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Monday, 13 June 2016

Grammarly : A perfect Tool For Bloggers And Students

If you are a blogger or student, you need to have the Articles and Essays error free. So today I will introduce you to this Amazing Tool called Grammarly.

Grammarly is a tool which helps us to avoid Grammatical mistakes,punctuation errors, and Improve Writing skills. It also offers synonyms and suggests alternative words. It also checks for incorrect use of tenses and other grammatical errors.

It detects your all mistakes automatically and also it highlights your mistakes with Green and red colors.Green colored highlighted lines indicate basic mistakes whereas red colored lines indicate critical mistakes.

It also provides other services like Plagiarism Checker, Spell Checker,etc. So you can work Easily and everywhere with the perfect grammar ever.

Why should you start using Grammarly for Writing?

Grammarly has many special features. Some of them are discussed below.

1.) Spelling Mistakes Checker:

We often made spelling mistakes
whenever we write articles Fastly.Grammarly highlights every spelling mistakes and it suggests appropriate words which can be used in place of that of the word.So by using this Feature of Grammarly you can avoid common mistakes while writing.


I love this tool.For Bloggers it's a must have tool.With this tool you don't need to worry about the article which you have accepted for a guest post is unique or not. It checks your articles from about 10 billion web pages.Grammarly is also one of our top picks in the best tools for plagiarism detection.


We often make simple punctuation errors when we write articles in a hurry.With Grammarly, you don't need to worry about any Punctuation errors in your sentences.It easily detects very smallest punctuation errors, no matter if you have written long sentences or short. It makes our articles looking more professional and clean.

4.) Grammar Checking

If you are a writer,then Grammarly will help you to avoid making Grammatical mistakes.It checks about 250+ complex and simple errors that eat our time for correcting those. It's algorithm is made for checking text contents and find grammatical mistakes to make articles more professional and clean.

5.)Vocabulary Checking

Vocabulary checking is one of the best features of Grammarly.It suggests similar words or synonyms For some words which you have repeated many times in your article. Its vocabulary enhancing feature suggest similar and alternate words for repetitive words to make you article more professional and readable.


Wrap up

So its end of our another article which was written to provide you the best and the most accurate piece of knowledge from The Internet. We write these articles for you so we love to hear from you too. So do comment on this post if you have anything to tell or ask.


9 Unique Instagrammers That Will Baffle Your Mind

Instagram is full of people and when I say people, I mean all types of artistic, intelligent, friendly, funny and sometimes even “negative” people.

But the best thing about all these people is that they are unique in their own way. So if you know the right persons to follow then you'll never get bored again.
But finding the right Instagram accounts to follow among the millions of account out there is not easy, that's why we have brought you a list of 9 Unique Instagrammers you should give a look.

9 Unique Instagrammers That Will Baffle Your Mind

9 Unique Instagrammers That Will Baffle Your Mind
9 Unique Instagrammers That Will Baffle Your Mind

9. Andrew Knapp (

Andrew Knapp
Andrew Knapp

Starting with a unique idea, Andrew Knapp is an interface designer and photographer from Northern Ontario in Canada. But we have not listed him for his designing skills. Instead, he has gotten this place for his creative #findMomo.

Basically, Momo is Andrew's dog friend and he uploads photos of him. But this is not it, Andrew usage his designing skills in each photo and makes sure he makes it hard for you to find him. So if you like simple riddles while seeing amazing photos, then this account is just for you.

8. Red Hongyi (


Going back to a more traditional approach, Hong Yi is known for her art pieces. She is a famous blogger and her work has been admired all over the world.

But don't think it makes her Instagram account any less fun. She as active on Instagram as on her blog, and you are bound to catch some great art pieces if you follow her.

7. Kapstand (


What's the best way to enjoy the city of Paris? Standing on one hand upside down. No! No! I am not kidding, that's the way Kapstand likes to get clicked near monumental buildings from famous cities. (What a name by the way!)

And his way of looking at the life (got the joke there?) is admired and followed by a big number of people. So if you are looking for something different on Instagram, do give him a visit.

6. Jermzlee (


Sometimes I see all these animals who are so damn famous online in comparison of my insta account with 20 followers and then I really wonder what the hell is wrong with God.

But then I remember that thanks to god my parents only know about my neighbour classmate who somehow always gets better grades than me (imagine the burn) and not these animals.

Anyway, Norm the pug is a big Instagram star and seeing his photos I can say he knows it. So he is worth giving a look.

5. Idafrosk ( )


Who doesn't like food? And who doesn't like some great daily life art? Mixing it both, Idafrosk brings some great and unique food portraits which left you wondering where to eat them or adore them.

You see the little bear there? He is the reason I skipped one of my breakfasts. Anyway, do give it a look.

4. Racher Ryle ( )

Racher Ryle
Racher Ryle

You can be forgiven to think that Instagram is only about photos. No, it also offers you to upload small videos up to 15 seconds. And Racher Ryle has really mastered this art.

She posts short stop motion videos featuring his simple but cute drawings. Each one of the drawings is amazing enough to keep you wondering how much she must have practiced for all this.

3. Peejet ( )


We all have seen those hilarious Photoshop fails which create epic, funny or otherwise awkward moments for their editors. But there are few who have really mastered this art and Peejet is one of them.

He usage his amazing Photoshop skills and sense of humour to Photoshop himself in famous celebrity pics. And I bet you won't be able to stop laughing after seeing some of his expressions in his edits.

2. Alexmdc (


Alexmdc is another one of Instagram born artists and he has no lack of support from other Instagram users. He uses small daily-to-use products and turn them into amazing doodles.

His creativity shows through each one of these doodles. For example, you see that Pan drive? You just cannot scroll down without admiring that picture.

1. Brahmino (



Sometimes we really forget how beautiful our world is. We go to faraway places spending thousands of dollars just to see the beauty of the world. On the other hand, we forget to admire the things that are just above us (literally)

Brahmino deals with one such amazing thing-  the Sky (YES!) and turns it into his canvas for creating some of the most beautiful pictures I found in an of Instagram. So when the next time you feel like everything is dull around you then go and check these masterpieces.

After talk

Do give these unique Instagram accounts a visit and let us know your experience. Also, tell us if you know any famous Instagram user who needs to be in the list in the comment section.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

9 Weird Social Media Sites That Exist

When talking about social networking sites the household name that has simply become a synonymous to social networking is Facebook, followed by its close cousins - Twitter and Instagram. 

While these popular names do make most of the moolah, our research indicates that these are not the only social networks; infact it is difficult to maintain count on the number of social networks that exist currently.

On doing a further research we found out some specialized, weird social networks that exist but only cater to people with specific interests.
9 Weird Social Media Sites That Exist
9 Weird Social Media Sites That Exist

1. REMCloud

Ever thought what your dreams could mean. Yes now you can share your freaky dreams with not just a friend but whole community of users. 
For getting a dream interpreted a user can either share his dream with whole community or choose to open a private chat with his/her connections. 
So if you want to have those meaningful interactions about your dreams, this is the place to be and share your dreams and give your views on other's dreams as well.

2. Stache Passions

Are you the real man, who feels passionate about his stache and does not want to part ways with it. 
Well, good news here is a 100% free social networking and online dating site specifically for singles with passion for the stache. 
Additionally you can browse other stache groups to find members based on type of stache. You can interact with them get opinion from different users on your moustache and get showered with love, if your style is unique and appealing to the community.

3. Line For Heaven

This network is for all those who want to compete in the virtual race to heaven and get closer to the god.  
A User needs to complete various tasks to earn karma points and move ahead in the line. The Tasks you can undertake are Offer blessings, invite friends, confess sins, support various charities and play religious games.

So join in now if you wish to move ahead in line and increase your karma by doing some good deeds.

4. My Free Implants

The network tagline says it all "Invest in Breasts". Well this is crowd funding network that let women raise funds for procedure.
 A User basically needs to create a profile listing out her story and the reason. If the community finds the story valid enough, the donations are granted via crowd-funding medium and people also get to keep long-lasting friendships as a token.


This network is for people with failed marriages and going through that after marriage state. It has all the links, shares, groups and advice for each stage of the divorce. 
Most of the times it has been found that people undergoing divorce find it really difficult to share it with even there near & dear ones. 
This is the community which acts as an advisor pad for such people consoling them, providing advice and making them feel a little comfortable. 

6. Ravelry

This is another site which has been gaining popularity and increasing its user by manifolds', with total user base of above 3 million users now. 
Let me give you a hint – Ravelry deals with photo sharing, just like Instagram does. But the photos are niche-specific.
Anybody interested in knitting, crocheting, spinning or weaving can join the site. A User needs to register for free and can then post photos and submit project ideas and get reviews from the community.


A Network for horse lovers. You can post videos, share stories, write down your experiences with the horses. The community has a lot of likeminded horse lovers who share personal and professional experiences with their horses every day.

8. Red Karaoke

Are you a Bath-room singer? Well, here's some good news. You can now find other like minded song lovers from the red karaoke community and sing along with them on karaoke and showcase your singing skills to the whole community.


This is by invitation only network for the super-rich. Members can be invited by someone from within their own circle. The network is only for select few to share travel advice, find super jobs and other related information which never finds it's way to the classifieds. The network has strict checks to ensure only genuine members are entertained and get to be part of the community and accounts are purged on regular basis. 

I suppose it should be quite hard for you to digest the fact that such social media sites actually exist. Well, even I was astonishingly amazed while compiling the list. So go ahead, and check the websites you like. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below.


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced

Real Review of Sony PlayStation: Games Enjoyed and Problems Faced
I am a big gaming lover. I am using Sony PS since the launch of its first iteration. Over the years, I have tried various other products like Xbox, some local made gaming devices (which claims to be more efficient that PlayStation and Xbox) but believe me PS is the device/console that I have spent my most of the time with. As I am using it for quite a long time now and am comfortable with most of its functions/controls so that might be the reason why I am using it the most when it comes to gaming consoles. Here I will share true review of gaming on PlayStation.

At first I will share the problems that I have faced so far with all my PlayStations.

Problems with PlayStation

Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced
Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced

1. Cinavia Message Codes

I have faced this problem while playing some audio/video clue on my console. Cinavia Message Codes are great means of stopping the piracy but sometime . One of my home made disks was identified copyrighted by Cinavia protection. I love Cinavia and its features but sometime it behaves weird. Thankfully there are ways to fix Cinavia errors.


YLOD stands for Yellow Light of Death and starts with light beeps of yellow and red colors. This has happened three times with my PS3 and PS4 (two times with PS3 and 1 time with PS4). Root level of YLOD is temperature so please try to use your console (or at least keep your console) well within the defined limits. You can yourself repair YLOD infected PS or can get it repaired from Sony Outlets Centers as well.

3. Temperature

As I just mentioned above, temperature is one of the root cause of most of the PS evils. You should try your level best to keep gaming console under given limits. Temperature around 25 Degrees Celsius is generally considered good. Please keep an active eye on air vends as if they blocks they can easily contribute in increasing the inner temperature of PlayStation.
These are some of the problems that I have faced so far with all PlayStations.

Gaming Experience with Sony PlayStation

Now let’s share the positive side of gaming experience with Sony PS. I have used variety of gaming devices till now. I love exploring each of them. Main reason why I put Sony ahead of all the competitors is the easy design and controls. Xbox is not much behind Sony on this part (in fact, controls are super easy on Xbox too) but still PS has slighter positive edge on this aspect.
Variety of games is the other reason why I can’t think of other gaming consoles. NFS, FIFA, GTA are few of my favorite games that I am playing since the 1st iteration of PlayStation. I somewhere do not find it cool to leave my memories behind and try them on any different console.
These are few of the reason why I love Sony PlayStation and what all problems I have faced till now.

Top 5 SEO Optimized Free WordPress Themes

The theme or template you choose for your blog not only represents the elegancy of your blog but it also represents your mindset. 

So choosing the perfect blogging theme is one of the most important part of your blogging journey. But the problem is that if you are a regular blogger then you have at least 15-20 sites to manage and if you are a new blogger then you have limited money. 

In both conditions if you decide to pay for the templates of each one of your blogs then you will probably have to sell yourself in order to pay all the bills. 

But don't worry, there are plenty of free WordPress themes available for your use. And today we have brought you a list of Top 5 SEO optimized Free WordPress themes

Top 5 SEO Optimized Free WordPress Themes
Top 5 SEO Optimized Free WordPress Themes

Top 5 SEO Optimized Free WordPress Themes

5. Moesia


Moesia is something for the companies or services who are looking to create a landing page about their product with a strong portfolio. 

It allows you to display the best qualities of your product yet it's simple enough to keep the brand image alive. The best thing about the theme is that it's responsive so you can present a strong first impression of your product in front of mobile users too.



4. Hueman


If you are looking to start a blog in entertainment niche then Hueman is probably the best free WordPress theme for you. It's simple yet colourful presence is perfect for posts which require lots of different colour shades. 

The simple design is good for both single and multi niche blogs or if you like you can start with a single subject and go on for making it multiniche. 

Demo -


3. Resolution


The bright coloured Resolution is a great free magazine WordPress theme. It has almost everything you need to build a multi niche blog with great earning potentials. 

We have a simple slider and sections to display all the content without being too messy. Then the header and sidebar parts give you enough space for image and text ads. 

The best thing is that neither of these two components overshadows the other so your readers will be able to enjoy the content without being distracted but they will also be able to notice the ads as they follow the Adsense heat Map.



2. Patus


The most unique one in the list, Patus is best for making a personal blog or a virtual diary. It's best for people who are looking to start a blog just for sharing their thoughts with the world. 

The simple and colourful design is like a blank canvas for you to paint it with your thoughts. It's also good for people bloggers who are looking to digitalise their journey online. 



1. Point


And finally, the best things in the world are simple and so is this awesome template. The template is simple and does not impose any special colour on your content. 

Means doesn't matter if you are looking for a template for your next niche blog or you are ready to make your Internet brand, this template is the perfect pick for your needs. 

And it also allows you to put ads on all the right places to ensure that you do not lose any single earning opportunity. 



Wrap up

We have tried to create a list of best free WordPress themes which fulfil all kinds of blogging needs. Do let us know in comments how successful we have been in our efforts.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Top 5 Video Watermark Softwares for Windows

Adding a watermark in my photo/video is one of the most exciting parts of creating a video for me.

Whenever I use a watermark it gives me a feel of personal attachment with the video. Once you have added the watermark, you know that anybody who will see the video will also know who created it.

A watermark also gives you the much-required protection against republication of your video. Nobody else can claim that it's their video thus you get full credit for your hard work. 

What is a watermark? 

For the fellas who don't know, a watermark is a piece of text or image we can add into the screen along with the video. So whenever you run the video, you will also see that text or photo giving knowledge about the creator. 

A watermark should be visible enough for people to see it but also transparent enough to make sure that it doesn't hide any part of the screen. Also, it should be in the right place so it cannot be cut off by any video editor, but it should also not distract the viewer from the action going on the screen. 

And if you have to take care of all these things correctly, then you'll need a good video watermark software. So we have brought you a list of top 5 video watermark adder software-

Top 5 Video Watermark Softwares for Windows

5. Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is a watermark application which is specially made for windows. You can add a text or image as your watermark. 

If you choose to add text then there are lots of formatting options for you such as different fonts, sizes etc. You can also set a specific duration for the text to appear. 

4. Format Factory

Format factory is a multi-purpose app which aims to provide all video editing options in one software. It has a basic watermark adder which is easy to use. 

Along with the watermark adder, you can convert all types of videos and change them into your preferred format. If you want to distribute your video on different devices then this is the best app for you.

3. Jahshaka

Jahshaka is an open source software. That means that it's source code is available for anyone who would like to improve the app.

That's why the app is available for almost all major operating systems such as mac, windows, and Ubuntu. The app is focused on watermarking so you'll find lots of editing options too.

2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is another great app for adding watermarks. It's a multi-feature app. So you'll find many video formatting options along with the option to add a watermark in windows. 

1. Video Watermark Factory

The best video watermark adder for windows we could found is Video Watermark Factory. It's a great app and comes in a tiny package of 5 MB.

You can add watermark, trim your video, add different filters and convert your video in any chosen format. The app is available for all versions of Windows so you won't have to worry if you are using any older version.

Wrap up

So this was our post on the best watermark software for windows. Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box

Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog

Blogging is a tough job to do. You need to put a lot of efforts and time in order to build a successful blog. But all your dreams can get demolished in a minute if a hacker finds a backdoor to hack your site.

That's why using proper security measures for your blog is necessary. But the problem is, that despite being used by millions of bloggers, WordPress it self does not have enough security features.

But thank god, they have given full control to users by allowing various types of plugins. There are lots of different additional security plugins available for WordPress users which you can use.

So today we have brought you a list of top 5 WordPress security plugins
Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog
Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

5. 6Scan Security

6scan security

6Scan Security is a great automated security plugin for WordPress. As the name suggests it's a security scanner which scans all your files and protects your site from threats like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF, Directory traversal, the Remote file including, DOS attack and more.

But that's not all, a feature we liked very much is that it not only scans any possible vulnerability but also automatically fixes it with its auto-fix server-side agent solution.

4. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All in One WP Security And Firewall
All in One WP Security And Firewall

The list of security features that come with this plugin is as long as it's name. It blocks the possibilities of Brutal Force attack and locks the admin panel if somebody tries to do so.

Another great feature us that it keeps a record of username, IP and login date time of all website users so it's great for bigger blogs with forum alike facilities. Its online firewall provides real-time security against XSS, CSRF, SQL injection and other possible threats.

3. Acunetix WP Security scan



Acunetix is a well-known security company. So it's security tool is also one of the most trusted in this list. As the name suggests, it scans all of your hosting files and informs you about any possible vulnerability.

A notable feature is that it removes all the unnecessary details from the front end of your website which can be used for hacking such as theme update information, plugin update information, really simple discover meta tag, WordPress version, Windows live write meta tag, versions of different scripts etc.

2. Sucuri Security

Sucuri security

This WordPress security plugin from the famous web security and auditing company Sucuri is like an all in one security machine. It protects your website from DOS attack, Zero Day Disclosure Patches, brute force attacks and all other scanner attacks.

And not only that, it comes with lots of additional security features such as security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, and website firewall. Together, all these features are enough to save you from any well-known security risk.

1. WordFence


The developers of this plugin have done as much hard work in building this plugin as they have done while thinking the name for it. And both things are very much near of being perfect.

The plugin not only regularly checks all website files for any malware but also makes your website faster. The plugin uses Falcom caching engine and claim to make your website 50 times faster.

The plugin blocks bruteforce attack and can add two-factor authentication via SMS. You can also block traffic from a specific country. There are lots of additional features for keeping an eye on your website in real time. If you like the free version you can buy the premium one.

Wrap up

So these were the best WordPress plugins we found. Which features do you expect from a good security plugin? do tell us in the comments box


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