPS hosting or a dedicated one.VPS hosting is Virtual Private Server hosting and is a virtualized server.VPS Hosting is one of several types of web hosting accounts you can choose from to host your website online.The cost of VPS  hosting starts from normally Rs.4000 per month and it may up to Rs. 2,00,000 per month depending upon your website need.Get a Powerful Hosting From Best Hosting Companies like Hostgator,Dreamhost,etc.

2. Design of a Site

 The design of your website matters a lot,because  a website's theme attract a lot of visitors.Choose a design which is Mobile Friendly. As we know that First impression is the last impression,so choose Theme carefully.If you are hiring any website development company for  designing a eCommerce website for your online store then you must properly check what services they are providing By reading their reviews and how much beneficial they are for increasing the success rate of your store.

3. Knowledge Of Coding and MYSQL Databases

 You must Have Strong Knowledge Of  knowledge of programming languages,MYSQL DATBASES website design & technologies like CMS, eCommerce framework, JavaScript, Security, etc.

4.Choosing a Platform For Running Site

Nowadays,WordPress is also used for creating an ecommerce website.It is a Blogging platform and it offers plenty of services and from there we can also create a eCommerce site.There are plenty of WordPress plugins For creating a website Like Flipkart. You can use Woo Commerce Plugin The Woo Commerce is a widely used WordPress Plugin. Now customize and add items which You want to add  in your site which you want to sell, upload their photos, product descriptions and  everything a user requires.

5.Select a proper Payment Gateway

The most important thing that must be viewed prior launching an e-commerce website.Digital payment methods have become a lot easier to work within the past decade.Choose a proper Payment Gateway which enables to make payments directly from your website and also Facilitates users  to  pay  directly using their credit cards and debit cards.

 Do Following while  Launching  your E-Commerce Website

  1. Before Publishing Test your product
  2. Establish business models.
  3. Don’t try everything at once
  4. Don’t give up Always Try 


  1. Mobile Friendliness : Always choose Responsive Website Theme Which is mobile friendly.
  2. Easy Navigation: Keep it Simple not complex.
  3. Enable Live Chat Option To Users
  4. Improve SEO 
  5. Improve Photography of Your Products
  6. Promote Your store on Social Media
  7. Give  Discounts & Offers that Goes viral.
  8. Set delivery policies that works for your business model
  9. Show Reviews of Customers.
  10. Write Awesome Product description
  11. Create Official Business Facebook Page & Group,Twitter Account,Google+ Page & Group, LinkedIn Page & Group,Instagram Account, YouTube Account, Reddit Account, Pinterest Account, StumbleUpon Account and & Update Your Profile Completely.
  12. Create Videos with Smooth Voice Tone which describes your website Properly and  Upload It On YouTube Account.
  13. Update Your Facebook Page, Google+ Page & LinkedIn Page Status Once Or Twice Within A Day Daily.
  14. Promote on Facebook by campaign
  15. Do ONPAGE SEO And SMM(social media marketting) to attract more customers.
  16. To get traffic on your site you can advertise on Google Adwords.


You can make a ecommerce website like Flipkart easily if you have Knowledge about Programming,Wordpress,MYSQL,etc.Else You Can Hire Web developers which can create For you.

Work as you travel with services from a virtual desktop hosting provider as Get Office 365 with excellent support from 


How To Fix "There was a problem parsing the Package" Error In Android

Sometimes While installing an apk File You might Get encountered with the error which says "There was a problem parsing the Package". So if you encounter with this error then don’t freak. Today in this article I’m going to share some of the Best methods that will help you to solve this error very easily.

This error is caused by some factors which ate discussed below:

  1.  App Compatibility with Android OS
  2. App Compatibility with Android Model
  3.  Corrupted Apk File
  4. No permission Granted to app installation from unknown sources
  5. Interrupted Download Process 

How we can Fix There is a Problem Parsing the Package Error ?

So here Are some Proven methods to solve this error.
1.)First of all Make sure that the apk file which you wish to install is completely downloaded.

2.) Allow App Installation from Unknown Sources:
All android device does not allows to install APK files directly due to some security reasons. 

So we just need to modify some settings to install apk’s from other sources or from unknown sources.

Now Just follow the below steps to allow apps installing from unknown sources.

Go to Settings and then Go to Security.
Now check on Unknown Sources.
Now your device will be able to install APK files from unknowm sources.

3.) Make sure that your device supports the application you wish to install before even downloading it. If it doesn’t, search for that version of  app that is compatible with your android device.Mostly,Use Old Version of that App.The latest version of the app may not be compatible with your device so that you cannot use old version of that application.

To Find older versions Of applications just Go to APK4Fun webiste and search for the desired application. 
Now From here you can find many version of that app.Now Simply download an old version of the application and hopefully your error will be solved.

4.) Download that particular App From Play Store –

 I suggest you to download That app from play store because there is a probability that the file you have downloaded is corrupted. So try to Download  that application from play store or If you don't find the application in play store search results then it means that your device is not compatible with that application.


If you have followed the above guide carefully,then I'm sure that you have successfully fixed this Android’s parse error; there was a problem parsing the package .But, if you still experience this error even after following this guide carefully,Feel Free to comment down below and we will try to solve your problem.

If you were able to fix this Parse Error, do share with friends, subscribe and comment below.


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