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Sunday 10 April 2016

Top 10 Adsense Friendly And SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

Finding a good theme or Website Template is one of the most important aspects of building a blog. Some experts even consider it the most important thing while starting a new website. 

After all, your blog has to be attractive yet simple enough so the visitor does not feel confused. Only then he will think about returning back to your blog after the first visit.

And there is an old saying in blogging(ok, not that old maybe) that "your blog is not made by people who visit your blog, but by the people who visit your blog again".

But again your Theme should be both SEO friendly and Adsense ready too. Otherwise, you won't be able to money from it.

And there are thousands of theme to choose from so it's not an easy job to do. So we have brought you a list of the top ten SEO friendly and Adsense ready WordPress Themes:-

Top 10 Best WordPress Themes

10. DesignBlog


Price- $49

A clear and simple design works with almost every niche when it comes to Ad positioning and high ctr. And Designblog gives you exactly that.

Made with only 2 main colours - White and Blue, the theme has two columns and 7 possible spots where you can put your Ad codes and start earning.

9. CickRight


Price - $39

CickRight is Another simple but effective theme to increase your ctr. CickRight follows the Google heat map and gives you the option to place Ads on 2 of the highest performing ad slots, first in the header section and 2nd in the top of the sidebar.

The developer has created 3 different versions of this theme to fulfil your needs. You can buy all 3 of the themes only at $69.



Price - $49

Different from the normal magazine templates who fill the gap with anything they can find, ADMAG is a magazine template which focuses solely on content and helps you to display the best content from every category at the top without confusing the readers.

But at the same time, ADMAG is so clearly coded that you can put ads on the places which give the highest ctr. It's also one of the fastest loading templates in the list which gives you an advantage in SEO.

  1. Bootstrap 3 ready
  2. 5 Layouts and 5 demos
  3. 2 main sliders
  4. Responsive ads support
  5. Font Awesome Icons
  6. Smart sticky header
  7. With Ajax Mega Menus
  8. Support Google Fonts 
  9. Built in review system
  10. Translation support from theme options
  11. Custom pagebuilder 
  12. Unlimited color options
  13. Smart Sticky Sidebar
  14. Mobile responsive 
  15. 4 Header Versions and 3 Footer Versions
  16. SEO optimized
  17. Parallax post image



Price - $59

If you are looking for a magazine template for more colourful topics such as fashion then look no further than GOLIATH responsive WordPress theme.

The wonderful Slider ad the top of the template allows you to display the best content from your blog and the Ad slots make sure you don't miss any opportunities of earning. The theme also includes a product review feature.

6. MH Newsdesk

MH Newsdesk
MH Newsdesk

Price - $49

MH Newsdesk is one of the most powerful WordPress themes for news sites that work on a single niche. It's modern and Dynamic features are designed to give all the attention to the content.

The theme is highly customizable means you can use it on many different blogs. It has ad slots in all the main places to insure the highest earning potential.

5. Schema


Price - $59

Schema is a fully responsive and SEO friendly WordPress theme which comes with many great features. It has a built-in product review feature.

In my opinion, It's the best WordPress theme available for an affiliate niche site. The simple and fast loading design will make sure the focus is on content and the ad slots will make sure that when the user decides to buy a product it's from your referral link only.

4. AdSense Pro Ultimate

Adsense pro ultimate
Adsense pro ultimate

Price - $69

Adsense pro ultimate is the no doubt the best SEO friendly and Ads ready WordPress template for micro niche sites.

Micro niche sites are sites based on subjects with low monthly searches and you definitely want to make the most money from every single micro niche site. In order to do so, your theme should be solely focused on providing the highest ctr rates possible. This theme provides the best ad placing opportunities to make sure you make the most out of your site.

  1. Advanced Theme Options Panel
  2. Adsense Ready and optimized
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. Enable/Disable Author Biography
  5. Enable/Disable Menu
  6. Enable/Disable Ads
  7. 6 unique Social Bookmarking icons,
  8. Post – Full post page with comments
  9. WordPress 3.0, 4.0 and above Compatible

3. Nominal


Price- $59

The best things in this world are the simplest. And Nominal is one of the simplest yet best WordPress themes provided by the developers. The theme is rich in colour and highly customizable.

It allows you to build a powerful site for a single subject. The ads placement is in all the right places so even the laziest users will notice it and if your subject is powerful enough, then you are sure to have a great ctr.



Price - $59

Newspaper is one of the most popular themes used on WordPress. If you'll make a list of most downloaded WordPress themes then Newspaper will easily make it to top 5.

And it's very easy to see why. This SEO friendly theme allows you a very powerful and customizable back end with a beautiful and slick front end. You can start your blog with 2 or 3 subjects and increase the columns etc as your blog grows. The theme has all the required Morden features such as an awesome slider and Review options.

1. TruePixel


Price - $59

And finally the best. Despite the fact that newspaper is a great magazine template with lots of features, the truth is that most of the blogs are based on the single subject and they need a good SEO optimised theme according to that.

And today's online world is all about images and videos. So your theme needs to be colourful enough to match with the image ads that create the highest user engagement. This theme does it all and more. It has great customization panel and features that will you fall in love with this theme.

Wrap up

So these were our favourite WordPress themes. Which one of them do you find most useful? Do know any better theme which deserves to be on this list? Do let us know in the comment box.

Saturday 9 April 2016

Top 10 Best Email marketing services

Whether you are looking to introduce your new exciting product or you are looking to arrange funds for your company's brighter future, email marketing is one of the best ways available on Internet to spread what you have to say to all your potential customers.
Top Ten Email marketing services
Top Ten best Email marketing services

What is Email Marketing?

If you are a blogger/ online entrepreneur then there is lots of chance that you have heard the email marketing somewhere. But lots of people still don't know what it really means. So what exactly is Email Marketing?

In simple words it's the new advance format of paper pamphlets. You write a article introducing your new product or telling people why they should buy it and then send it to your potential customers via Electronic Mail or Email.

Why people like Email Marketing more than TV marketing?

Email Marketing vs. TV marketing is a debate that has made their way in normal entrepreneurial life in recent years. And a lot of people are choosing Email marketing over TV ads.

Why? Because you can target more specific customers with a lot less money. Also You do not need to pay an advertising company lots of money just to get your ad created. You can hire a writer from Internet in $10 and he will do the job.

Top 10 Best Email marketing providers of 2016

Like any other thing finding a good email marketing company isn't a easy job. You still have to pay a good amount of money to advertise your product and if the service is not good then all your emails can end up in the receiver's Spam Folder. That's why we have brought this list of Top Ten Email marketing clients to use in 2016-

10. Benchmark Email

Pricing - starting from $0

Hundreds of available free templates are the power of Benchmark Email. They have a very helpful live customer support and Google Analytics tracking. They also have a free plan if you are looking to get started then this is one of best platforms to do so.

However it comes with its fair share of problems. It has No Gmail or other third-party contact integration. also does not support mobile preview. The Email editor wae also not working properly while tested.

9. GetResponse

Pricing - starting from $15

They have an awesome autoresponder functionality. Also we liked their responsive email designs. Other features include split testing in-depth reporting, RSS / blog to-email functionality, comprehensive segmentation options and more.

They have 3 main plans which is supported with many other ad on plans which is quite confusing for new uses. Also many features are restricted and you only get unlimited access to them if you buy a higher plan.

8. Mailigen

Pricing - starting from $10

With Mailgen you can not only create marketing emails but also you can create forms and surveys to know customers feedback. They offer more than 130 email templates and all of them are customizable plus you can design your own template if you like.

However you can not preview your email before sending it which can be a nightmare if you often make mistakes while typing. One more feature it lacks is the ability to segment your campaigns by demographic.

7. Campaigner

Pricing - starting from $19.95

If you are a new at email marketing Campaigner is a great way to start it. There are hundreds of templates to play with. Also, it has a great tutorial section for beginners. They also give you a 30-day free trial so you can check out their service before buying.

However, you still have to give your credit card details for a free trial. Some people also reported issues with Gmail Import feature and with their live customer support.

6. Graphic Mail

Pricing - starting from $9.95

It comes with a free two weeks trial where you can try lots of it's features. Also,if you are looking to create a very professional email campaign then their integration of social networking and email marketing is very helpful in that.

Their dashboard is not so clean and takes sometimes be understood completely. Available site tools also have a confusing UI which makes it hard to use.

5. AWeber

Pricing - monthly packs starting from $19

They provide timely, personalized, and targeted messages to your customers which are very helpful if you have the big fan base and lots of people sign up for your list every day. With this you can send a welcome email to every new customer and then send them email based on schedule so you don't spam their inbox but keep your company remembered too.

However, they have limited data importing capabilities so you might face some problem with it.

4. Vertical Response

Pricing - starting from $12.75

You can create the campaign using creation wizard, HTML code or plain text as you like. They also have a Generous free plan and great customer support which is a very big plus point in this market.

like others they also come with some problems. People have reported that their site Glitches with uploading contact. Also, they faced problem while receiving notifications.

3. Active Campaign

Pricing - basic plan starts from $9

Active Campaign is Email Marketing service created for small and medium publishers. Active campaign stands out in this list for its impressive automation features. You can use tags etc to manage all your mailing campaigns.

There aren't any specialised complains of the company but we still don't know their capacity for managing bigger email campaigns.

2. ConvertKit

Pricing - $49 per month

Unlike other companies listed here Convertkit is a relatively jew but fast-growing email marketing company. And seeing their track record I think they definitely deserve to be on the list of top ten email marketing tools.

With them, you can build multiple forms with various opt-in incentives. You can also display custom massage to subscribers who are already on your list. They also got lots of Automation tools and other features that makes them worthy to be mentioned.

1. MailChimp

Pricing - starting from $10.00

And finally the best. At the end of the day its, the user experience that really counts and I have personally seen lots of big bloggers using MailChimp for managing their email subscribers list.

Yes, they do have some problems but that is more based on who uses it so I don't think they really count. Their main features include their different marketing reports you can use through MailChimp.

They also offer a free account for very small businesses and paid services also are also affordable. They have a built in template and editor to edit it according to your needs too.

Wrap up

Have you used any of these Email marketers? If yes then do tell us your experience with them in the comment field. Also, if you have any questions then be sure to ask in the comments field.

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