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Thursday, 15 September 2016

{Latest} Picsart Png text Effects Latest collection Download 2020

Latest Collection of 20+ Picsart Png text Effects

Today Many people search for picsart text png effects,png effects,png effects for picsart, new png effect,etc So today GeeksGyan is Back with Latest collection of best Picsart png text effects.We have also included a zip file which contains all new png text effects .So that you can download these all png text effects in just a simple click for absolutely free.By using these Png effects you can become a professional Photo Editor and make your photos look more beautiful.

Picsart is one of the best professional photo editor with incredible features.The best thing is that it comes for free.So you  just need to download picsart app and become a Pro-editor.Picsart also have a large community of editors in which you can browse other users photos also you can participate in weekly contests by sharing your work.

So If you want to edit your photos with these awesome png effects then this is the best place for you from where you can easily get lots of best png effects,picsart png effects 2020,new text effect for png,picsart png effects download,etc.Guys You will not find these latest collection of picsart png effects anywhere else.Our website Geeksgyan has latest collection of stylish Picsart Hd Png effects.

How to use these Png Effects to edit your photo in picsart?

  1. First of all Download and install Picsart from here
  2. Now open picsart and select the photo which you want to edit.
  3. Now click on Add photo and select the png effect which you have downloaded from here.
  4. Done...Now place the png text effect anywhere in your photo which looks perfect.
Download All HD Stylish Picsart Png effects in one single click

Picsart png effects 1

Picsart png effects 2

Picsart png effects 3

Picsart png effects 4

Picsart png effects 5

Picsart png effects 6

Picsart png effects 10

Picsart png effects 12

Picsart png effects 14

Picsart png effects 15

Picsart png effects 16

Picsart png effects 17

Picsart png effects 18

Picsart png effects 19

Picsart png effects 20

Picsart Png Effects : So friends these were the best png text effects for picsart.I hope that you liked the latest collection of png text effects.Download all effects in the zip file As we can't upload all effects.

So Guys These were latest Png text Effects for picsart and I hope that you like the post,so kindly  share this post with your friends.Thanks for visiting


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Best Ways to make money with the internet with Little investment

Ways of earning a living with the internet without/with little investment
C:\Users\Acer\Desktop\Ways of earning a living with the internet without with little investment.jpg
Best Ways to make money with the internet with Little investment
No matter you are working for money or passion or success. The actual goal of every single person living on this earth is to raise the standards of living and satisfy his needs and to fulfil those needs you need money. Money is the major role player behind most of the ambitions in life.
With the internet evolution, people are more tending to work online not only to make some extra income but sometimes they work fulltime and make much money that a person makes by working in an office.
There are various ways when it comes to make money online. Today I am going to share about some of the most popular ways of earning a living with the internet without/with little investment such as blogging, freelancing, trading, online gaming etc.
Blogging is one of the best ways when it comes to make money online. All you need to do is to find out what are your passion and the start writing about it. You also need to find out if your passion is also the interest and profitable niche. After that you can book a domain start writing content and promoting it. You can learn blogging from or even by reading professional blogs.
Playing Internet casino games:
There are several games you can play online and make money. The most popular and the most advanced is by playing online casino games.There are several sites you can register for free and enjoy playing internet casino games to learn.  Once you are ready to play for money some sites offer you bonus on your first deposit which leverages your chances of making more money.

Forex trading
Forex trading is a great way for people who love to trade and make money. It is really easy to open online forex trading account and make money. You can also check for forex trading.
The number of freelancers is increasing day by day. There are so many works that freelancers do for the companies or the individuals. is a popular freelancing marketplace where you can find work according to your own skills.
These are the most effective ways of earning a living with the internet without/with little investment. If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.


Monday, 12 September 2016

3 Ways To Access Desktop Version Of Facebook on Android mobile

There are so many users who are looking for a full desktop-like experience when accessing websites through their Android mobile device. But some of the mobile websites restricts some important features of the site and can be difficult to access mostly like desktop site.The main reason behind this is that majority of people are not having high-speed internet connection.

Facebook has now transformed the way that we keep in touch with our loved ones. Instead of emailing or calling some through the phone a person can now just send text through Facebook messenger over the internet connection. We now have a Facebook app which lets you use Facebook through any mobile device on any platform. 

If you‘re accessing Facebook’s mobile site which offers a quick and convenient way of accessing its most common features but sometimes you might have to view the full version of Facebook in order to complete your work. Although, when you visit from your Android phone or tablet, you will be mostly redirected to the by default mobile version of facebook site.
However, there are several ways to for accessing the desktop version of Facebook on Android device.

I have mentioned three methods below to access facebook desktop version which works fine but in case if any single of them don't work then simply go for the next method.

1.Through Chrome browser

If you’re using an Android device, you might be familiar with Chrome browser which might be a default browser for some phones. Using Chrome, you can quickly open desktop version of Facebook:

  1. Open Chrome and type in URL bar
  2. Browser will still show mobile site but tap on three dots beside URL bar
  3. Now select “Request Desktop Site” option from the drop-down menu
    how to access facebook desktop version on android
  4. The website will automatically reload, and you will now see a Desktop version of
  5. Below is the screenshot of desktop site version desktop site

2.By visiting

This is a very easy and simplest way to access the desktop version of Facebook not just on Android device but on any mobile device.You can also use this Tip in Iphone.It doesn’t matter which version of iOs you use or which browser you use,this solution works like a charm.

  1. Open any browser on your Android phone
  2. Login to your Facebook account using the mobile version of website
  3. Now tap on URL bar and type in your browser
  4. Reload the site and you’ll see a desktop version of Facebook.
For a better view,rotate your screen or view in landscape mode so that you will get a better view of images and fonts of the desktop version of facebook.Simply rotate your screen or Select Auto-rotate option from notification menu.

3.Changing the UAString in your browser

If you’re not using default Chrome browser or doesn’t like to use Chrome you can also access the Desktop version of the Facebook by changing UAString or User Agent String within the settings of your desired browser.

  1. Goto browser settings
  2. Find advanced settings from the menu
  3. Scroll down and select “UAString” or “Website Preference(UA)” in your browser
  4. Tap on “Desktop version” which will change the browser to always render the full desktop version of the websites you visit.
  5. You will now see a Desktop version of every website you visit on your desired browser, or if you use UC Browser on your Android, you can change UAString or Website Preference for a particular website like Facebook to Desktop version just by going into settings. It is better instead of using “request for Desktop siteeverytime you visit any website.

Final Words:
So Friends these were the easy methods to access desktop version of facebook on your android phone.Ultimately, if you want a full fledge experience of Facebook you need to open the website on a PC or Mac. These were some tips how to access facebook’s desktop version on your Android device.

Thanks For Visiting GeeksGyan. Please Share This Article With Your Friends On Whatsapp, Facebook and Google Plus and If you have any problem regarding this article or if you want any suggestions from us then you are  most welcome please comment below and Support us.


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Get 5% Cashback on Recharge & Bill Payment On Paytm

Paytm is Again back with a amazing cashback offer in which you can get 5% Cashback on Mobile Recharge Payment of any amount .The best thing about paytm is that they always provide plenty of Paytm recharge coupons,Paytm promocodes,Paytm recharge offers and Paytm wallet offersThis Promocode can be used once per client. 

Steps to Get Cashback on Recharge at Paytm:-

  •  First,Visit the offer page from here 
  • Login/sign up to your paytm account.
  • Initiate a Recharge Payment of Rs 600 or above and Apply Coupon:-PAYTMKARO
  • Once your coupon is applied you will get the 5% Cashback in your Paytm wallet with in 1 hour
Terms and Condition

1.Only 5% Cashback
2.This  Promocode can be used once per client.
3.Promo code is valid on  prepaid, postpaid, datacard recharge, dth and landline transactions.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Interview with Travel Blogger Ryan Biddulph of bloggingfromparadise

Ryan biddulph,a Famous Travel blogger who blogs at is with us to share his experiences with our readers.He has been featured on sites like Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, NeilPatel.Com, ProBlogger and Bloggingtips.Com.
Read this interview to know about him and his opinions on blogging  and other related stuffs.
Interview with Travel Blogger Ryan Biddulph of bloggingfromparadise
Interview with Travel Blogger Ryan Biddulph of bloggingfromparadise

Welcome to GeeksGyan,Ryan

1.)Please Tell Us About Yourself And Your Educational Background
Ryan Biddulph

I'm a pro blogging island hopper who runs Blogging From Paradise. As for my educational background I received my BS in Meteorology before working in a few different office jobs. I then began my online education by buying my domain and hosting 8 years ago.

2.)What made you start your carrier in Blogging? How long you are into this profession?

I  wanted to free myself, to have fun and to help free my readers. Having that fun, freeing driver kept me going when times got tough.
I've blogged for 8 years.

3.) What is your background in the niche you are blogging/Are you a technical person/why did you choose this niche? 

I am a world traveler so I'm able to work travel stories into my blogging niche to complement my brand. 
I was a pro blogger for 6 years before creating Blogging From Paradise in 2014. I called on my experience with building a blogging community, boosting my blogging income and crafting a freeing lifestyle to engineer an authentic brand.
I have zero technical skills but know folks who can help me in this area. If you don't know tech, either hire tech help or befriend a skilled techie.
I chose the blogging niche (with a travel-themed flavor) because this niche has been my life experience for the past 5 years.
If you're blogging just tell your genuine story to make the greatest impact on your audience.

4.) What are the various techniques to drive traffic to our website/ blog?
I publish SEO-optimized, long form blog posts weekly to drive targeted, passive traffic to my blog.
I also publish 1 to 3 guest posts weekly to draw in readers from different audiences.
Blog commenting and social media marketing round out my traffic building campaign, with a dash of forum marketing.
I only publish blog posts or guest posts based on solving problems my audience shares with me. 
Driving traffic is pretty darn easy if you give your readers exactly what they want.

5.) which one is better? Blogger or Wordpress

Wordpress. It's not even close. 
Own your online real estate. Brand your blog like a champion. Customize your blog with a premium theme and plug ins.
Wordpress all the way.

6.) Do you use affiliate marketing to increase your revenue? What is your advice on affiliate marketing? 

I'm not huge on affiliate marketing because I prefer branding myself and Blogging From Paradise versus marketing affiliate ventures.
When I have been an affiliate in the past I made sales by using the product and offering a fair, honest, transparent review of the offering.

7.) What was the biggest challenge you ever faced?

NOT blogging predominantly for money.
I ran into many financial struggles over the years that I perpetuated by trying to make my blog pay the bills.
I have faced, embraced and released this challenge by falling in love with blogging for fun and by blogging primarily to help my readers with their most pressing problems,
Making that energetic shift was uncomfortable at first but now I mostly blog to enjoy my ride and to help my readers, detaching more from money outcomes.

8.)Can you share Some Useful SEO techniques ?

Write 1,500 to 3,000 word blog posts designed to address your reader's problems.
Craft practical titles based on long tail keywords to drive targeted traffic to your blog.
Use the Yoast plug in to improve post readability and to ensure you're adding the proper h2 tags, meta descriptions and url to effectively optimize your blog post.
Devote most of your energies to creating a thorough resource. Pay attention to small but important details by using Yoast.

9.) Do You Use Black Hat SEO Tactics In A White Hat Way? Like Scrapebox.

Nope. Whenever you try to game or manipulate a system, karma catches up with you sooner or later.

10.) What Is Your Message For My Reader?

Blog for fun. Blog to help your readers.
Devote most of your energies to following your passion and to giving and you'll find the getting (increased traffic, bigger list, increased blogging profits) will become easier and easier.

And the last one.
11.)What is your experience with our blog geeksgyan?

I love what you're doing here at Geeks Gyan Ravi. Keep up the great work.

If you have any questions please do ask in the comments below.
Dont forget to share this awesome interview in social media.Cheers!!!!

3 Tips to Safely Side-Load Third-Party Apps on Your Android Device

3 Tips to Safely Side-Load Third-Party Apps on Your Android Device
The Google Play Store is a great place for downloading Android apps on your Android smartphone or tablet device. There are, however, a few apps out there that are not available on the official Play Store. There's an element of risk when working with apps downloaded from these sites. You could be downloading fake apps, illegal apps, or worse – apps loaded with malware that can steal your private data and/or take complete control of your phone.
These tips, however, ought to help you better protect yourself as you work with apps from unofficial, third-party websites:
3 Tips to Safely Side-Load Third-Party Apps on Your Android Device

Work With An Expendable, Non-Secure Device

If you have to work with sensitive data on your phone or tablet, then don't take the risk of installing insecure apps on it.
Operating from a worst-case scenario mindset will help shield you from significant damage just in case the worst does come to happen. These 'insulated' devices don't contain login credentials to your work or professional accounts (email, phone lists, social media, credit card, PayPal etc.)  Cybercrooks can take over your Android device for all you care, and you'll only be inconvenienced – not truly hurt.
It helps that powerful Android devices are pretty cheap nowadays, so it's actually quite feasible to own a highly-secure work device and a less secure personal device.

Install Anti-Virus Software On Your Android Device

Install an antivirus app on your device before you even start looking for third-party apps.
Go with the big, recognizable names in antivirus security: Avast, McAfee, AVG, Avira, 360 Security, and TrustGo to name a few. Each has something unique to offer, but they all help protect your phone or tablet from malicious software. Download your chosen anti-virus app from the official Google Play Store just to be on the safe side. Once this is done, use them to 'scan' any APK files you download. Even if they're not perfect, they will help screen out a large number of apps that are loaded with spyware and malware.
These apps also help protect your phone against malicious websites that sneakily install malware or spyware when you visit them. These apps will help protect you at this early stage, which makes them a must-have when surfing the 'net for APKs.

Review The Permissions An App Requires

And last but definitely not the least, compare the permissions of the apps you want to install with the functions they're supposed to provide.
For example, you want to install a simple single-player game on your phone. But why should a simple game ask for permission to check your contact list, send text messages, send emails, open your camera, open the microphone? If you see permission requests that don't add up to the purported function of the app, it may be bundled with software hidden inside its guts.
If your device uses Android 6.0 or up, you can actually control the permissions an app will have access to. You can install an app but deny access to your contact lists, which is a good thing from a security standpoint.

Keep these tips in mind, and you'll be able to more safely work with third-party apps from sources outside the Google Play Store!
Chinavasion is a Hong Kong-based gadget wholesaler sourcing its tech gadgets straight from Shenzhen, the manufacturing heart of China. Retailers and consumers alike will be able to avail of a wide array of high-tech gizmos, from mini projectors and CCTV systems to Android smartphones and Windows PC sticks.


MilesWeb Hosting Review: The Best Web Hosting Provider of India

MilesWeb Hosting Review: The Best Web Hosting Provider of India

Blogging is always cool and fun, but setting up your blog may be a bit difficult task for you, and if you are a newbie then it will be harder to choose between the domain name registrars, hosting companies, marketing agencies, etc.
MilesWeb Hosting Review: The Best Web Hosting Provider of India
MilesWeb Hosting Review: The Best Web Hosting Provider of India
In this post I will introduce a web hosting company which is a cool one for every type of blogger or webmaster; they provide incredible services at a very affordable price.
MilesWeb is one of the best web-hosting company of India, which provides reliable hosting to its customers. They have a 30 days money back guarantee. MilesWeb is also one of the oldest web-hosting companies, so you don’t need to worry about trust or anything else.
Finding a best Web Hosting Company is also compared with finding a Good Girl Friend online. There are many hosting companies available on the Internet but only a few are reliable and if you choose in a hurry then you may get cheated.
Before buying web hosting from any company you should first know how to play safe with web hosting, below I will discuss how to be safe when buying and running website with a hosting company, and how MilesWeb does the same.
With each passing day, we hear the news that a website has been hacked or the hackers leak the personal information. Therefore, we can say that the army of hackers has taken over the internet because of the lack of security that it may have.
You might be wondering that how a hacker can use your simple blog website, so keep in mind that they can enter several malicious links in your content that will spread the newly generated virus to numerous devices without your acknowledgment.
The good news is that there are few steps that you can take to make your website secure like:
Regardless of the way you got your website developed, it is your job to make sure that every single part of your web hosting account is updated. When your site has all the latest supporting versions then it becomes hard for the hackers to break into the security of your website.
In the same way, you also have to clean your web hosting services often. There are several plugins that are not utilized by your site and thus they might provide a way for the hackers to get in. So you must remove all the out-dated and old plug-ins.
You have to make the first line of defense of your web hosting account strong by having the web application firewall. It will make sure to:
Inspect the incoming traffic
Find and rule out all the malicious requests
Will protect your website from SPAM
SQL injection
Cross-site scripting
Many other protecting services
MilesWeb provides you with free SSL Certificate. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is a highly protect communication method for sending confidential information between web servers and websites. If you move your website to the HTTPS then it means you have added an extra encryption layer that will keep your data and the data of your users protected. It will also help you to improve your search ranking on the search engines.
Passwords are also one of the best security systems but you have to make sure that you follow the given instruction while selecting the password:
Make sure your password should be complex and random
It is advised that your password is at least 12 characters long or more
Do not reuse a password and make sure your password is unique so that it is impossible to guess.
Admin directories are most prone to attack by the hackers. Use a strong CMS that allow you to rename your admin folder so you can select an uncommon name that will reduce the chances of a potential breach. This is the easiest way to protect the website but unfortunately, many of you ignore it.
In the world of online security, you should not go with the phrase that it will not happen to me and start taking the protective measures today. MilesWeb provides security to your server in all means.
MilesWeb has good security systems, so that you never have to worry about getting hacked or DDoS attacked, etc. They provide features like:
99.95% uptime, which means your site never goes down, whatever may happen, there are emergency servers which kick in when the main servers are attacked.
Flexible web hosting provides you different types of hosting like cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and many more from different country servers like India, United states, United Kingdom and Romania etc.
They have plans ranging from 1 giga byte to unlimited disk space hosting, which include many additional features like daily automated backups and a lot more.
They provide unlimited bandwidth on most plans so that you will never face site down errors due to bandwidth completion.


While choosing a hosting provider, the first thing anyone looks is whether it fits into their budget or not. Don't worry Friends MilesWeb, solves this problem very much by providing various different plans which fits into everyone's budget. Web hosting package includes Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Website Builder, Host 1 Website, cPanel, Unlimited DB's, Unlimited Email etc.
MilesWeb has launched Docker based WordPress hosting plans. Below are the newly launched plan details.
VPS hosting Package includes features like 1 Core CPU, 50 GB Disk Space, 512 MB Fixed RAM, 1 GB Scalable RAM, 500 GB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP, 100 MBPS Port and full root ssh access.
Cloud Hosting Package includes 1 Core CPU,  40 GB Disk Space, 1 GB Fixed RAM, 1 TB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP, 100 MBPS Port, No Contract. While in Dedicated server package they provide Core2 Duo, 500 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM, 2 Dedicated IP's, 10 TB Bandwidth, 100 MBPS Port. In addition they also provide reseller hosting at Rs 520 per month. This plan includes 10 GB SSD Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Websites, cPanel OR Plesk, Unlimited MySQL, Unlimited Emails etc. In my opinion, all these plans are suitable enough for any blogger or webmaster looking for a budget Web Hosting.

MilesWeb has a 24hour, 7 days and all year round customer support, ticketing system and a toll free phone number for customers in the US. In the past it used to take them a long time before responding to calls but in recent times, a heavy investment into their support team has made their response time quicker.

As expected from a website owner, you should be looking for a good web hosting company for your blog. So you can know which is right and the best for you to make use of and MilesWeb has everything you need! So, what are you waiting for, head on to MilesWeb and enjoy your blogging journey.

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