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Monday 7 November 2016

Adnow Review : Best Adsense alternative to monetize your website

Ad networks are developing day by day making publishers and advertisers be at a really good benefiting position. Many prefer Google adsense over other ad networks but if for some reason your Adsense gets banned or your websites are not getting selected by the Google Adsense then there is nothing to get dejected : there are various other ad networks which are waiting for you and welcoming you with both their open hands. One of them is AdNow.Though AdNow is relatively new in the market but high growth rate along with comparatively better CPC rates gives it a much needed edge among its competitors and this leads to make AdNow the best alternative to Google adsense for the users. Just like Propeller ads is the best for pop up ads and RevenueHits is the best for sales ads similarly AdNow is the best for CPC ads without a doubt. But pop up ads make your website look spammy and in all possibilities it gives negative impression to the viewers. Sales ads are really hard to earn through so CPC ad is the best choice for beginners and an easy choice for the experts. Another advantage of using AdNow is that it recognizes your niche easily and puts really suitable and efficient ads and also gives good results in authority websites.
Adnow Review : Best Adsense alternative to monetize your website
Adnow Review : Best Adsense alternative to monetize your website

AdNow: What is it?

AdNow is basically an advertising agency founded in 2014. It is one of the fastest growing ad networks. Adnow arrived in the market as an advertising network with energetic combination of ideas in digital advertising, big data and RTB of its founding members who are computing genius. This is the best combination to attract new clients and users as everyone is expected to be in profitable position with this. It basically provides widget based ads which can be easily used in any websites by any person with ease as it does not require any rocket science to put its widgets in one’s website. It provides the best rates for the bloggers who look to monetize their website with some native ads and get some money for their pocket. You can discover the experience of real publishers as well as get answers on your questions by visiting the official thread of Adnow on Digital Point Forum - .

Key features of AdNow

When we talk about something we must prove how it is and why we like or dislike it by critically reviewing their key features. So, there are the most amazing key features of Adnow which we should go through to establish our point of AdNow being the best Google adsense alternative. The key features are:
1. Traffic monetization can be done globally-
AdNow is one of the few ad network company which allows users to target any audience globally so that the audience need not worry about targeting specific geographic or demographic location unlike the users of other ad networks which do not work globally.
2. Adnow is the best Google Adsense alternative-
There was a time when you had to worry and be tensed when you did not get registered in Google adsense or you got banned unfortunately but now with arrival of many ad networks you really have a choice to choose any ad networks but due to the highly systematic and technical modeling one should prefer AdNow above other Google adsense alternatives without any doubt or confusion in his mind.
3. Weekly payment-
AdNow has easy and preferable weekly payment method unlike many other ad network agencies and the minimum threshold of releasing payment is just 20 US dollars. This gives AdNow the most necessary advantage over many other ad network agencies which prefer to provide monthly or bi weekly payment releasing structure to their users. The payment can be received through bank wire transfer or Paypal whichever is preferable and eaiser for the publisher depending up on the choice of the publisher.
4. One of the highest CPM providing ad network-
As a highly respected and client centric ad network company AdNow provides one of the best CPC rates among the ad network companies. This makes it one of the favourite choice among the ad network users.
5. Catchy ad format
AdNow is one of the proficient ad network company which prefers widget based advertising style over other styles. The sponsored content it displays are the ones related to the content in website which increases the chance of getting clicked by the visitors and get paid more and more with ease and less problematic issues.
6. One of the best customer support
AdNow is one of the best ad network when it comes to supporting publishers. It provides easy and quick support without any complication or hesitation which makes it look more customer centric without a single piece of doubt.
7. Availability of referral program
AdNow like other top ad networks has referral program for its publishers. One can get highly appreciable 5 percent referral commission per single referring which sounds like icing on the cake for AdNow users and gives them a reason to stay with it. It can be considered highly beneficial bonus for its users.
As we see the highly efficient methods and features used by this ad network company we cannot turn our eyes away from it. It gives publishers the benefits which shows that they do not consider their publisher as a mere business source but regard them highly as they should have regarded their high stake holding business partners. Their grounded approach of support stands as a proof of this approach by them. With availability of each and every necessary key features this ad network is next to Google adsense and may be considered sometimes better than Google adsense when it comes to customer support. The weekly payment and low threshold amount also gives this ad network company a much needed edge to compete and establish in ad network market with ease without many troubling hurdles. Though the final choice is with you but we would suggest that you should once try AdNow because not for nothing this is being considered as the best alternative ad networks to Google adsense.


Thursday 5 May 2016

How To Increase Adsense CPC to Double Your Earnings

You may know lots of bloggers who spend day and night working but still struggle to make little money, and there are bloggers who spent their days enjoying and having fun and still make more money than others.

Want to know the secret? It's CPC.

CPC or cost per click is the money Adsense or any other Ad network pays when someone clicks on the ad you have placed on your site.

But how does it connects with the party-junkie Money making blogger? Let me explain. 

Let's say you and your rival have a site about food. And your average CPC is $0.05 and your rival blogger has a CPC of $.50. That means the money you'll earn from 10 clicks ($0.05 x 10 = $ 0.50), your rival will earn it in just one click (1 x $ 0.50 = $ 0.50).

It means your rival will have to do only 1/10th of work to earn the same money as you. Cool isn't it? And if he can have a higher CPC then why can't you? 

We believe everyone should be earning according to their hard work. That's why today we have brought you a handful of methods to increase your CPC Naturally. 

This guide includes methods for both people who are looking to start a new site and people who already own one. 
How To Increase Adsense CPC
How To Increase Adsense CPC

How to increase your CPC?

Increasing your CPC is not a tweak that can be done in a day, rather than it's a series of things you need to do for a month or so and your CPC will increase slowly. 

So we have made a list of methods you can try one by one to and each one of them increases your earnings a little, if used correctly together, they will give you an unimaginable boost in your earnings-

Method 1- Choose the correct Niche

If you haven't started your blog yet or you are looking to start a new one, then you should concentrate on Niche selection more than anything else. 

Top bloggers have suggested that they spend more than 1/4th or their time in finding the right Niche and Keywords. And believe me, it does pay off.

Google shows ads according to the content in your Web page and they are directly related to your Niche. If you select a good high paying Niche then your CPC would automatically be higher than other low paying niches, hence, you will automatically earn more. 

People who choose Adsense to show their ads are only ready to pay as much as they can afford. 

Because of this, Niches which are directly related to selling things such as phone accessories and computer parts automatically have high CPC and niches which do not sell anything like dating. 

But don't get too excited, high CPC also means that the competition for that niche will also be higher and you'll need more money and time to rank for that keyword, so be sure to choose a niche which pays more but also the one that has low competition. 

Pro tip- if you are only able to find high CPC but high competition niches, then try to think a relative keyword. For example, if competition for Captain America T-Shirts are too high then you can try to make a blog about Captain America socks and you'll still have a fair amount of high CPC ads related to the T-Shirts. 

Method 2. Choose (and do not choose) the right keywords

How many times it has been said that you should choose the highest paying keywords? But still you end up having a low CPC.

And the culprit is the same- keywords. People often forget that Google's algorithm to choose the perfect ads for your site is more or less a robot. So if have used the high paying keyword once but there are 5-6 more low paying keywords in the same post then it's more likely that you will have low CPC.

So while choosing keywords for your post, do add necessary keywords required for ranking but also keep in mind that you have to eliminate low paying keywords from your post before publishing. 

If you have already published your post with low CPC keywords then you should edit your post and remove the unnecessary low paying keywords. 

Method 3. Block Unnecessary ad categories

By default, Adsense shows User Based ads means they show the ads that are most likely to be clicked by the user rather than which are related to your website to your site.

For example, if a user has previously clicked on an ad related to dating (which is a low CPC niche, remember?) And then he opens your site then it's most likely that Adsense will show ads about dating on your site too, doesn't matter what your site topic is.

But don't worry, Adsense also gives you the power to turn this off. Just open your Adsense account, go to the Allow & block ads tabs and select the Ad serving option. There uncheck the 'Show user based ads' option and you are done. 

Other tweaks

Above mentioned three techniques play the most crucial role in showing high paying ads on your blog, but still there are numerous other small tips and tricks to increase your Adsense CPC. So we have made a list of such tweaks which you can use and increase Adsense CPC -

  1. Use responsive ads to make sure your ads are attractive enough on all platforms, especially smartphones. 
  2. Try to get more traffic from high paying countries like US and UK.
  3. Use text and Image ads instead of only text ads. Also, follow the Adsense heat map and avoid using all the available ad spots, Instead place ads on 1-2 places which give you the most CTR.
  4. Avoid fake clicks/low-quality clicks which don't become conversions. It triggers Google Smart Pricing and your earnings will drop drastically. 
  5. Keep experimenting!!

Wrap up

Doesn't matter how much the online world changes, few things remain the same. And choosing the right Keyword/Ad combination is one of them. 

So start spending more time on choosing the best keywords for you to earn more money. And do tell us your experience about increasing Adsense CPC in the comment section.

Thursday 7 April 2016

Best Adsense alternatives for Indian Publishers

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the King of all Advertising networks. It's the largest ad network in the world and there is almost no competition for them in this field.

But that doesn't mean that they are perfect. Recently they have started making policies that favour Advertisers more than publishers. Studies suggest that Google only pays 38% of profit share to its publishers which is pretty low.

That's why people have started moving towards different ad networks. But finding a good Adsense alternative isn't easy. The big brand name of Google means that any of the new ad networks find it very difficult to find there ground in front of the tech giant.

But still there are a handful of ad networks available who are still in the competition. So today we have brought you a list of best Adsense alternatives to use in 2016
 Best Adsense alternatives for Indian Publishers

List of Best Adsense alternatives for publishers

10. Yllix Media

Yllix media
Yllix media

Yllix media is often mentioned everywhere as a good adsense alternative. They have very clean ads and high cpc that's why publishers see them as a good Adsense alternative.

Yllix media Features

  1. Minimum payout - $1 (PayPal & Payza), $100 (Bank Wire)
  2. Payment frequency - weekly
  3. Payment methods - PayPal, Payza, Bank Wire
  4. Ad types - CPM, CPC, CPA, Slider, PopUp

9. Chitika


Chitika is a Ad network based at Westborough, MA and serves non-contextual advertising. Non contextual means they do not filter their ads according to your keywords. Adsense is a contextual ad network so this makes them a good choice as a Adsense Alternative.

Chitika features

  1. Minimum payout - $10( PayPal)
  2. Ad type - Display, In-line Text. (Both cpc)
  3. Payment menthods- Check and PayPal.
  4. Payment frequency -Net-30.

8. BuySellAds


Many people neglect direct advertising networks while looking for a Adsense alternative but believe me it's one of the best of all ways for monetizing your blog. BuySellAds is the biggest platform for directly selling ad spaces on your blog. It has a reputation of being one of the highest paying ad networks.

BuySellAds features 

  1. Ad Types: Display, Sponsored Tweets, Email.
  2. Payment Methods - Check, PayPal, Wire.
  3. Payment Frequency: Within 2-3 days on demand.
  4. Minimum Payout -$20 (PayPal) $50 (check) $500 (wire)

7. Infolinks


There is no adsense alternative list that can be completed without adding Infolinks. There offer a unique type of ads named Infold, intag and in-text. They have a good reputation for always paying on time to publishers so you should definitely try them out.

Infolinks features 

  1. Minimum payout - $50 (PayPal)
  2. Payment frequency - net 45
  3. Payment methods - PayPal
  4. Ad types - in fold, in tag, in text

6. PopCash

Popcash is the only pop under ad network I have added into this Adsense Alternative list and believe me they are worth it. They offer instant approval for all publishers means you can start making money within minutes. Another great thing about them is they offer Daily payment means almost no wait to get your money.

PopCash features 

  1. Ad type - pop-under
  2. Payment methods - Paypal, Paxum, Payza
  3. Payment frequency - Dailly
  4. Minimum payout - $10

5. HeroCPM


Now hero CPM is a relatively new ad network in this list but it's slowly building it's reputation as a good ad network and it's looks like they are here for the long race. That's why I have included them as a possible Adsense alternative In this list. They are new but still they accept worldwide traffic which is a real good thing. They also have a referral programme you will have multiple options to make money.

HeroCPM features

  1. Minimum payout - $5
  2. Payment methods - PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer
  3. Payment frequency - every 2nd week
  4. Ad types - Banner Ads, Pop Up Ads, Pop Under Ads(all cpm)

4. Adcash


Adcash has picked up the old school affiliate ad approach and added some Morden techniques to it to create a new type of revenue system. They pay you in a eCPM model means you get paid for every view as well as every click. The only problem with them is their minimum payout is quite high for new publishers.

Adcash features

  1. Payment methods - PayPal, Skrill, Web money, Payoneer, Wire transfer
  2. Payment frequency - net 30
  3. Minimum payment - £100
  4. Ad types - banners of different sizes

3. Rev content

Rev content

Rev Content is the only ad network listed on this Adsense Alternative list which has very high requirements to accept your blog. They even proudly say that they reject 98% applications that comes to them. Time has changed and people have gone smarter, thus the ctr has dropped very much because people now avoid clicking on ads that look suspicious, Rev content solves that problem with their native ads that look just like content. If you have a well established blog then you should definitely try this.

Rev Content features

  1. Minimum payout - $50 (PayPal)
  2. Payment methods - PayPal
  3. Payment frequency - Net 30
  4. Ad type - Native Advertisement

2. Amazon associates

Previously affiliate networks such as amazon were only good for sites based on a specific niche. You had to choose a product for display and pray that customers will like it and buy it. But now Amazon has changed this approach with their Amazon Associates programme. They are now offering contextual ads which means you just have to put the ad code and they show the best things available to buy related to your keywords. And bonus if someone clicks on your ad for something and then buys something completely different then you still get paid for it.

Amazon associates features

  1. Payment frequency - Net 60
  2. Payment methods - check,  Amazon gift cards, direct bank transfer
  3. Minimum Payment - different from country to country, for India it's currently ₹2500

1. Revenue Hits


Ohk you can make a lot more money with Amazon Associates then adsense but they are not really a direct competition to Adsense. They do not pay you per click and there aren't much choices of niche available while making a amazon based site. A perfect adsense alternative should come with all the features required so you can use it just in place of adsense and earn the same (or more) money from it. And Revenue Hits is the top choice for anyone who is looking for a real adsense alternative.

Revenue hits features

  1. Minimum payout- $50 (PayPal) Payoneer (Min $20) Wire transfer ($500 and above).
  2. Payment methods - PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer
  3. Payment frequency - Net 30
  4. Ad types - Display & Rich Media,  Text Ads, Pop Ups/Unders, Apps & Widgets, XML Feeds ( CPA and CPM based

Final Words

If you like to experiment with your blog then you should definitely try to use some of these Adsense alternatives with your blog. And don't forget to tell us your experience with these ad networks in the comments.


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