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Saturday, 17 August 2019

8 Best Apps To Hack Games [No Root]

8 Best Apps To Hack Games [No Root]

Playing games is nothing new! However, with the advent of technology, the way we play games has been constantly evolving with time. From outdoor gaming to indoor gaming, today’s youth are more inclined towards playing mobile video games.
So, if you love to play games but are annoyed with limited lives, coins, gems, money, UC, weapons, etc. Don’t worry! These game hacker apps won’t let you disappoint. Simply install any one of the below game hacker App and enjoy playing your favourite Android games with everything unlimited, be it coins, gems, or lives.

Best Apps to Hack Games

1. Xmodgames

Xmodgames is a complete package full of hacking features to tweak your favorite game. You can download this app hacker on your Android device and can have the fun of playing unlimited games for hours. Xmodgames offers you to hack all the games be it the most popular Clash of Clans or the trending PUBG. The easy to use app interface provides ease to the gamers. Also, the app is compatible with most of the Android devices.

2. Freedom

Freedom APK is the one app you need to get your favorite games for absolutely free of cost. It's one of the best game hacker apps as it seamlessly bypasses the payment screen with a dummy credit card detail. Once the payment step is skipped, we can start using the premium version of the game. It works for most of the popular games on Google Play Store.

3. GameCIH

The second in our list of game hacker apps is GameCIH. This application is widely used by Android gamers and it supports all the Android versions later than 4.0. This app needs root access for your Android device. Once you root your Android phone, you can tweak your favorite games the way you want. It is suggested to not root your device before the warranty period otherwise, you lost the warranty benefits.

4. Creehack

Another app to hack games is Creehack. The name itself clears the functioning of the app. If you love to play hacked games, you would surely love this application. Just download Creehack and enjoy unlimited game values, coins, money, and life. It supports all the Android games including the popular ones like Candy Crush, subway surfer, Shadow fight, etc. The app is able to bypass all the levels of security placed by the developers and editors of the app.

5. SB Game Hacker

This is quite a commonly downloaded application among Android game lovers. It enables you to tweak and modify any game and raise the number of coins and money so that you can play unlimited in the game. Not just for increasing the game values, but this game hacker tool can also help you to get rid of the game interrupting annoying ads. Plus, using SB Game hacker you can bypass the license verification step also.

6. LeoPlay Card

This game hacker app is similar to above-mentioned apps like SB game hacker and Creehack. This application brings you all the game coins and money for free. You can unlock the premium features of the app without paying a single penny. There is no need to root your Android device in order to install and use LeoPlay Card app.

7. Game Killer

It is a free application that allows you to cheat the game values and modify the permissions and license of any compatible game. Most of the popular games can be hacked using this app. Here's the official link to its website to download this game hacker tool.

8. Game Guardian

One more name in the list of hacking apps for games is Game Guardian which is loved by Android video gamers. This application has some of the best features that can simplify tweaking any of your favorite games. This app can speed up the hacking process, set uncountable values in your games and decrypt values. This application has the simplest ever app interface which is the reason why most of the game hackers prefer this application over others.


Saturday, 25 May 2019

Blitzwolf Mini Size True Wireless Bluetooth v5.0 Earbuds- BW-FYE5

Blitzwolf Mini Size Bluetooth Earbuds- BW-FYE5

Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 is a must have Bluetooth earbuds for music buffs. Blitzwolf has done a great job by providing awesome features like passive noise cancellation, sweat resistance,waterproof, weightless and sleek design and much more.

With such great and advanced features, there is no doubt why Blitzwolf is rated on top among all wireless Bluetooth earbuds available in the market.

I have once reviewed BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which is extremely impressive, and I love using it. Moreover, I have also got Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 for me as I wanted to try out a mini size wireless earbuds which is quite new one in the market. It is one of the incredible bluetooth earbuds for listening to music.
I have been using this earbuds for around a week, and I must say, Blitzwolf has done a fantabulous job of equipping it with plethora of great features and HD sound quality.

The elegant and stylish looking mini size Bluetooth earbuds Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 is made of PC and ABS.

The compact design and material used make the overall weight of around 33g (Charging Box - 29g and Earbuds - 4g), waterproof with an IPX6 rating and magnetic absorbent.

This wireless earbud is capable to handle bilateral calls and various other controls. The Bluetooth Version 5.0 helps to meet the transmission distance equal to or more than 33 feet (10 meters). The polymer lithium battery is available in earbud as well as in charging box.

The capacity of battery in earbud and charging box is 50 mAh and 400 mAh respectively and the charging time of earbud and charging box is around 2 hours.
The music time with full electricity of Monaural earbud is between 2.5 to 3 hours and 8 hours if consume all the electricity of charging box.
The call time is between 2.5 to 3 hours and 170 hours of standby time with the operating temperature between 0 to 45 degree Celsius.

With Blitzwolf, you don’t have to worry about anything right from the user experience to the quality of the product. The most striking thing about this wireless Bluetooth earbuds is that its cost and the phenomenal features which are rare to find with such a nominal cost as low as Rs. 2477/- only.

Highlights and Features
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (10m Range)
  • 4 hrs playtime / 20 hrs with charging box
  • 2 hrs to recharge earbuds
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Super Mini Portable Battery Case
  • Auto on, off and pairing
  • call time is between 2.5 to 3 hours and 170 hours of standby time

How to Get Blitzwolf BW-FYE5?

You can buy BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 from the official Banggood E-Commerce store.Banggood was founded in 2006 and shifted and later become a successful international online retailer which sells everything which you need to can think of. The team continuously works and ensure that the customers get quality products at an affordable price.
                                              Click here to buy BW-FYE5

With a price of Rs. 2477/- Blitzwolf stands among at the peak of the list of wireless mini earbuds available in India. With all the unbelievable features and cheap cost this product has outperform my expectations. Without burning a hole in your pocket, you all can enjoy super quality features with Blitzwolf.


BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Finding a good Bluetooth speaker is often compared to finding a girlfriend online by many people. There are so many options to choose from but only a few are reliable, So if you choose in a hurry then you may end up being cheated.

So If you are looking for a best portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which can be played in any outdoor condition, than BlitzWolf BW-AS1 is the best option you should opt for.

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is the best reason to start a party anywhere and anytime.The beautiful and stunning looking silver Blitzwolf BW-AS1 is made of aluminium alloy and polycarbonates (PC). The speaker is powered by 20W(10W*2) which has the ability to play music loudly with powerful bass and sound clarity is crystal clear under most of the outdoor conditions.

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 being a portable wireless speaker is designed with to withstand various weather condition and long lasting.The songs can be played by connecting any media player or smartphones like iPad, iPhone, Nexus, Samsung, HTD and many more through wired or wireless.

It supports connectivity through Bluetooth v4.0 or 3.5mm AUX IN jack.
The transmission distance of Bluetooth range is around 10 meters. The speaker has two in-built Li-ion batteries of 5200mAH (2600mAH * 2) which can ensure full entertainment for around 9-11 hours.

The buttons on the devices like Power, Play/Stop, Volume +/- and Reverse/Forward are easy in operation and have the least chance of getting faulty due to moisture.

The dual driver stereo sound speakers of 20W (10W * 2) provide high-fidelity sound. The dimension of the speaker is 2.5 * 2.5 * 8.1 and robust design makes it convenient to carry anywhere.

The design of this wireless speaker is done with good quality, best sound output at an affordable price when compared with other premium brands.

The hands-free feature is also helpful where you can easily turn off the Bluetooth to answer a personal call. The speaker is powered with Bluetooth BTv4.0 version. The transmission range of the speaker is about 10 meters.
If you are hunting for a best portable Bluetooth Speaker which can be played in any outdoor condition, than BlitzWolf BW-AS1 is the best option you should opt for. The design of this speaker is done with best sound output, good quality at an affordable price when compared with other premium brands.

You can buy BlitzWolf BW-AS1 from the official Banggood E-Commerce store. It is priced approximately Rs. 5000 for all Indian Customers along with free shipping and delivery.
Buy now : Click here to buy AW-S1

Summarizing the review, the highlight features of this speaker are as follows :

1) Design - The speaker has a stunning metallic look which is made by aluminium alloy and polycarbonates (PC) with precise and smooth edges.

2) Battery Life - The in-built rechargeable li-ion battery is of 5200mAH (2600mAH * 2). Thus, can help to play your favourite music or can keep the party on for around 9 to 11 hours

3) Hi-Fi Sound - The Dual driver stereo sound has the ability to play music loudly with high fidelity, robust bass and crystal clear sound under most of the outdoor conditions.

4) Connectivity - The speaker is powered by bluetooth v4.0 which can be wirelessly paired with any Bluetooth enabled device.
It can also be connected by a 3.5mm audio jack cable which will give the most High-Fidelity sound signal with enthusiast music experience.

5) Built-in Mic - The speaker has an in-built MIC which noise isolating technology and for handsfree functionality. This helps to ensure clear and smooth communication without using the phone.

Click here to buy AW-S1


Thursday, 14 March 2019

FonePaw Screen Recorder: Record Computer Screen with Audio and Webcam

FonePaw Screen Recorder: Record Computer Screen with Audio and Webcam

Want to upload and share some fantastic game playing moments with your friends? Need to demonstrate some tutorials to others? Feel inconvenient when you want to download some videos but the website does not provide built-in download feature? A screen recorder appears when you have the above needs.

There are many options for screen recorder in the market, and today we are going to review FonePaw Screen Recorder. It is a screen recorder for Windows and Mac computer to capture video, audio and screenshot.

FonePaw Screen Recorder provides many features and we are going to test the below three basic features for the recorder today. More feature introduction will be presented at the end of the article. These three main features are as per below:

  • Easily record screen activities and webcam video in HD.
  • Snapshot for the desktop and add annotation to it.
  • Simultaneously record with audio from microphone and system sounds.

Recording Test
We download FonePaw Screen Recorder from it’s official page:

The software is downloaded and installed quickly without any hassle. The main three features are well presented in the main page when you start the recorder, which is quite user-friendly.

1. Video Recorder

  • You can choose Full Screen Record or Custom Screen Record according to your requirement.
  • System sound and microphone sound can be recorded at the same time.
  • Webcam can be enabled in the screen recording. 
  • With the above three features, you can record any screen activity with audio. For example, you can capture your some special computer game moments by customizing the screen in your game zone, and adds your commentary via microphone when recording the screen. In our test, the recorder runs without lag when recording gameplay and the recorded video comes out clear. 

2. Audio Recorder

You can navigate to Audio Recorder simply by selecting the button on the up left corner. Similar to Video Recorder, system sound and microphone sound can be recorded at the same time. The audio can be recorded to MP3, AAC, etc.

3. Screen Capture

  • The screen capture size is clearly presented on the screen immediately once you select the feature. You can adjust the size to take screenshot of a specific area.
  • Maginfying glass tool is provided to help you to locate the screenshot area more precisely. 

All in all, FonePaw Screen Recorder shows as a professional video screen recording software which can capture your screen for Windows and Mac computer system. Simple and neat interface, useful tools with only several clicks, makes it an outstanding one in its kind.

For audio recording, system sound is not supported for Mac computer by default. A tool named Soundflower is needed to work with the recorder. Look forward seeing improvement in internal audio recording in the next version.

Tips at the end
FonePaw Screen Recorder has many small features to make screen and audio recording on a computer easier.

  • Audio Recording: Record screen and audio together from both systems and microphones. 
  • Webcam Recording: It is possible to record your webcam video only or along with screen activity.
  • Snapshot: One click to capture your desktop or get a snapshot from the recording video. 
  • Annotation: Create a unique video with drawing or adding texts, arrows to the recording or screenshot.
  • Scheduled Recording: Easily set the recording length for the video as you like (only on Windows version).
  • Customize Recording Area: Select the entire computer screen or part of it to begin your capturing.
  • Track Mouse: Make mouse cursor stand out and show the mouse clicks to customize your recordings.
  • Select Output Formats: The recorded videos can be saved in different video formats(MP4, MOV, WMA, FLV, etc.) in output settings. MP4 is recommended.
  • Set Video/Audio Quality: The output video and audio quality can be set as High, Medium and Low.
  • Hotkeys: Set up hotkeys for certain operation so you can take quick action when recording.
  • One-Click Preview: Quickly check the recorded history (videos and screenshots) and you can share or delete in one click.
  • GIF Maker: Export recording as GIF image and set up its frame rate (only on Windows version).


Saturday, 21 July 2018

DRM M4V Converter for Windows - iTunes DRM Removal Made Easy

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to play any media files which are developed by Apple on any other player or device with different OS? The reason is that these media files are protected or has a DRM (Digital Rights Management). The DRM is used as a copyright material which can be enabled in any  M4V or similar type of media files. Therefore allowing such files to be played on proprietary hardware, software, & so on.
In case you find something more attractive, informative, or so but unable to access the same in your own device than there is no use of investing such heavy amount to buy such proprietary products. Instead, to play such files, there are DRM Removal Software, DRM removal tool and DRM removal program available online which can help to convert DRM M4V files to any other format. There are various DRM removal software which can also be used for M4V Converter for Windows. Such DRM M4V Converter for Windows can be downloaded and use under trial version to check the performance of DRM removal program or algorithm. If you find such DRM removal for Windows as a WOW option, then you can buy the license version of the same. This will be more economical than buying the proprietary hardware, software or anything similar.
The features of DRM removal for Windows or M4V Converter for Windows are as mentioned below -
  • Remove iTunes DRM at 30x faster speed
  • Losslessly remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows to multiple non-Apple devices
  • Best and fastest DRM M4V to MP4 converter
  • Keep AC3 5.1 Dolby surround sound, AAC stereo tracks, AD, CC, subtitles, etc.

The user interface of such software is attractive and user-friendly. Majority of the DRM M4V Converter support to cut or edit videos, add sound effects, watermark and much more. The video can also be exported against chapters. In addition to that, these various types of software or tool are also capable enough to resolve few known bugs.

The hardware required to install and run such software is basic. The specification of hardware is as mentioned below -

1) Operating System - Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Windows 10
2) Processor - 1G Hz Processor or better
3) RAM - 256 MB or better
4) Monitor - 1024x786 or better resolution
5) Other - iTunes 12.6.1 or any lower version

The DRM removal for Windows supports various input files such as DRM-ed M4V (iTunes Purchased and Rentals protected by DRM), MP4, M4V, WMV, SWF, MPEG, DAT, HD MOV, NSV, MXF, VRO, WTV, etc. which may or may not be DRM protected.
Such DRM protected or non-protected files can be converted to various Videos and Audios Formats like MP4, MPEG, MKV, AVI, 3GP, DivX, MOV, WebM, MP3, AAC, AC3, AU, WAV, FLAC, and much more respectively.

The result of such DRM M4V Converter for Windows can be viewed, played or access from devices like iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Apple TV 1/2/3, Apply TV 4K, Apple Generic, Samsung A7/A9, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, Google Pixel, Huawei P10/P10 Plus, Motorola Droid, Android Generic, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, Windows Phone, Game Consoles, Youtube, Facebook Vimeo and much more.
Download and check out the trial version of the software.

Waiting for your valuable feedback and comments...


Friday, 18 May 2018

TuneFab Apple Music Converter:Easily Convert Apple Music to Multiple Formats

TuneFab Apple Music Converter:Easily Convert Apple Music to Multiple Formats

Users who listen to Apple Music all the time will be easy to figure out that the Apple Music format is created as M4P file format, which is limited and protected by what we called DRM. It is inconvenient for users who want more from Apple Music. Hence, a question emerged that is it possible to enjoy Apple Music with different file formats, like MP3, FLAC, M4A and so forth? At this moment, TuneFab Apple Music Converter will be the second-to-none option according to your needs.

Synopsis of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

As for various kind of Apple Music Converters are available on the Internet, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the professional, maneuverable and powerful Apple Music DRM Removal, which offers the downloading function and converting function for your Apple Music. With TuneFab Apple Music Converter, you can enjoy the function as follows.

Functions of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Downloading & Converting Function: The users of TuneFab Apple Music Converter will enjoy the downloading Apple Music, albums, playlists, iTunes Audiobooks, and Audible Audiobooks by converting and removing DRM from Apple Music.

Choosing Files Formats Function: There are multiple file formats can be used when converted Apple Music, like MP3, M4A, FLAC, MKA, AC3, AU, AIFF, and etc.

Audio DIY Function: Before conversion, you can enhance your music by resetting the channel, bitrate, sample rate and choose the quality of audio on your own. Therefore, you can enjoy the converted music perfectly suit your tastes.

Conversion Speed Adjustment Function: Time is money, so TuneFab Apple Music Converter offers you to adjust your conversion speed, from 1X to 16X. The higher conversion speed you set, the faster conversion speed you get. Thus, I suggest setting the conversion speed 16X for faster conversion.

Perfectly Compatible Function: If you are worried that the converter is not compatible with your computer, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the one which helps you free from this problem. It is fully compatible with the latest version of iTunes and it supports both Windows and Mac.

So why not download TuneFab Apple Music Converter for enjoying such powerful functions? And the step by step guide will introduce in below.

Step 1. Download TuneFab Apple Music Converter
There is a download button above which are available for downloading TuneFab Apple Music Converter. Click the compatible version of your computer and following the installation to finish the installation task.

Step 2. Select Apple Music Tracks You Want to Enjoy in Different File Format
After having installed TuneFab Apple Music Converter, launch it and then you can view the whole TuneFab Apple Music Converter interface together with your iTunes Music Library. Here, select the songs you want to enjoy in other file formats by ticking the checkbox right before each song.

Besides, if you fed up with scrolling and finding your songs, there is a knack for you. That is in the search box, typing the name of the playlist, album, and artist and then you can find the songs at ease. Also, batch conversion is allowed in TuneFab Apple Music Converter. So you can convert multiple songs at a time.
Choose Apple Music Tracks
Choose Apple Music Tracks

Step 3. Select the Output File Format You Want to Listen to
After selecting, it is the right time for you to choose your output file format. There are a lot of file formats you can take into consideration. They are MP3, MKA, AU, AIFF, AC3, M4A, FLAC and so forth. Apart from this, you can also reset the SampleRate, Bitrate, Channels together with the quality of your Apple Music songs.
Note: You can also set the output folder by clicking the 3 dot and choosing the folder you want to.

Step 4. Faster Your Conversion Speed
Click on Options and a Windows will pop up. On this interface of Window, there is seek bar for you to select the conversion speed, from 1X to 16x. As stated before, the higher, the faster. Therefore I recommend opting 16X for the best conversion speed.
Select the Conversion Speed

Step 5. Click to Convert and Get Your Fresh Converted Files
Click on the Convert Button after all the prep are done. Several minutes later, you can get the converted files on the location of your files. Enjoy your Apple Music right now!

To sum up, TuneFab Apple Music has a lot of useful functions for you to dig out. If you are unaware of it, visit TuneFab website and read more tutorial on using TuneFab Apple Music Converter as well as Apple Music. If it is useful or reasonable for you, please don’t forget to share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. Comments and questions are welcome when email to TuneFab Support team.

Write Behind
TuneFab fully respects the copyright protection law in the U.S. and we will never encourage our users to use the software for any kind of commercial purposes. The No Commercial Use Policy is encouraged in TuneFab to prevent unauthorized reproductions of Apple's copyrighted media content including movies, music and audiobooks. TuneFab simply wants to provide solutions to help the actual owner of Apple Music, iTunes movies, audiobooks to get full control over their purchased iTunes media.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Windows Review

Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Windows

As many of the people nowadays have gone digital, the use of electronic gadgets such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc. has increased. The application of these gadgets is not limited to be socially active but has also played an important role to transform e-Learning. The process of e-Learning is either by watching a YouTube video or by watching some personal videos or attending webinars. Similarly, there are speakers for various topics, who share their knowledge either by going live over the internet or closed webinars. But in case if you miss those live session, the recorded session need to be purchased. These are some problems which have lead to the development of Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Windows.

The screen recorder for Windows is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista and XP. This screen recorder for PC, Laptop, etc. can be downloaded and tried for free. The screen recorder software has various applications as mentioned below -
a) Screen Recorder for YouTube - Even thou YouTube has provided an offline feature, the downloaded video cannot be shared with anybody or saved elsewhere. So, you can use Screen Recorder for YouTube to record and save the YouTube video which is been played in multiple formats as per your device's media player compatibility.
b) You can record and save any audio and video which is been played on your screen
c) The screen recorder tool is capable enough to capture only audio and save in various formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B.
d) The recording from the PC's or Laptop's screen activity can easily be configured and are flexible.
All the above points were for the learners, but if you are a speaker or lecturer, you can use Screen Recorder Software to record the audio and video of your entire session. The screen recorder tool is so flexible that if required, you can adjust or select the portion of your screen which needs to be recorded without distorting the video resolution.
The system requirement to install this Joyoshare Screen Recorder are -
a) Support OS - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
b) CPU - 1 GHz (64-bit) or above
c) Available Hard Disk Space - 200 MB or above
d) RAM - 256 MB or more (Recommended RAM - 1028 MB)
The lists of various video streaming sites tested by our team and shared by our valuable customers are YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, Metacafe, Netflix, Spotify, TED, Vimeo, and much more. The tool also supports 4K videos, HD videos and SD videos. The various output video and audio formats supported by this tools are ASF, MOV, M4V, MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG-1, 3GP, 3G2, DivX, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and much more respectively. The supported devices vary from brand to brand. The lists of supported devices are -
1) Apple - iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, New Apple TV, Apple Generic, etc.
2) Samsung - Galaxy S8, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S, etc.
3) Game Consoles - Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3/4, PSP, Nintendo Wii, etc.
4) Smart TV - Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, etc.

The Following is a guide on how to use the Joyoshare Screen recorder software. Once you have downloaded the software, install it and open it by clicking the software icon on your desktop. After opening it you will see the following window.

1.Capturing the screen
Click the plus (+) button in the capture area section,you will get the recording window popped up.Now you can choose the recording area according ,to your requirements.You can also choose the fixed recording window sizes such as 1280x720, 640x480, etc.

2.Customizing Output settings

Since this is a professional screen recording application, it comes with a plenty of recording features. Joyoshare Screen Recorder output supports almost all kind of video formats, including MOV,MP4, FLV, WMV, SWF, M4V, AVI, etc. Another great thing is that you can record everything you like including gaming videos, Skype video calls, streaming videos and even you can record your very own tutorials. The tool is almost compatible with all popular devices such as the Android, iPhone, smart TV ,Xbox, etc. and so on.

Final words

Finding a good software is compared to finding a good girlfriend online by many people. There are number of options available in the  market and if you choose in a hurry you may end up getting cheated. I strongly recommend this screen recorder because it comes with plethora of features.
In the duration that I have used this software, I found a plenty of good features which have been benefited my business in a lot of great ways so if you are looking for a best screen recorder this is the one you should choose. Unfortunately, there is no free version of this software. However there there is a free trial version. Once the trial period is over, users need to purchase it.

Plus, the company has an excellent customer support which will help you to contact them in future.So what are you waiting for? Simply download the trial version and start recording.


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