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Wednesday 28 December 2016

How to Fix "google maps not working"

How to fix google maps not working?

Google maps is a very popular application used by many people for location based services today. Google has been updating the application from time to time in order to add more and more features constantly. It is one of the most used android application generally preferred by travellers. Even daily commuters seek the help of Google maps in order to explore new places. But sometimes the application fails to respond in many Android and desktop services due to some technical issues. We will therefore explore on the ways in which we can fix google maps.
How to Fix "google maps not working" ?
How to Fix "google maps not working" ?

To actually understand how to solve the issue we need to consider the reasons behind these issues. This will help to guess where the exact problem might lie and help in correcting it.
Hence the issue can be classified into three broad categories:
  1. The issue can be specific to the application you are loading. For example a recent update might have caused some unintended changes in the actual workings of the app.
  2. Access denial issues such as ‘Access is denied’ error messages indicate that your location cannot be accessed by Google Maps right now.
  3. And the last one is browser issues. Many times the browser is at fault which produces old cache data even when the applications have started working properly.
The first issue we will be looking at is ‘Google Maps not loading’ error message. This error occurs in a number of devices and sometimes even on the web browser. So in order to troubleshoot this issue we can follow a couple of steps.
  1. Google chrome browser :
->Open settings
-> Scroll down to ‘Show advanced settings’
-> Scroll to ‘Location’ and select the option “Ask when a site tries to track the physical location”
-> Be sure that “” has a permission to access your location.

  1. Firefox browser:
Type the url ‘
-> Click on lock icon and go to more information
-> On the Permissions tab and under ‘access your location’ click allow.

  1. Safari browser:
Click on Preferences at the top right corner
-> Click on ‘Privacy’ and ‘Prompt for every website for one time’
-> Select your country version in Google Maps
-> Click on the ‘GPS-like’ icon
-> Check on the prompted option ‘Remember my decision and don’t ask again’
-> Click on ‘Allow’.

To troubleshoot this issue in the case of Android phone you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Restarting your phone is a simple solution and in many cases this solves the issue because the application might have stopped due to less memory problems.
  2. Another way is to clear app cache and dat. You can do this by going to settings and then find google maps under the applications heading. There is a simple clear cache button provided there
  3. When the above methods fail one might try reinstalling the app itself. This also helps in getting the latest version of the app.
These compilations of methods are handy in order to resolve the error quickly by yourselves. Do share with us if you find more interesting solutions.

Thursday 22 December 2016



Thursday 11 February 2016

How To Fix "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server" Error in playstore

As we know that Android is one of the top Mobile OS as compared to other Mobile Os. The reason is because of its  User Friendly and Easy to Use for all Users. Google Play store is the top Android market with millions of Apps and Games.Most of them are Free and some of them are paid to download and install.

It Doesn’t Mean that you will never Face any Error while using Android Phones.Sometimes while you may get an Error in Google Playstore while adding new google account which says “Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server Error”.If You open Google Play store You will directly Get an Error which says "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server Error.This could be a temporary problem or your SIM card may not be provisioned for data services.If it continues, call Customer Care".

So if you face this kind of error while adding New Account in your Android smartphone and want to get rid of it, then Do not worry because here in this article i am going to discuss About This Error and How to Fix it.
How To Fix "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server" Error in playstore
How To Fix "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server" Error in playstore

These are The Proven Ways By which You can Fix This Error.

#1)Method By Editing Hosts

If your Phone is rooted then Go for the First Method and Follow the Steps carefully.
1. To Solve This Error You must Root Your Device,For Rooting Refer This Guide
2. Now Download and Host Editor first.Click here to download
3. Launch Host Editor As shown in the screenshot.
This error can be fixed by putting # before the ip address.

hosts editor screenshot

5. Then click on the Second host as shown in the image below

6. Now click on # {toggle} symbol in the Option.
Finally done.Now open Google playstore and You will not see this Error Again.

#2)Method :Correct Date & Time

Be sure that your Phone's date and time is correct.This can also be reason for this error.
  1. Navigate To Settings and then go to Date & Time.
  2. Turn on option automatic date and time .
Your Phone's date and time must be accurate.Sometimes this may also cause this error.Go to Settings>Date&time set it manually or choose Automatically.

3.)Clear Cache Of Google Play Store:

This step works for many users.  Just follow the simple steps below:
1. First Go to settings.
2.Now Open “Apps” and then go to All Apps
3. Now search  for Google Play Store and open it.
4. Now press Clear Data button.Done


Now I am sure that You have Fix this error Properly.If you have followed the above guide carefully,then I'm sure that you have successfully fixed this "Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to the Server" Error in playstore. .But, if you still experience this error even after following this guide carefully,Feel Free to comment down below and we will try to solve your problem.

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