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Saturday, 22 May 2021

The Benefits of Hosted Cloud Service


The Benefits of Hosted Cloud Service

Cloud computing is simply the on-demand provision of computer system’s resources, specifically storage and processing power, but without direct, active control by the user. The word is often used to describe computer centers accessible to multiple users via the Internet. In its most simple form, cloud service may be understood as providing stored resources to a third-party provider on demand. This is opposed to the more traditional on-site computer systems hosting concept which involves a more physical process for access to resources.

Types of Cloud Services

There are two types of cloud services – utility computing and application service providers (ASPs). The utility type is common in businesses such as accounting and finance, where many small tasks are performed continuously by employees. Examples include maintaining employee payroll, records checking accounts, records delivery of work-related materials, and similar daily tasks. Typical utilities in cloud service providers would be the ability to create subtraction, division, percentage, and multiplication tables. Some cloud service providers also allow users to search for data across multiple databases and systems, while others are capable of updating information from remote locations.

Businesses utilize cloud service providers for diverse purposes. Companies that use this service may have data that is not necessarily local, but are accessed frequently by employees. In this scenario, the company does not have the need to maintain servers physically. Instead, remote servers store data that is quickly accessible by employees. An example of this would be a pharmacy that sells products online.

Many companies that use cloud services do so to save money and improve efficiency. Hosted software and hardware allows IT professionals to spend their time effectively working on business concerns rather than troubleshooting hardware issues. When a business has a hosted solution, the IT staff is no longer required to purchase and maintain expensive dedicated servers. A hosted cloud service provider will instead provide the needed computing resources on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Another reason why companies may choose a hosted cloud service is because they require high levels of connectivity and flexibility. Some cloud service providers to offer hosted solutions that are extremely customizable. For example, some may be capable of automatically deploying changes and upgrades to customers’ applications. In addition, businesses that use cloud services have the ability to make the necessary network configuration and monitoring decisions themselves.

However, there are some risks associated with using a hosted cloud service. For example, changing internal IT processes, training, or hiring personnel can become costly. Also, there is no certainty as to how IT resources will be allocated. For example, when an employee performs tasks that are outside of their scope, it may lead to additional costs. In addition, there is usually no way to measure the return on investment (ROI) of a hosted solution.

If a business chooses a hosted solution, then it must determine its needs in a comprehensive manner. It should consider the current state of its infrastructure, its present costs, and its future requirements. A hosted solution may be suitable for a business if: it requires minimal out-of-hours assistance, it is not expecting a dramatic increase in its traffic, and it does not anticipate a drastic decrease in its data volume. In addition, it may be appropriate for a business if: it has an operating system version that is not supported by a software development company, and it does not anticipate the need for additional resources in the near future.

A hosted cloud service is one of the best ways for a business to reduce expenses. Many businesses are now looking towards cloud computing because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of deployment. However, a business still needs to carefully consider its options. Cloud service providers typically offer hosted solutions that are priced competitively. Therefore, it is important for businesses to compare Cloud Computing pricing before making a decision on the right service provider.

The Top Five Benefits of Hosted Cloud Service

The benefits of hosted cloud computing are becoming more apparent as organizations move away from expensive on-premises solutions and towards a model based on the cloud. Cloud computing delivers more than an online application platform: it can also deliver infrastructure, applications, storage capacity, processing power and other business values. If your organization is moving towards greater focus on information technology and business intelligence (BI), then you should consider moving your business to the cloud. Here are several benefits of cloud computing for midsize and small businesses:

Reduce Costs. Cloud services allow your IT expenses to be spread out over a wider number of users. By renting a hosted cloud service, you pay only for the amount of usage that your customers have at any given time. This means that you do not pay for more capacity that you don’t need, and your costs are therefore reduced.

Reduce downtime. When your customers are not able to access your website, this can mean lost revenue, missed opportunities and worse. With cloud services, your downtime will be limited to those occasions when your application is down or your internet connection is slow. In contrast, with a traditional on-premise server, you might experience server downtime even when your website is operating perfectly.

Scalability. Cloud service providers offer a great way to rapidly scale your infrastructure costs. You can easily add to or modify your applications as your business grows. This flexibility makes cloud hosted cloud service a very attractive option for many companies.

Choose a reliable service provider. When you choose a cloud service provider, you need to make sure that you choose a company that has proven its reliability and capabilities. It is always best to partner with a cloud service provider that can extend technical support in the event that something goes wrong with your hosted cloud service. The best companies take this support to the limits by improving their customer support and staying actively involved with their users. To know how your chosen cloud service provider stands with regard to customer support, do some research and visit the online forums and chat rooms of other cloud users.

Flexibility. Although most cloud services are similar, there are some unique benefits of hosting your business on the cloud that you should consider. Here are just some of the many benefits of hosted cloud service:

One of the benefits of hosted cloud service is the price. When you purchase an annual plan with a cloud provider, you pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of the number of clients you sign up for the service with. This means that once you’ve reached your monthly maximum, you don’t have to spend additional money. Plus, because you only pay for what you use, you’re not tied to paying unnecessary cloud charges.

Another benefit of cloud services is cost. Cloud computing allows providers to offer hosted services at lower costs than traditional hosting solutions. This is because a hosted cloud service provider doesn’t have to invest in expensive infrastructure. Instead, they pay for the use of computer servers, storage devices, and bandwidth. And unlike a traditional server, cloud servers have the advantage of being redundant and are located in data centers of different locations.

Perhaps the most important benefit of hosted cloud service is flexibility. In today’s competitive world, time is often crucial to companies’ success. If your company needs to meet deadlines, it can’t do so without sacrificing productivity. But if you want to work in the comfort of your home, you can. Flexibility is the key to online business. You can choose a schedule that suits you best, even if that means devoting some of your waking hours to your business.

The last benefit of hosted cloud service is security. Your data is protected wherever you are, which makes it safer to store on your own computers. The cloud service provider uses secure data centers, and if something goes wrong, the service provider will take care of it quickly. Also, as part of your agreement with the cloud service provider, you’ll be provided with security updates and greater network reliability.

There are plenty more benefits of hosted cloud service. But when it comes to business, this is one service that’s literally a must. If you want to use the Internet to expand your business, the Internet is the way to go. Cloud services, including web hosting, will give you the Internet, the tools you need, and the peace of mind that your business is safe.


Sunday, 12 April 2020

{Latest} 10+ Whatsapp Puzzles Quiz, Games & Dares with Answers

Whatsapp has made connecting with people so easy that it has now become an integral part of our daily life without even realizing.Sending Whatsapp dares and quizzes are very coolest way to have fun with your loved ones and to test their knowledge.

Whatsapp Puzzles for youngsters are difficult to guess however answers can bring smiles to your faces and additionally make you sit up straight and even tease them on regular basis.

This is the best reason I love to send different WhatsApp quizzes and puzzles messages, games, dares for GF, etc every time.

Each and every emotion of human beings can be expressed through emoticons.Feelings like sadness, happy, crying, proud, boast, etc can be easily expressed through Whatsapp emoticons in messages.Nowadays people create various puzzles like guess movie name, logical questions, maths puzzles, songs name, etc by using these smileys and emoticons and ask other users to answer.

So here are the latest Whatsapp Dare messages for girlfriends with answers, dare games and puzzle messages for couples.

{Latest} 10+ Whatsapp Puzzles Quiz, Games & Dares with Answers
{Latest} 10+ Whatsapp Puzzles Quiz, Games & Dares with Answers

How to send below whatsapp puzzles with your friends ?

  1. First Download the Whatsapp puzzles images given below on your phone.
  2. Now open your whatsapp and send these puzzles given below to your friends, family etc and ask them to answer.
  3. Later share the correct answer with them given below after every quiz.

Quiz 1 : Guess the actors
Answer : 
  1.  kishore kumar
  2. Ashok kumar 
  3.  Leena chandavarkar 
  4. Prithviraj Kapoor 
  5. Kamal Hasan 
  6. Anil Kapoor 
  7. Wahida Rahman 
  8. Shakti Kapoor 
  9. Manisha Koirala 
  10. Smita Patil
Quiz 2 : Guess bank names

Answer : 

  1. IDBI Bank
  2. Syndicate Bank
  3. SBI - State Bank Of India
  4. ICICI Bank
  5. Karur Vysya Bank
  6. South Indian Bank
  7. HDFC Bank
  8. Indian Overseas Bank
  9. Dhanlaxmi Bank
  10. SBT - State Bank of Travancore
  11. Punjab National Bank
  12. Catholic Syrian Bank
  13. Bank of Baroda
  14. Andhra Bank
  15. Centurian Bank
Quiz 3 : Guess shampoo names


  1. Chick Shampoo
  2. Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo
  3. Garnier
  4. coming soon.
  5. Herbal Essence
  6. Clinic Plus
  7. Neutrogena
  8. Sunsilk
  9. Pantene
  10. Head & Shoulders
  11. Tresemme
  12. L’Oreal
  13. Camille Beckman
  14. Dove.
  15. Aveda

  1. DHOL
  2. TABLA
  4. DRUM
  6. CONGO
  10. VEENA
  11. EKTARA
  12. SAROD
  13. PIANO
  14. SITAR
  15. BONGO
Quiz 5 : Guess the classical Raaga


  1.  Megh
  2. Malkauns
  3. Patdeep
  4.  Bilaval
  5. Bihag
  6. Basannt
  7. Kafi
  8. Bageshri
  9.  Desh
  10.  Chandrakauns
Quiz 6 : Guess these 12 Bollywood songs
  1. Sun raha hai na tu, Ro raha hoon mai
  2. Blue eyes, hypnotize teri kardi ye menu
  3. No clue, comment your answers
  4. Tune mari entry, aur dil me baji ghanti
  5. Baby doll me sone di
  6. Char bottle vodka, kaam mera roz ka
  7. Put your answer in comments
  8. Tere liye aaya me signal tod tad ke, delhi wali girlfriend chod chhad ke
  9. one two three four, get on the dance floor
  10. Mein rang sharbato ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Dare 7 :  Rearrange: (10 Daily life things)
  1. akoeofbc
  2. ckwcloall
  3. rsiomagsrlr
  4. nilegnifac
  5. mresceboeinl
  6. bhtdeees
  7. nlghtuis
  8. orimrr
  9. bkoo

Answers: See Below 
  1. Facebook 
  2. Wall clock
  3. Mirror Glass
  4. Ceiling Fan
  5. Mobile Screen 
  6. Bedsheet 
  7. Sunlight 
  8. Mirror
  9. Book

Dare Questions For Whatsapp : SLAMBOOK

Copy this interesting Questions and send it to your contacts and get interesting replies.

1.The thing you like most in my character?
2.Relation status you want to be with me?
3.Dedicate a song for our relationship?
4.My contact name in your phone?
5.The thing that you hate in my attitude?
6.The Nick name that you want to give me
7.Which type of dresses suits me the most?
8.What do you think about me ?
9.Colors that suits me 
10.Rate my Whatsapp profile picture out of 100?


DARE : Chosose Any Number From 1 to 10.Reply Fast

Answers : 
  1. Propose me in sexiest style
  2. What are your feelings about me?
  3. Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”
  4. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!
  5. Tell me one thing that you have never told anyone
  6. Make a dp of you and a guy with you. But he should not be your bf.
  7. Make our combined picture as your display picture for 1 day
  8. Have you ever think to block me on whatsapp
  9. Tell me a secret about your relationship?
  10.  send a pic of your crush

Tamil Dare :

இதில் ஒரு 💚 ஐ செலக்ட் செய்து எனக்கு அனுப்புகள், நான் உங்களுக்கு ஒரு டேர் அனுப்புகிறேன். 😉

💚1 💚2 💚3 💚4 💚5 💚6 💚7 💚8 💚9 💚10


  1. எனக்கு ப்ரப்போஸ் செய்ய வேண்டும் 😍
  2. என்னைப் பார்த்ததும் என்னிடம் நீங்கள் என்ன கவனித்தீர்கள் என்பதைச் சொல்லுங்கள் 🤗
  3. உங்கள் "கிரஷ்"ன் பெயர் என்ன? ❤️
  4.  எனது புகைப்படத்தை ஒரு நாள் புரோபைல் DPயாக வைக்க வேண்டும் 😎
  5. உங்கள் வாட்ஸ் அப் ஸ்டேட்டஸில் "எனக்குத் திருமணம் நிச்சயமாகியுள்ளது" என வையுங்கள். 👰🏻 🤵🏻
  6. உங்களது காமெடியான புகைப்படம் ஒன்றை எனக்கு அனுப்புங்கள் 🤣
  7. உங்கள் வாழ்வில் மறக்க முடியாத நாள் பற்றிச் சொல்லுங்கள் 😇
  8. உங்கள் வாழ்வில் யாருக்கும் தெரியாத ரகசியம் ஒன்றை எனக்குச் சொல்லுங்கள் 😱
  9. உங்கள் BF/GF பெயரை எனக்குச் சொல்லுங்கள். 💑
  10. என் நம்பருக்கு ரூ50க்கு ரிசார்ஜ் செய்து விடுங்கள் 🤑

So these were the best dare messages for friends,lovers,etc which I have collected from various sources.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

How to Unblock 1337x Torrent?

How to Unblock 1337x Torrent?

As you know, 1337x has played a major role in breaking the privacy to another level. You can really find a movie in few hours of its first show on the torrents. This gave a huge impact on many industries like movie, gaming etc.
Then government of many countries started blocking the 1337x website. Many countries blocked torrent-based sites to prevent piracy but in some counties, it is still legal to access it. Not all content on torrent is pirated, many times you can find some useful non-pirated stuffs.  

So today we will discuss some methods to use unblock the popular 1337x website.
We are not trying to support piracy. We are just providing some methods to unblock torrent websites so you can download some good stuffs from there.
Make sure to always use a VPN while accessing torrent sites as your ISP can track you browsing history.

How to Unblock 1337x Torrent

We tried several methods to unblock 1337x torrent. Some methods didn’t work while some of them worked. We have listed all the best methods to unblock torrent sites from your computer and access it easily. Even my Internet service provider (ISP) have blocked 1337x website and all torrent related site due to government’s order but I can still access them using these simple methods.

Using Proxy Sites

This is the easiest and simplest method to unblock 1337x. Even a newbie can use this method, all you have to do is visit proxy site and enter the URL of site you want to access.
·        First of all, you have to visit
·        Now enter the URL of website you wish to unblock, In our case it’s 1337x.
·        Now click on Visit Anonymously button and you can access the blocked website.
Now you will be able to visit the website easily. This site is similar to hidemyass proxy. Even this website is using proxy server to connect to the site with other IP address so your identity is completely safe. If is blocked in your region then you can find more 1337x proxy sites here.
You can not only unblock 1337x, you can also unblock other torrents sites like Kat or Kickass using this method.

Using Hola Extension

There are millions of internet users using chrome. Chrome is considered one of the best browsers and one of the main reasons why it’s loved by people is its extensions. Chrome comes with lots of extensions. Hola is an extension using which you can easily unblock any website. Follow the below guide to unlock 1337x on your google chrome browser.
·         Download and install Hola extension on your browser.
·         Once Hola is installed turn on the extension by clicking on the icon.
·         No again, click the extension and select any random country where torrent sites are not blocked.
Now you can easily unblock any website. You have successfully unblocked 1337x websites. Now you can visit your favourite torrent site without any restrictions.

Using HTTPS in the URL

If the http version of URL is banned by the government then you can easily bypass it with this method.
Just visit the site and then you will see the banned notice. Now you just have to edit the URL and make it https in front of the URL instead of http.
This will sound idiotic to you but this method really works in some countries. You don’t have to install any software’s or apps to unblock 1337x. If the https URL is blocked in your country then you can try visiting the http version.


I hope you are able to unblock your favourite torrent site. If you still have any issues, suggestions or queries – feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


Saturday, 17 August 2019

8 Best Apps To Hack Games [No Root]

8 Best Apps To Hack Games [No Root]

Playing games is nothing new! However, with the advent of technology, the way we play games has been constantly evolving with time. From outdoor gaming to indoor gaming, today’s youth are more inclined towards playing mobile video games.
So, if you love to play games but are annoyed with limited lives, coins, gems, money, UC, weapons, etc. Don’t worry! These game hacker apps won’t let you disappoint. Simply install any one of the below game hacker App and enjoy playing your favourite Android games with everything unlimited, be it coins, gems, or lives.

Best Apps to Hack Games

1. Xmodgames

Xmodgames is a complete package full of hacking features to tweak your favorite game. You can download this app hacker on your Android device and can have the fun of playing unlimited games for hours. Xmodgames offers you to hack all the games be it the most popular Clash of Clans or the trending PUBG. The easy to use app interface provides ease to the gamers. Also, the app is compatible with most of the Android devices.

2. Freedom

Freedom APK is the one app you need to get your favorite games for absolutely free of cost. It's one of the best game hacker apps as it seamlessly bypasses the payment screen with a dummy credit card detail. Once the payment step is skipped, we can start using the premium version of the game. It works for most of the popular games on Google Play Store.

3. GameCIH

The second in our list of game hacker apps is GameCIH. This application is widely used by Android gamers and it supports all the Android versions later than 4.0. This app needs root access for your Android device. Once you root your Android phone, you can tweak your favorite games the way you want. It is suggested to not root your device before the warranty period otherwise, you lost the warranty benefits.

4. Creehack

Another app to hack games is Creehack. The name itself clears the functioning of the app. If you love to play hacked games, you would surely love this application. Just download Creehack and enjoy unlimited game values, coins, money, and life. It supports all the Android games including the popular ones like Candy Crush, subway surfer, Shadow fight, etc. The app is able to bypass all the levels of security placed by the developers and editors of the app.

5. SB Game Hacker

This is quite a commonly downloaded application among Android game lovers. It enables you to tweak and modify any game and raise the number of coins and money so that you can play unlimited in the game. Not just for increasing the game values, but this game hacker tool can also help you to get rid of the game interrupting annoying ads. Plus, using SB Game hacker you can bypass the license verification step also.

6. LeoPlay Card

This game hacker app is similar to above-mentioned apps like SB game hacker and Creehack. This application brings you all the game coins and money for free. You can unlock the premium features of the app without paying a single penny. There is no need to root your Android device in order to install and use LeoPlay Card app.

7. Game Killer

It is a free application that allows you to cheat the game values and modify the permissions and license of any compatible game. Most of the popular games can be hacked using this app. Here's the official link to its website to download this game hacker tool.

8. Game Guardian

One more name in the list of hacking apps for games is Game Guardian which is loved by Android video gamers. This application has some of the best features that can simplify tweaking any of your favorite games. This app can speed up the hacking process, set uncountable values in your games and decrypt values. This application has the simplest ever app interface which is the reason why most of the game hackers prefer this application over others.


Saturday, 25 May 2019

Blitzwolf Mini Size True Wireless Bluetooth v5.0 Earbuds- BW-FYE5

Blitzwolf Mini Size Bluetooth Earbuds- BW-FYE5

Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 is a must have Bluetooth earbuds for music buffs. Blitzwolf has done a great job by providing awesome features like passive noise cancellation, sweat resistance,waterproof, weightless and sleek design and much more.

With such great and advanced features, there is no doubt why Blitzwolf is rated on top among all wireless Bluetooth earbuds available in the market.

I have once reviewed BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which is extremely impressive, and I love using it. Moreover, I have also got Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 for me as I wanted to try out a mini size wireless earbuds which is quite new one in the market. It is one of the incredible bluetooth earbuds for listening to music.
I have been using this earbuds for around a week, and I must say, Blitzwolf has done a fantabulous job of equipping it with plethora of great features and HD sound quality.

The elegant and stylish looking mini size Bluetooth earbuds Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 is made of PC and ABS.

The compact design and material used make the overall weight of around 33g (Charging Box - 29g and Earbuds - 4g), waterproof with an IPX6 rating and magnetic absorbent.

This wireless earbud is capable to handle bilateral calls and various other controls. The Bluetooth Version 5.0 helps to meet the transmission distance equal to or more than 33 feet (10 meters). The polymer lithium battery is available in earbud as well as in charging box.

The capacity of battery in earbud and charging box is 50 mAh and 400 mAh respectively and the charging time of earbud and charging box is around 2 hours.
The music time with full electricity of Monaural earbud is between 2.5 to 3 hours and 8 hours if consume all the electricity of charging box.
The call time is between 2.5 to 3 hours and 170 hours of standby time with the operating temperature between 0 to 45 degree Celsius.

With Blitzwolf, you don’t have to worry about anything right from the user experience to the quality of the product. The most striking thing about this wireless Bluetooth earbuds is that its cost and the phenomenal features which are rare to find with such a nominal cost as low as Rs. 2477/- only.

Highlights and Features
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (10m Range)
  • 4 hrs playtime / 20 hrs with charging box
  • 2 hrs to recharge earbuds
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Super Mini Portable Battery Case
  • Auto on, off and pairing
  • call time is between 2.5 to 3 hours and 170 hours of standby time

How to Get Blitzwolf BW-FYE5?

You can buy BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 from the official Banggood E-Commerce store.Banggood was founded in 2006 and shifted and later become a successful international online retailer which sells everything which you need to can think of. The team continuously works and ensure that the customers get quality products at an affordable price.
                                              Click here to buy BW-FYE5

With a price of Rs. 2477/- Blitzwolf stands among at the peak of the list of wireless mini earbuds available in India. With all the unbelievable features and cheap cost this product has outperform my expectations. Without burning a hole in your pocket, you all can enjoy super quality features with Blitzwolf.


BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Finding a good Bluetooth speaker is often compared to finding a girlfriend online by many people. There are so many options to choose from but only a few are reliable, So if you choose in a hurry then you may end up being cheated.

So If you are looking for a best portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which can be played in any outdoor condition, than BlitzWolf BW-AS1 is the best option you should opt for.

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is the best reason to start a party anywhere and anytime.The beautiful and stunning looking silver Blitzwolf BW-AS1 is made of aluminium alloy and polycarbonates (PC). The speaker is powered by 20W(10W*2) which has the ability to play music loudly with powerful bass and sound clarity is crystal clear under most of the outdoor conditions.

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 being a portable wireless speaker is designed with to withstand various weather condition and long lasting.The songs can be played by connecting any media player or smartphones like iPad, iPhone, Nexus, Samsung, HTD and many more through wired or wireless.

It supports connectivity through Bluetooth v4.0 or 3.5mm AUX IN jack.
The transmission distance of Bluetooth range is around 10 meters. The speaker has two in-built Li-ion batteries of 5200mAH (2600mAH * 2) which can ensure full entertainment for around 9-11 hours.

The buttons on the devices like Power, Play/Stop, Volume +/- and Reverse/Forward are easy in operation and have the least chance of getting faulty due to moisture.

The dual driver stereo sound speakers of 20W (10W * 2) provide high-fidelity sound. The dimension of the speaker is 2.5 * 2.5 * 8.1 and robust design makes it convenient to carry anywhere.

The design of this wireless speaker is done with good quality, best sound output at an affordable price when compared with other premium brands.

The hands-free feature is also helpful where you can easily turn off the Bluetooth to answer a personal call. The speaker is powered with Bluetooth BTv4.0 version. The transmission range of the speaker is about 10 meters.
If you are hunting for a best portable Bluetooth Speaker which can be played in any outdoor condition, than BlitzWolf BW-AS1 is the best option you should opt for. The design of this speaker is done with best sound output, good quality at an affordable price when compared with other premium brands.

You can buy BlitzWolf BW-AS1 from the official Banggood E-Commerce store. It is priced approximately Rs. 5000 for all Indian Customers along with free shipping and delivery.
Buy now : Click here to buy AW-S1

Summarizing the review, the highlight features of this speaker are as follows :

1) Design - The speaker has a stunning metallic look which is made by aluminium alloy and polycarbonates (PC) with precise and smooth edges.

2) Battery Life - The in-built rechargeable li-ion battery is of 5200mAH (2600mAH * 2). Thus, can help to play your favourite music or can keep the party on for around 9 to 11 hours

3) Hi-Fi Sound - The Dual driver stereo sound has the ability to play music loudly with high fidelity, robust bass and crystal clear sound under most of the outdoor conditions.

4) Connectivity - The speaker is powered by bluetooth v4.0 which can be wirelessly paired with any Bluetooth enabled device.
It can also be connected by a 3.5mm audio jack cable which will give the most High-Fidelity sound signal with enthusiast music experience.

5) Built-in Mic - The speaker has an in-built MIC which noise isolating technology and for handsfree functionality. This helps to ensure clear and smooth communication without using the phone.

Click here to buy AW-S1


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