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Friday, 19 May 2017

Movavi Screen Capture Review 2018

Before going into the features of this Movavi Screen Capture software let's talk about what screen capture is and what it does?

A digital recording of any video or clip that is streaming along with the voice is known as the screen capture.

It can be used in a variety of areas. Let's take the example of software developers: they can capture the entire process of how they develop a particular product or just the user interface so that they can show it off to their peers or use it for a business demonstration. One of the advantages of screen capture is that you don't have to personally explain everything to every individual when you capture the process and present it to them as a guideline they have to follow.

To record high-quality seminars that can be easily understood it is necessary to use screen capture software - simple video camera and recorders are not enough these days. Such software can record the entire seminar, which could be used for future reference or the person could decide to make it available to users through online means. Communication-based business is the one which benefits the most from this particular software. Here are some of the reasons why using a screen capture software is important for business.

Movavi Screen Capture
Movavi Screen Capture 

For complete understanding:

The size of Movavi Screen Capture is 46.9 MB, which is not a lot so you don't have to worry about it taking up space on your PC or laptop. When you are solving a query that any customer support call generates, the calls are recorded, what's left out is how the employee pulled up the record or if all the required changes were made by the employee. Movavi could record the entire process which can be later reviewed by the quality team.

System Requirements:

      Movavi can be installed on Windows XP, Vista/7/8 as well as 10
      Processor required to install this software: Intel®, AMD®, or compatible dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz
      Requires 810 MB hard disk space for installation and 2 GB for ongoing operations.
      Requires 2 GB for Windows 7/8/10, 512 MB RAM for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Every organization has a set of computer policies that are to be followed by employees, which get overlooked a lot of times and hence affects the productivity of the entire team. The perfect way to make sure that your employees don't waste their time on social networking sites or are distracted when taking their calls or doing their jobs is by making use of a screen recording software like Movavi.

Improvements in Educating the Employees:

As you have already captured the screen when a particular task was being carried out, this stream can be used in figuring out what necessary changes have to be made and you can impart that knowledge on the employees who can improve their work. Some things are better understood when there is a picture representation or a video. With Movavi, these things can be easily captured and played back when teaching a group of employees a new task, even old recordings of the best calls, or perfectly done jobs can be captured to motivate the employees and help them learn new things.

Simultaneously listening in on calls as well as watching the video feed makes work 10 times easier and cost much less than if you choose to use a separate software for both of these. Not only does Movavi let their users record what's going on on the screen but also the voice feed.

I have made a list of all the video, audio and image formats that Movavi supports. They are clearly mentioned in the support tab of this screen capture software which is something that you can easily check out.

Video formats supported by Movavi:

3GPP (.3gp), 3GPP2 (.3g2)
Audio Video Interleave (.avi)
Flash (.flv, .swf)
Matroska (.mkv)
MPEG-4 (.mp4)
OGV – Ogg Video (.ogv)
QuickTime (.mov)
WebM (.webm)
WMV – Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Audio formats that Movavi supports:

AAC – Advanced Audio Coding (.aac)
FLAC – Free Lossless Audio Codec (.flac)
MP3 – MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer III (.mp3)
OGG – Ogg Audio (.ogg)
WAV – Waveform Audio File Format (.wav)
WMA – Windows Media Audio (.wma)

All the image formats supported by Movavi:

BMP (.bmp), DPX (.dpx), JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .jif), PBM (.pbm), PCX (.pcx), PGM (.pgm, .pnm), PNG (.png),
PPM (.ppm), TGA (.tga), TIFF (.tiff, .tif), XBM (.xbm)   

Not only can you capture your online tutorials, but also webinars, and other training materials which you would have to load many times if Movavi was not present. If there are some parts of the video streaming that are not required and just take up space you can get effectively get rid of those by choosing a screen recording software such as Movavi Screen Capture. You have the option of saving these videos so that they can be viewed later on. You can learn a lot from the videos which you have saved and you can choose the time and place when you want to view them. Can't find a good site to download your favorite TV series or movies? You can use Movavi Screen Capture - it will save the entire series or movie on your device and you have the luxury of viewing it at a later date. You also get to save the video calls with your family and friends which are sometimes emotional or heart touching when you stay at places far away from them and replay them whenever you are feeling low.

You can even dissect the audio from the entire stream if you are not interested in it. Get rid of annoying ads which waste a great deal of your time.

Final Words:

In the duration that I have used this software, I found a lot of good features which have been of a great help and benefited my business in a lot of great ways so if you are looking for a pleasant screen recorder this is the one you should choose. Go to Movavi official website and make your life a lot easier with Movavi Screen Capture.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

{Latest} Whatsapp Dare Messages and Games for Girlfriends/Friends 2020

WhatsApp plays a great role of social media that we use to communicate in our daily life. Many of us are so addicted to WhatsApp that we cannot imagine spending our life without sending any message to anyone. We absolutely love WhatsApp and install it on every mobile device that we own. It is a very easy and instant form of messaging application for smartphones. In fact, there are thousands of people who get a smartphone just because they want to start using WhatsApp.
WhatsApp has now become an integral part of our daily life without even realizing. The main purpose of using WhatsApp is to generally send dare messages to your friend, girlfriends lovers and whatsapp love games with answers which are obviously free of cost. While we enjoy the services of WhatsApp messaging is not the only thing that we are concerned about. We love the fact that WhatsApp is free of any advertisement that might come up on android application these days. It also helps us to share instant photos videos and SMS text messages with friends by just having access to the Internet on the mobile.
It is so easy to use that even a new mobile user can absolutely download the application and start using it without having any trouble. With a number of services been added to WhatsApp every year the latest feature been added to it is WhatsApp calling. This is an amazing feature which helps us to connect calls through the Internet directly without having to spend any money for calling in particular. But even though we have so many more services coming up there is one thing that we are fundamentally concerned about.
This is the reason I love to send different WhatsApp dare messages, WhatsApp games, WhatsApp dare for GF, etc every time. In fact, some of us might even be accustomed to changing our WhatsApp status on a daily basis. A great solution to all of these problems would be to simply refer to a good collection of WhatsApp dare games which are already available on the Internet like here. Use them and let us know how you feel about them.
So here are the latest Whatsapp Dare messages for girlfriends/friends with answers, whatsapp dare games, whatsapp dare messages for couples, whatsapp dare messages with answers.

Dare Messages and Games for Girlfriends/Friends
Dare Messages and Games for Girlfriends/Friends
1.Choose any letter from A to Z

A | B | C |D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U |V |W | X | Y | Z

A.Tell me your biggest secret.
B.Forget me and delete my number
C.Ignore me.
D. Send me picture of your legs
E.Don’t talk to me for 1 day
F.What you had done exactly before sleeping yesterday
G.Be my slave for 1 day.
H. Describe me with a single Movie name ?
I. Send a voice message saying that "You love me"
J. What you will do, If I block you now on whatsapp
K. Make my picture as your dp for 1 week.
L. Tell me a secret about you
M. Send me your latest picture.
N. send me a video of you telling me I am sweet
O. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t
P. Write your phone number in your status for 1 week.
Q. Write my name on your status saying that you love me!
R. how many Bf and Gf you have?
S. Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice.
T. Tell me one thing you have never told anyone .
V. Send me a picture of what your doing now.
W. Send a pic of your first crush
X.How much money do you have in your wallet now ?
Y. Tell me a joke.
Z. What is your relationship status 

2.Chosose Any Number From 1 to 10.Reply Fast

Answers : 
  1. Propose me in sexiest style
  2. What are your feelings about me?
  3. Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”
  4. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!
  5. Tell me one thing that you have never told anyone
  6. Make a dp of you and a guy with you. But he should not be your bf.
  7. Make our combined picture as your display picture for 1 day
  8. Have you ever think to block me on whatsapp
  9. Tell me a secret about your relationship?
  10.  send a pic of your crush

3.Choose Your Any Favorite Color. Reply Fast

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Black

  • Red : Dedicate a song for our relationship?
  • Blue : The quality you like the most in yourself?
  • Yellow : What is your opinion on me?
  • Green  : Dance for 10 seconds and send me that video.
  • White  : Call me and say I LOVE YOU
  • Purple  :Send me a picture of what your doing now.
  • Orange : Ask a neighbor for a roll of toilet paper.
  • Violet   :Send me a video telling that I am sweet
  • Black    :What is your relationship status.

4.Choose your lucky number from 1 to 20. Reply Fast.


  1. Ice cream treat
  2. Call me and say my name in a loud voice!
  3. Tell me something you always wanted to say me but you couldn’t
  4. Send me a photo of your first crush.
  5. Say I Love You in a voice note.
  6. Ice cream treat
  7. How do you describe me at least five line?
  8. Take me for a long drive
  9. Rs 500 recharge to my mobile number.
  10. Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you
  11.  Be my one-day boyfriend/girlfriend 😛
  12. What are your feelings about me?
  13. How do you describe me at least five line?
  14. What would you want our relation to be?
  15. Treat me with a movie
  16. Delete my phone number and forget me.
  17. Tell me atleast two negative points about me that you hate the most.
  18. Dance on any song and send me the video
  19. Hug me when you meet me next
  20.  Date me

5.Dare Questions For Whatsapp : SLAMBOOK

Copy this interesting Questions and send it to your contacts and get interesting replies.

1.The thing you like most in my character?
2.The Nick name that you want to give me
3.Which type of dresses suits me the most?
4.Relation status you want to be with me?
5.Dedicate a song for our relationship?
6.My contact name in your phone?
7.The thing that you hate in my attitude?
8.What do you think about me ?
9.Colors that suits me 
10.Rate my Whatsapp profile picture out of 100?

6.Whatsapp Naughty Dares

Dare Question : Choose any one triple number from below :


000 Silent killer 
111 S*x Addict
222  Handsome
333 True lover 
444 Cheater 
555 Lovely & Caring 
666 Heart Breaker 
777 Hard Worker
888 Lazy In Bed
999  Proud And Sweet 

7.Whatsapp Dares For Lovers/GirlFriend/Boyfriend

Dare Question : Who I am for u? Select any one answer from the below list and I'll tell you the meaning.

  1. Pizza
  2. Sweets
  3. Chocolate
  4. Burger
  5. Cigarette
  6. Drugs
  7. Pain Killer


Pizza  = Best Friends
Sweets = Good Friends
Chocolate = You Love me
Burger =Time Pass
Cigarette = Addict to me
Drugs  =Can't live without me.
Pain Killer =  You need me.

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So these were the best whatsapp dare messages for girlfriends,lovers,etc which I have collected from various sources.I hope that you liked the above dares and enjoyed too much by playing these interesting dare games.Send these dare questions to your loved ones and know what he/she thinks about you.


Friday, 24 March 2017

How To Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook Photos & Status 2018

Are you tired of waiting for getting Likes on facebook Photos and statuses?
In fact everybody has the dream of becoming famous on facebook.But as you know that Facebook is one of the feminist social media where only girls get a huge number of likes.
So If you are one of such person, then you have come to the right place.

Autoliker is a best way to get unlimited likes and comments in a single click.Autolikers are based on social exchange system where tokens are used to increase likes and comments.

Steps to do before using autoliker : 
If you are new in field of autolikers, then follow each steps carefully.
  1. Change your facebook age to 18+ and then Activate Facebook Followers Click here to activate
  2. Set your Post's permission to Everyone(PUBLIC).

How to use Autoliker?

1.Go to any autoliker website like
2.Now,Click on CLICK HERE button.After clicking on CLICK HERE Button you might be asked to allow permissions to a facebook application.Allow all permissions to the app.
3.Now you will be redirected to a Error page.You just need to copy the url of that Page which is your access token.
You will get url like this one :
4.Now Paste the above access token in the box of homepage 
5.After pasting access token,Click on SUBMIT button.
6.Now you will be redirected to Autoliker dashboard,Now select any service like autoliker or autocommenter.
7.After selecting autoliker service ,you will get a list of your statuses and photos.Now select any status or photo and click on submit.

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

100+ Free Proxy Sites - Free Proxy Servers

100+ Free proxy sites - Free Proxy Servers

100+ Free Proxy Sites - Free Proxy Servers
100+ Free Proxy Sites - Free Proxy Servers 
Many times, we face problems while accessing some websites. These problems arise due to the webpage not been available on the website / URL is blocked. However, you still need to access these sites from a place where it is blocked. So, the best method or solution here to access your useful websites is by using a proxy website. Proxy websites are designed to open many restricted websites which are blocked and places like colleges, government offices, schools, and other IP restricted areas.

Proxy sites therefore not only help you to access your blocked content but also help to surf the Internet anonymously. These sites are very easy and helpful to use. These sites simply redirect your entire traffic through the network by their service so that you can access the website directly. This is possible because when websites are blocked that servers are not blocked necessarily.
Hence today we have compiled a list of proxy websites which are helpful to you in many kinds of situations.

1.Skull Proxy 
This is the newest yet most powerful proxy server that you should use to access your desired site. The load time of the page is also quite low. This gives way for fast and easy access.

2.Hidester | Anonymous Free Web Proxy 

Many people use this proxy site for various reasons. Cool one of them is to avoid tracked by government multinational and even cybercriminals. This site can easily allow you to view your content from behind a Firewall or even unlock content at work.
It is absolutely safe and easy web proxy which will guarantee your privacy.

3. Hide My Ass VPN 

This is perhaps the most well-known proxy in the industry which is both available in the free and premium version.

4. – Best proxy server 

Of many proxy websites, available this is one of the best because of multiple advantages. It is an awesome website with completely free services. The homepage contains a URL box where we have to directly enter the URL we want to access. There are many more options such as enabling JavaScript and cookies can be allowed depending on our choices. The website is also clean with not too many ads or pop ups.


This is again a very impressive proxy server which has an amazing site interface. It has really nice responsive UI similar to many professional websites. This website also provides with several service from different parts of the countries like US and Europe. So, if one of the proxy servers does not work for you then another will work surely. There are many more additional options to manage cookies and edit user agents too.

100+ Free Proxy Sites - Free Proxy Servers 

  1. Vtunnel –
  2. 4everproxy –
  3. Unblock My Web –
  4. YouTube Unblock Proxy –
  5. Working Proxy –
  6. New Ip Now –
  7. Proxy 2014 –
  8. –
  9. Unblock YouTube Free –
  10. Proxify –
  11. Ninja Clock –
  12. –
  13. HideMyAss –
  14. AnonyMizer –
  15. kProxy –
  16. Zfreez –
  17. AnonyMouse –
  18. Free Open Proxy –
  19. Vobas –
  20. Don’t Filter –
  21. BlewPass –
  22. Unblock YouTube Beat School –
  23. HideOnline Proxy –
  24. Hiding Your Info –
  25. Free YouTube –
  26. Unblocker –
  27. Fast USA Proxy –
  28. YouTube Free Proxy –
  29. Proxyo –
  30. Quickproxy –
  31. Defilter –
  32. Free Proxy Server –
  33. Free YouProxyTube –
  34. The Best Proxy –
  35. EXCS –
  36. VPN Browse –
  37. ProxyOne –
  38. Rapid Proxy –
  39. Web Proxy Free –
  40. Hide The Internet –
  41. Greatest Free Proxy –
  42. Just Proxy –
  43. Singapore Proxy –
  44. Travel VPN –
  45. Proxy-2014 –
  46. PRO Intern –
  47. Host App –
  48. Fun Proxy –
  49. Fast Time –
  50. Can’t Block This –
  51. Work Host –
  52. Proxy Call MeNames –
  53. Singapore Proxy –
  54. Travel VPN –
  55. PRO Intern –
  56. Host App –
  57. Fun Proxy –
  58. Fast Time –
  59. Work Host –
  60. Proxy Call MeNames –
  61. Suede Proxy –
  62. To Proxy –
  63. US Proxy –
  64. Spedo –
  65. PHProxy –
  66. London Proxy –
  67. Kr Proxy –
  68. America Proxy –
  69. PK Proxy –
  70. Brazil Proxy –
  71. Canada Proxy –
  72. CA Proxies –
  73. WebSurf Proxy –
  74. Proxy 2015 –
  75. FB Proxies –
  76. US Proxy –
  77. You Liaoren –
  78. Proxy Internet –
  79. Fish Proxy –
  80. Zacebook PK –
  81. Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  82. German Proxy –
  83. Proxys –
  84. Justun Block IT –
  85. Proxy This –
  86. kProxy Site –
  87. ViewTube –
  88. HideMyTraxProxy –
  89. Proxay –
  90. Working Proxy –
  91. F4FP –
  92. Sporium –
  93. Saoudi Proxy –
  94. Proxy Browse –
  95. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  96. PRO Unblock –
  97. Star Doll Proxy –
  98. HideMyAss UK –
  99. DZ Hot –
  100. TiaFun-
  101. 1FreeProxy –
  102. Network ByPass –
  103. Me Hide –
  104. Go Proxy –
  105. Zalmos –
  106. Intern Cloud –
  107. Xite Now –
  108. Surf For Free –
  109. Hidden Digital –

All the above proxy servers are really good and work amazingly well most of the times. So, if you are facing any kind of problem you can absolutely check up on the various options available in the website for alternative options. So, you can choose your favorite proxy site from the list enter the URL you wish to access and start surfing.


Friday, 27 January 2017

Top 5 Cheap 4g Enabled Smartphones To Buy Under 5000rs

Top 5 Cheap 4g Enabled Smartphones To Buy Under 5000rs
Consider that you are just trying to replace your old phone but now you want something really good for just under 5000 rupees. You have come to the right place because today we are going to list the best top 5 mobile phones in the market which will cost you a lot less than expected.
The phones we are talking about here are absolutely good smartphones but are not built with high-end specifications. These phones are absolutely value for money with ideal specifications like 2 GB RAM and even 4G VoLTE connectivity. Also you can expect the processor to be a quad-core chipset which is absolutely a must for any phone. You can use Jio sim Easily with these cheap smartphones and Benefits by Reliance Jio.
Top 5 Cheap 4g Enabled Smartphones To Buy Under 5000rs

So here is our list which will give you a great run for your money:
1. Swipe Connect Plus
Swipe is again an Indian brand phone which has really good specifications on paper and performs up to the mark. It runs on Android lollipop 5.1 freedom OS on top. The phone packs and amazing 2 GB of RAM with 16 GB of internal storage which is by far the highest on this list. The phone is also accompanied with a 13 megapixels’ rear camera and 5 megapixel selfie camera. Overall the phone has really great performances with a 3000 mAH battery which can easily last for a day.
2.Xolo Era 1X (4G VoLTE)
This is the latest Budget smartphones from Xolo and it is the best phone under 5000.The features are extremely amazing with a 5 inch 720 p HD display. The screen quality is amazing at the price. The mobile runs on 1.3 gHz Spreadtrum quad Core processor. With 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage with an additional expandable storage up to 32GB this phone can run smoothly on multitasking. The camera of 8 megapixel real and 4p largan lens are a great add on.
3. YU Yunique Plus (4G VoLTE)
Another great addition to the list of budget smartphones is Yunique which comes with an Android lollipop 5.1. It has amazing features like a 720 p HD display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection and 8mp camera. The 4.7 inch device is also loaded with 2000 mAH battery. The key features include dual sim support with 4G LTE, 3G and 2G. Minimal features such as 3.5 mm jack, Wifi and Bluetooth are also provided by default.
4. Intex Aqua 5.5 VR (4G VoLTE)
Intex is a well-known in and which is quite affordable and suitable in a budget smartphone range. The latest addition to Intex is Intex Aqua 5.5 VR (4G VoLTE). The phone is powered by a 1.3 Ghz MediaTek 62 bit quad Core processor. It runs on the Android Marshmallow 6.2 which provides decent performance for day to day usage. The other specifications include 1 GB of RAM 8 GB of internal storage and expandable memory up to 32GB. Boot front and back camera are fitted with 5 megapixel lenses which makes it an apt smart selfie phone. It has an impressive battery of 2800 mAH.
5. The first on our list is Android one. This is Google's own product which was released just a few months back. The aim of this program was to make good affordable smartphones with will run with the latest updates. These Android one smartphones have an awesome 4.5 inch LCD display combined with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of built-in internal storage memory. Currently Spice dream Uno and Micromax Canvas a1 are some of the phones sporting this list.
Do give these phones a try and let us know your comments.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

How to Enable Volte Feature In Any Android Phone

The recently launched JIO SIM in India with IP call over LTE will require VOLTE feature to call or message. Cancel this article we will be exploring how to enable volte provisioned flag since many smart phones do support volte in India but it is disabled by default. This option is available in engineering settings but some mobile phones required the change settings to be changed or modified in a way so that the features can be fully accessed.
The simplest method to use volte involves in not using your jio number as your primary number. This is a wise decision for many options.
How to Enable Volte Feature In Any Android Phone
How to Enable Volte Feature In Any Android Phone

The basic steps to enable calling using jio with volte are as follows:

  1. Open the default dialer app on your phone. 
  2. Click settings or the option of three dots as indicated on your mobile. 
  3. Then you can scroll down and navigate to use volte option.
  4.  Enable the radio button on your device after this is done. 

This is the basic way to enable volte a using call settings menu.
However sometimes due to a number of reasons these basic settings do not work efficiently on every device. So, to overcome those difficulties we have come up with a different method of enabling voltage which does not involve the dialer option.

So here are the steps:

  1.  Start by dialing *#*#4636#*#*. 
  2.  Choose your phone information and select volte provisioned flag.
  3.  Under settings and more cellular networks toggle switch for enhanced four G LTE mode. HD voice calling feature should now be activated on your device. 
  4.  Restart the phone.

The settings described above work very well for Android lollipop non-rooted version.
However, for users of Xiaomi Mi some other steps can be followed. The steps are described below:
  1. Start by installing SQL Lite app and Launch It. 
  2. Now go to file stamp and tap on data -> data -> com. Android providers.settings -> data bases.
  3. Next you need to open settings. DB and then search there for VOLTE_feature_disabled.
  4.  This value needs to be changed from 1 to 0. 
  5. Once this is done then you can close SQL Lite editor restart your phone and for the open settings -> go to SIM cards and mobile network. 
  6. This will help you to enable volte a feature in your device successfully.

For those mobiles, which does not help you to solve the issue using the about two methods we have device a third method which is most common amongst Lenovo headsets like K3, A7000, K4 etc.

So, when using any kind of Lenovo headset with android 6.0 or more it comes with volte support by default. Hence you just need to configure them from the settings.

The steps to do the same are as follows:
  1. You can directly go to settings and click on notification bar icons available there. 
  2. An option to enable volte is support is available at this point.
  3. Once enabled please restart your device and HD quality calling is not enabled on your Lenovo headset.

Do try these methods and let us know what the results are.


Saturday, 7 January 2017

How To Bypass 1GB 4G speed Limit in Jio New Year Offer

Hello friends, I hope that you all are enjoying free 4g internet on Jio with Jio happy new year offer.I think all of you already know about the limitations of Jio Happy New Year Offer.

This Happy new year offer by Jio offers free calling, sms and 4g Internet data with a daily limit of 1GB 4G Data after which speed reduces to 128kbps.Don't worry Guys Today we are sharing some Working methods to bypass 1GB limit of Happy New year offer so that you can use it without any speed restrictions

After the announcement of Reliance Jio welcome offer and now Jio happy New Year Offer, we noticed crowd running after the craze of getting a sim which provides you with all the free services for three months; be it the voice calling or video calling and even a free 4G data pack with the offer it was actually seen that Jio is covering the market-beating the rest of mobile connection companies to be the fastest growing mobile network as it was promised and simultaneously it grew to be the fear of all other companies.

The only disappointment other than huge queues to get the sim was a limited speed of data after 1Gb/4Gb data. With this limitation our tech people started coming up with many ways to bypass the limitation and actually came up with few such tricks.

Here, we present you with few tricks to actually bypass the 1GB Data limit on your Jio numbers and keep on enjoying the extended New Year services at your own pace.

How To Bypass 1GB 4G speed Limit in Jio New Year Offer
How To Bypass 1GB 4G speed Limit in Jio New Year Offer

For the first trick :

1. Uninstall all Jio Apps to download and old version of the My Jio app.

2. Open My Jio app and install all 10 apps.

3.Now wait for it to show an alert "No Internet connection found". With this, now turn on your mobile phone connection and quickly click skip button.

Click on Get Jio sim section. Turn on your internet data, skip login (though you will automatically be logged to the app). Get the activated preview offer.

4. These steps brings you to the end of your steps and now you can enjoy the 4g speed easily.

For the Second trick :

To enjoy the 4g speed after crossing the 1gb data in the Welcome offer.

1. Switch off your phone and then restart your phone again .

2. After switching on your phone, start your Jio 4g Data. After, doing these 2 steps you will actually notice the speed of 1GB is back.

For the third trick :

1. Open settings in your phone =>Mobile Networks => choose Jio Sim =>create New Access Point.

2. Enter App as JioNet.

3. Enter proxy - and port 80.

4. App type : Default

6. Server :

For the fourth trick :

1. Go to settings - Mobile networks - Set your app as JIONET and select app protocol as ipv4

2. Use Jio data till 700mb. After this download 2 or 3 videos using Youtube. When during this download you reach 900mb, your download will automatically stop.

3. Now resume the app, if it will resume and you get the speed then enjoy unlimited 4g for full day.

Also Read : How To Increase JIO 4g internet speed upto 40mbps

Follow, these steps and get beneficial use of the service being given by the company until next three months and keep on using the New Year service with a good speed.I hope you liked the article "How To Bypass 1GB 4G speed Limit in Jio". Don't forget to share it with your friends.


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