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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Best Adsense alternatives for Indian Publishers

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the King of all Advertising networks. It's the largest ad network in the world and there is almost no competition for them in this field.

But that doesn't mean that they are perfect. Recently they have started making policies that favour Advertisers more than publishers. Studies suggest that Google only pays 38% of profit share to its publishers which is pretty low.

That's why people have started moving towards different ad networks. But finding a good Adsense alternative isn't easy. The big brand name of Google means that any of the new ad networks find it very difficult to find there ground in front of the tech giant.

But still there are a handful of ad networks available who are still in the competition. So today we have brought you a list of best Adsense alternatives to use in 2016
 Best Adsense alternatives for Indian Publishers

List of Best Adsense alternatives for publishers

10. Yllix Media

Yllix media
Yllix media

Yllix media is often mentioned everywhere as a good adsense alternative. They have very clean ads and high cpc that's why publishers see them as a good Adsense alternative.

Yllix media Features

  1. Minimum payout - $1 (PayPal & Payza), $100 (Bank Wire)
  2. Payment frequency - weekly
  3. Payment methods - PayPal, Payza, Bank Wire
  4. Ad types - CPM, CPC, CPA, Slider, PopUp

9. Chitika


Chitika is a Ad network based at Westborough, MA and serves non-contextual advertising. Non contextual means they do not filter their ads according to your keywords. Adsense is a contextual ad network so this makes them a good choice as a Adsense Alternative.

Chitika features

  1. Minimum payout - $10( PayPal)
  2. Ad type - Display, In-line Text. (Both cpc)
  3. Payment menthods- Check and PayPal.
  4. Payment frequency -Net-30.

8. BuySellAds


Many people neglect direct advertising networks while looking for a Adsense alternative but believe me it's one of the best of all ways for monetizing your blog. BuySellAds is the biggest platform for directly selling ad spaces on your blog. It has a reputation of being one of the highest paying ad networks.

BuySellAds features 

  1. Ad Types: Display, Sponsored Tweets, Email.
  2. Payment Methods - Check, PayPal, Wire.
  3. Payment Frequency: Within 2-3 days on demand.
  4. Minimum Payout -$20 (PayPal) $50 (check) $500 (wire)

7. Infolinks


There is no adsense alternative list that can be completed without adding Infolinks. There offer a unique type of ads named Infold, intag and in-text. They have a good reputation for always paying on time to publishers so you should definitely try them out.

Infolinks features 

  1. Minimum payout - $50 (PayPal)
  2. Payment frequency - net 45
  3. Payment methods - PayPal
  4. Ad types - in fold, in tag, in text

6. PopCash

Popcash is the only pop under ad network I have added into this Adsense Alternative list and believe me they are worth it. They offer instant approval for all publishers means you can start making money within minutes. Another great thing about them is they offer Daily payment means almost no wait to get your money.

PopCash features 

  1. Ad type - pop-under
  2. Payment methods - Paypal, Paxum, Payza
  3. Payment frequency - Dailly
  4. Minimum payout - $10

5. HeroCPM


Now hero CPM is a relatively new ad network in this list but it's slowly building it's reputation as a good ad network and it's looks like they are here for the long race. That's why I have included them as a possible Adsense alternative In this list. They are new but still they accept worldwide traffic which is a real good thing. They also have a referral programme you will have multiple options to make money.

HeroCPM features

  1. Minimum payout - $5
  2. Payment methods - PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer
  3. Payment frequency - every 2nd week
  4. Ad types - Banner Ads, Pop Up Ads, Pop Under Ads(all cpm)

4. Adcash


Adcash has picked up the old school affiliate ad approach and added some Morden techniques to it to create a new type of revenue system. They pay you in a eCPM model means you get paid for every view as well as every click. The only problem with them is their minimum payout is quite high for new publishers.

Adcash features

  1. Payment methods - PayPal, Skrill, Web money, Payoneer, Wire transfer
  2. Payment frequency - net 30
  3. Minimum payment - £100
  4. Ad types - banners of different sizes

3. Rev content

Rev content

Rev Content is the only ad network listed on this Adsense Alternative list which has very high requirements to accept your blog. They even proudly say that they reject 98% applications that comes to them. Time has changed and people have gone smarter, thus the ctr has dropped very much because people now avoid clicking on ads that look suspicious, Rev content solves that problem with their native ads that look just like content. If you have a well established blog then you should definitely try this.

Rev Content features

  1. Minimum payout - $50 (PayPal)
  2. Payment methods - PayPal
  3. Payment frequency - Net 30
  4. Ad type - Native Advertisement

2. Amazon associates

Previously affiliate networks such as amazon were only good for sites based on a specific niche. You had to choose a product for display and pray that customers will like it and buy it. But now Amazon has changed this approach with their Amazon Associates programme. They are now offering contextual ads which means you just have to put the ad code and they show the best things available to buy related to your keywords. And bonus if someone clicks on your ad for something and then buys something completely different then you still get paid for it.

Amazon associates features

  1. Payment frequency - Net 60
  2. Payment methods - check,  Amazon gift cards, direct bank transfer
  3. Minimum Payment - different from country to country, for India it's currently ₹2500

1. Revenue Hits


Ohk you can make a lot more money with Amazon Associates then adsense but they are not really a direct competition to Adsense. They do not pay you per click and there aren't much choices of niche available while making a amazon based site. A perfect adsense alternative should come with all the features required so you can use it just in place of adsense and earn the same (or more) money from it. And Revenue Hits is the top choice for anyone who is looking for a real adsense alternative.

Revenue hits features

  1. Minimum payout- $50 (PayPal) Payoneer (Min $20) Wire transfer ($500 and above).
  2. Payment methods - PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer
  3. Payment frequency - Net 30
  4. Ad types - Display & Rich Media,  Text Ads, Pop Ups/Unders, Apps & Widgets, XML Feeds ( CPA and CPM based

Final Words

If you like to experiment with your blog then you should definitely try to use some of these Adsense alternatives with your blog. And don't forget to tell us your experience with these ad networks in the comments.


Top 5 best VPN service providers 2016

Finding a good VPN service online is compared to finding a girlfriend online by many people. There are so many options to choose from but only a few are reliable, and if you choose in a hurry then you may end up being cheated. So solving the problems of our readers we have brought you a list of the best and trustable VPN providers around the net.
Top 5 best VPN service providers 2016
Top 5 best VPN service providers 2016

What is a VPN?

Before using a VPN, you first have to know what does a VPN means. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a way or technology which creates an encrypted connection of different computer networks to increase your security.

For our nontechno geek buddies, a VPN is a service which connects many computers/internet connection to create a secure tunnel to transfer your data so it cannot be stolen by hackers.

Why you should start using a Virtual Private Network?

Using a VPN can help you do many things, it's up to you what you use it for.  here are some of the most basic reasons of Why to use a VPN-

  • To Bypass Content Restrictions - Undoubtedly the most popular use of a VPN is to bypass any content restrictions. Many public Internet connections block certain websites which use too many data such as torrents etc to keep there connection fast enough, or it can be your boss blocking Facebook in your office computer so you concentrate on your work. you can easily bypass any such restriction and access your favourite website by using a VPN.
  • Keeping yourself secure in a public connection - In today's world there are lots of free public Internet connections made available by government, which is a good thing in my opinion but at the same time using Public internet means all your data will be available for anyone else who is using the same connection,  so by using a VPN you can keep your data secure.
  • Other uses - There are lots of other reasons for people to use a VPN, some of them are - to hide your identity details (ex - your IP address), to keep your important data secure while transferring them online and more.

How much buying a VPN service costs?

First question first - should you really pay for a VPN service? Well it depends, if you are just looking to surf Facebook or to use a VPN to download some files then there is a good free service I have listed below.

But be aware if there is any data which you can't afford getting stolen then you should definitely stay away from a free VPN and go for a good paid one. Normally a VPN service will cost you anywhere from 2$ to 15$ a month depending on your uses and for how long you buy it.

List of Best VPN providers for 2016

5. TorGuard VPN

Price - $9.99 monthly

As mentioned before a lots of people use Internet to download things using torrents, and this is the best VPN for such people. It's keeps your data safe while leeching and seeding all of those action movies.

However, it's not very good to keep you anonymous on the net. It does not block tracking services and has an old fashioned UI. Also it doesn't have any special privacy features to keep you secure.

4. F-Secure Freedome VPN

Price - $49.99 yearly.

For those folks looking for browsing Internet without affecting their surfing speed while using a VPN, this is one of the best you will find. Other features include a good UI and many server location options.

However it has its fair share of problems with it too. It's not for the ones looking to download heavy files, also there is no monthly plan means you have to buy it for a full year whether you like it or not.

3. Golden Frog Vypr VPN

Price - $9.99 - $5 /month depending on different packages

It comes with a long list of security features. It has Multi-platform, multi-protocol support. NAT Firewall add-on provides extra security. And bingo! It has a Free version too although it's not recommended.

It supports only 3 devices with one pack even with the highest tier. Also even after the long list of security features, it has limited features to choose from.

2. Tor

Price - Free

As promised, I am mentioning the best free VPN service available on Internet. You can get the idea of its success from the fact that time to time many people have declared prizes for someone who can break tor's privacy, but no one has won any of them in my knowledge.

There are different apps available for all the famous Operating systems such as Android and Windows, and it's the best app in my knowledge to keep your identity secure on Internet. However it makes your Internet connection almost 40% slower which is why it's not on the top.

1. Private Internet Access

Price - $6.95/month

Undoubtedly the best VPN provider for 2016 is Private Internet Access. They offer everything you need to keep yourself safe on the Internet while surfing your favourite websites.

And what better? There speed is undoubtedly the best in class. Unlike other providers with whom you have to suffer to even load a page, you can watch a whole Netflix series with them and we bet you won't feel disappointed.

Final Words

So end of another one of our articles are written to provide you the best and the most accurate piece of knowledge from Internet. We write these articles for you so we love to hear from you too. So do comment on this post if you have anything to tell or ask.

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