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Wednesday 22 June 2016

50+ High DA Websites To Increase your DA

Domain Authority is something that needs to be earned,not be receive by default.Domain authority of the website is one of the most important factors to be considered while getting backlinks.DA  is based on 3 factors : Popularity ,size, and Age.There are some Factors that you can influence to Increase your DA, however, there are also some factors which are not in your hands like Domain AGE.
50+ High DA Websites To Increase your DA
50+ High DA Websites To Increase your DA

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a score by Moz ranging from 0-100 , which predicts that how well a website will rank in the SERP's.High Domain Authority means the high power of your domain name.
For example, A website with Domain Authority 35 will Rank high in Search Engines than those websites with low DA.

So Today we have brought you a list of Websites that will help you to increase your Domain Authority.

Twitter is one of the major social networking site with DA 100.Create your Profile on twitter and add your website in your profile.By this way you can Get a backlink from twitter Easily.

Facebook is world's largest social networking site with billions of users.Getting a backlink from facebook is too easy,Signup on facebook and add your site in profile details.

Linkedin,the most popular business-oriented networking has a domain authority of 100.So getting a backlink from linkedin will help you to increase your DA.

Pinterest is one of the largest Photo sharing social media website.While creating your profile you can easily put your website link and Get a backlink.You can also Do it later by editting your Profile.

Youtube is one of the most popular Video sharing website with Domain authority of 100.
Youtube allows you to put a link back while creating a Youtube channel.
Reddit is one of the popular social bookmarking website that allows you to share your website news and many more exciting features.
This is one of my favorite website to get high quality traffic.Stumbleupon is a website which allows you to surf any random sites added by stumblers/users  based on your interests.It has about 12 million users.Submit your site to stumbleupon and enjoy traffic.
Delicious is also one of the popular social bookmarking website with Domain Authority of 98.Delicious allows you to add your website link in your profile along with a short Description.
Being owned by facebook,Instagram allows you to share your photos.It also allows users to add a website in their profile.So you can easily get a backlink from Instagram with DA of 97.
Disqus is now replacing wordpress default comment system as is emerging as one of the biggest commenting system.Disqus allows you to add a website's link to your profile.

Here is the list of 40 More such websites with High DA.

  1. DA-100
  2. DA-98
  3. DA-97
  4. DA-97
  5. DA-92
  6. DA-93
  7. DA-94
  8. DA-92
  9. DA -92
  10. DA-92
  11. DA-90
  12. DA-92
  13. DA-89
  14. DA-88
  15. DA-86
  16. DA-86
  17. DA-86
  18. DA-75
  19. DA -78
  20. DA-79
  21. DA-85
  22. DA-72
  23. DA-72
  24. DA-70
  25. DA-33
  26. DA-66
  27. DA-44
  28. DA-55
  29. DA-67
  30. DA-45
  31. DA-25
  32. DA-51
  33. DA-81
  34. DA-57
  35. DA-84
  36. DA-76
  37. DA-83
  38. DA-40
  39. DA-82
  40. DA-85

Wrap UP 

So this was our post on Websites To Increase Domain Authority. Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box


Sunday 19 June 2016

Top 10 SEO optimized fast loading blogger templates

After reaching the first page of Google, ranking your blog becomes more about on page SEO then off page SEO.

Things like site loading speed, bounce rate etc become very important as Google wants to provide the best results possible. So whoever wins in the terms of quality also wins the SERP battle.

However lots of bloggers don't keep this in mind while creating their blog, they choose blog designs which are fancy but very slow to load and hard to navigate, and then they wonder why they are stuck in the 2nd position.

That's why today we have brought you a list of 10 best blogger templates which are also fast loading to ensure the best result.

Top 10 SEO optimized fast loading blogger templates
Top 10 SEO optimized fast loading blogger templates

Top 10 SEO optimized fast loading blogger templates

1.THESIS SEO V3 Fast Loading Blogger Template

SEO Thesisv3
SEO Thesisv3

SEO Thesis is superfast loading Blogger template.It is perfect For News magazine and Personal blogs. It has many features like Fast Loading, SEO Friendly,Responsive, Visitor Friendly, Dynamic heading, Auto read more Function. 


  1. FAST Loading 
  2. SEO Friendly 
  3. Responsive Design 
  4. Auto READ MORE function 
  5. Mobile Friendly


2.Fast Edition Blogger Template

Fast Edition blogger Template
Fast Edition blogger Template

Fast Edition blogger Template is very Fast loading blogger template.


  1. SEO optimized 
  2. Mobile Friendly 
  3. Adsense Friendy 
  4. Social Media Sharing Buttons 
  5. FAST loading


Resizable Blogger template
Resizable Blogger template

Resizable is another fast loading template with highly Responsive design and awesome features.Resizable is the perfect template for news site,blogs, and magazine.It has super cooled Social media sharing buttons. 


  1. SEO optimized 
  2. Adsense Friendly
  3. Social Media sharing buttons 
  4. Fast Loading 
  5. Mobile Friendly



4.Supreme V2

SupremeV2 blogger template
SupremeV2 blogger template

It is the second version of Supreme blogger template which loads faster than the previous version.It  has a cool looking design with awesome popular post widget and Footer widgets.


  1. SEO Optimized 
  2. Adsense Friendly 
  3. Mobile Friendly 
  4. Responsive
  5.  Fast loading 
  6. Stylish Related Post widget 
  7. Stylish Popular Post widget




Neo Responsive V2
Neo Responsive V2

Neo Responsive V2 is very fast loading SEO optimized and Responsive Blogger Template.It is perfect For Personal Magazine Sites.It looks cool with an awesome font,Custom 404 Page,Subscribe Mail Widget and much more.


  1. SEO optimized
  2.  Superfast Loading 
  3. Cool looking 
  4. Awesome Font 
  5. Flat Subscribe Mail Widget
  6.  Mobile Friendly 
  7. Post by Label Widget 
  8. Social Widget 
  9. Adsense Friendly



6. News pro

Tech shadow
News Pro blogger template

News pro is one of the best templates when it comes to having a simple but effective design, yes there are many different templates which are simple but they fail to create the classy look News Pro provides.

Whenever someone asks me to suggest them any simple and effective blogger templates which they can use on their niche or micro niche blog then I suggest them News Pro without thinking twice. However, the only problem is that the developer hasn't introduced a responsive version of the template yet meaning you'll have to use any of the default blogger templates for mobile.



7. Tech Shadow

Tech shadow
Tech shadow

Technology is probably the largest niche containing the most number of blogs in comparison to any niche, to become a blogger you need to be tech friendly so most of the bloggers start their websites as a tech blog owner.

And when it comes to tech blog templates which are fast enough, there is probably no better template than Tech Shadow. Yes, the design is a bit outdated but it still fits the needs of a tech blog. After all, if I open a blog to read a review about a fridge or tv, and it looks like a page 3 blog filled with colors and sneaky widgets, then it's most likely that I'll hit the back button as soon as possible.



8. Elice

Elice Blogger Template
Elice Blogger Template

In their first few years of blogging, people often neglect other kinds of income sources and concentrate only on Adsense, while this strategy is good for making money in a short span, you'll slowly realize that in long term affiliate marketing is far better.

However unlike Adsense, affiliate marketing demands a more personal relationship with each one of your customers, and creating email lists is one of the best ways of doing so. That's why Elice gives you a very powerful 'subscribe via email' widget, which helps you to make a strong relationship with your customer in the long term.

Apart from this, the template is simple and classy to help you maintain your blog's brand image.



9. Sensational


If you are really keen on making your blog fancy, but still want it to load fast, then Sensational is probably the best option for you.

It's best If you are looking to make a multi-niche blog, or your niche covers lots of topics because all magazine style templates contain multiple javascript and long CSS codes which make your site incredibly slow.

However Sensational has the minimum number of scripts which gives a boost to your page speed and the multi-colored look allows you to enjoy a magazine-alike feel.



10. Gordon


And finally, the best templates are those which only need to be downloaded once and then you don't need to look out for any other template ever again.

It's almost impossible to believe how beautifully this template is made. The two main colors in black and white often make any template dull, however here they make the web page look extremely lively and you can use it on any niche you like. Plus the qualities like responsive design and a simple yet catchy sidebar makes it the best on the list.



Wrap up

Which one of these templates you liked the most? Do you know any better templates which deserve to be a part of this list? Do let us know in the comments box.


Tuesday 3 May 2016

How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide

Backlink. If you  have decided to become a blogger, then this word is probably going to be the most important word of your future life. 

You gonna spend your days building backlinks and your nights thinking about them. And your mind won't be able to stop thinking about it in the times in between.

But what the heck backlink even is? And why it is so important? And how do you build them? Well, we have collected the answer for you in this ultimate guide to build backlinks.
How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide
How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide

What is backlink?

Backlinks are links coming from any other site or any other page from your own site coming to a Webpage. 

In simple words when any other site has a link to your site on their own web page, then it's considered a backlink. For example, if a site has a page about backlinks and for better understanding they mention the link of this article which you are reading, then it will be considered a backlink for this site.

Why are backlinks so important?

So now you know what is a backlink. But why are backlinks so important? Let me explain. 

In order to earn any money from your website, you need real people to visit your site. Anybody who visits your site is called a visitor. 

Now the easiest and the largest way of getting a visitors for your website is ranking your page in Google. Google page ranks are decided by the reputation of the site.

And in order to earn a reputation for your site, you need backlinks from other sites. All these backlinks are relative. Means the amount of trust the site which gives you a backlink has, the more trusted your site will become. 

Another word you should learn is Link Juice. Link juice is a meter for measuring the amount of trust the other site is giving you. 

If a site is giving you a backlink but it's not passing any link juice then the link is of no use. And if you get a single backlink from a site which passes more link juice from 100 other backlinks from other sites, then that one backlink will be more valuable than other hundred backlinks.

Make Quality Backlinks

Backlink Doesn't matters,Quality matters.
When search engine like Google calculates the relevance of a site to a keyword, they consider number of quality backlinks Pointing to that site.

Backlinks Quality is determined through several methods. When a website links to your site related to your niche,then such inbound links are considered to more relevant. 

On the other hand,If inbound backlinks are found on websites with other niche(unrelated contents), then it is considered to be less relevant. 

In other words,higher the relevance of inbound links, greater is the quality.

For example, if you have a blog related to Apple and you created a link from other website related to apples, then it will be considered more relevant as a  search engine's assessment than a link from a site about mangoes. 

This is very Important Factor for Search Engine optimiziation because many search engines give more importance to websites that has a good number of high quality backlinks and it considers those websites more relevant than other website's in their Search engine results pages for a search query.

Avoid Building Low Quality Backlinks.

  1. Websites deindexed by Google
  2. Websites penalized by Google
  3. Websites with duplicated content
  4. Websites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines
  5. Websites totally banned by Google
  6. Websites with bad neighborhood (sites linking to low quality sites).

Guide of Building Backlinks

So now you have enough knowledge about backlinks. Now is the time to actually learn how to create backlinks. There are numerous ways to build backlinks and we have listed all of them with the possible blog type you should use them for. 

However, links which pass very less link juice are also important for your site. Do follow Backlinks are links which tell Google that the site wants to pass its reputation to the other site. And no follow links are the ones that tell that the backlink giving site does not want Google to associate its reputation with the other site.

1. Guest Posting

The first way of building backlinks are by guest posting, lots of sites offer to give a backlink for a written post. To get a backlink by guest posting, you need to find a blog which gives backlinks for posts. 

You can find such blogs by searching on Google. Once you find a blog which allows guest posts for links, you have to write a good post related to the topic of that site and then send it to the owner requesting him a link.

Best for- Long term blogs, niche blogs

2. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is another good way of getting valuable links for your blog. You have your site associated with your profile, so when you comment on any other site using that profile, it gives you a link.

Blog comment links do not give you much link juice so you'll need lots of such links to make a difference. 

Best for- Long Term blogs(not recommended), Niche blogs, event blogs

3. Directory Submission

Looking for easy backlinks? Directory submission is the way. These directory websites work like a telephone directory, but instead of telephone numbers they keep the record of websites. 

You can find such sites via Google and then submit your site for review. Once it's reviewed by the admin, he will add it into the directory by creating a page for it and you'll get a link from it.

Best for- Event blogs, Niche blogs

4. Infographic submission

Just like blog directories, there are lots of sites where you can submit self-made Infographics and get a link from it.

All you have to do is find such sites using Google, then create a good Infographic and submit it there. Mention your site in the description box and you got an easy link. 
Below are some websites where you can submit your infographics: (PR7) PR5) (PR4) (PR3)

Best for- Event blogs, Niche blogs

5. Bought Links

Lots of bloggers hesitate to accept it, but yes people do buy links for their blog. Getting a link from big sites with high authority(trust) can literally boost your SEO rankings. 

But most such sites do not sell links. Instead, you can contact their writers and pay them for getting a link. One such link can cost you from $50 to $500 dollars and even more. 

Another example of buying links are paid reviews. People who have launched a new service. They want to rank their website as well as advertise their product. So they pay blog owners to post a review about their product and insert a link to their web page in the review. 

Best for- Long term brand blogs 

6. Web 2.0 links

Links from sites which are based on a sub domain and hosted for free are called web 2.0 links. Blogspot sites are the prime example of such site.

And yes let other people say what they want to say, if a 2.0 blog has good authority than a link coming from them will definitely affect your rankings. People mostly build some web 2.0 blogs by themselves to get a link from them for their main blog.

Best for- Authority blogs

7. Forum links

Methods such as guest posting are secure for long term blogs but they are too time-consuming. Don't worry forum links are there to make the save.

Question answer forums such as quora allow you to add your blog link in your profile. And when you answer any question, you get a link for it. They are considered the most secure way of getting free links. 

There are lots of forums on different topics so you can choose them according to your blog niche.

Best for- long term blogs, authority blogs

8. PBN links

Probably the most guarded secret in all of the blogging world. Yes, they do exist and almost all of the big bloggers have their own set of blogs with medium authority. 

They are mostly only built for keywords which have very high CPC. And if Google catches one of them, then they'll punish all the blogs. So be very careful with them.

Mostly people who want to rank for a very tough keyword build a series of blogs in the same niche. And then they give links from all those blogs to their main blog to rank it.

People also build multi-niche networks to dominate multiple niches. But getting authority for such blogs will be harder and more time consuming. 

Best for- Blogs looking to rank for high competition keywords such as motor Insurance. 

9. Respond to questions on Quora

This is the best and foremost way to attract the attention of the online users towards your business and services.Quora is hub of people's looking for help. All you have to do is search for keywords related to your industry, and you will see many questions related to your keyword.
Answer the question, and if there is a specific post or article written on your blog that helps the question,then you can link to it.
Best For -Long Term blogs.

10.Submit website to websites Feedback site's.

There are number of websites on internet that are designed to help you to get feedback on your blog layout/theme.And you san easily get a high quality backlink to your website.
For. example

Wrap up

These were the prime techniques people use to get backlinks for their blogs. But as I always say- Experiment is the key. So keep experimenting and keep looking for new link building opportunities. 
if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment box.

Tuesday 1 March 2016

5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon

Hello Friends,Today Blogging has turned into a full time business that you can choose as a carrier to earn money.
After creating a blog,the main problem come in blogger's mind is "how to Get huge traffic".So Today in this post I will share some Effective ways to increase Traffic with stumbleupon.
Guys If you want to get a huge amount of traffic, then one of the greatest sources is
5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon
5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon

So After moving to the topic we must know About stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon is a website which allows you to surf any random sites added by stumblers/users  based on your interests.It has about 12 million users.
 In other words,stumbleupon is a web discovery Engine which finds best Content/articles based on your interests.

As you know that web has grown enormously in recent Couple of years.
There are number of websites in the web with so many interesting topics and information which is practically impossible for anyone to know. So, StumbleUpon provides you such random websites and interesting articles. 

Things to Know Before Getting started with stumble upon.

  • Set up your Profile picture on Stumbleupon.Don't Get started without a proper profile picture.
  • Make sure that use only one StumbleUpon account. Creating multiple accounts on stumbleupon is against it's Terms of Service.
  • Make sure You spend some time on stumble upon.
  • At last,Don't forget to add a StumbleUpon badge or button to your blog/website articles.Adding a badge increase more chance to get your post viral on Stumbleupon.


Top 10 Secrets To Improve And Boost Your Alexa Rank Within 10 Days

Below are The some of the effective ways to Get traffic with stumbleupon.

1.) Add a StumbleUpon Badge to your blog/website

Stumbleupon upon has a share plugin which allows users to add your content to Stumbleupon.With this SU badge,Users can add your website to stumbleupon.

If you want to increase chances of your content to get viral on SU, the best way is to add a StumbleUpon badge to your website/blog articles. You can easily grab the coding of badge for your blog/website from here. You can easily integrate it with Blogger,wordpress, TypePad,etc.
Make sure to make easier for the people to stumble your content,this will increase your chances to get your content stumbled.

2)Become a Stumbler.

You won’t be capable of using stumbleupon efficiently unless  you become a stumbler. If this word is new to you, to “stumble” it simply means to find out internet pages with the aid of clicking the stumbleupon button displayed on bottom bar in Stumble upon App.The more you stumble and vote other's articles,better results you will see on your articles.

Stumbleupon will supply articles,photographs,etc based on your interest you have chosen while signing up your account. You’ll then get to vote on whether or not you want the ones hints or now not.
Spend Times to Stumbleupon to get increase your chances to get quality traffic to Stumbleupon

As you will be using stumbleupon to promote your personal blog articles in hopes of getting traffic, you must stumble and vote other's pages which is  similar to your content material.

 This gives your content a chance to emerge as a part of a chain response, in which many stumblers will share it with other top rated stumblers.

3.) Submit Content to stumbleupon Strategically.

After you have joined stumbleupon, don’t just begin submitting all of your content and not anything else.

Don't Be A spammer:
In 50:50 proportionality,You must also submit Others content material from any other resources than your own to avoid being you like a self-promotional spammer.

The main point of stumbleupon is to accumulate content in its series that adds value to the network. This will keep you in precise standing in line with their terms of service and it will add credibility to you within the network.

This may be very useful in building relationships with the community to share your own content material.

4.)Create Interesting Content/webpages

The most important thing to stumbleupon fulfillment is having a Great content with very clear webpage.You must always Create Content that StumbleUpon Users Like,So  if you don’t grab their attention in  just a second, they will be on the next one.

Below are the topics which you can create to attract visitors to Stumbleupon.

Lists – Many people love lists So create a content that contains a list of Any.
For example:
  1. List of usefull website to visit daily
  2. List of killer websites that every programmers must visit
  3. List of important websites that Everyone must know.
  4. List of bloggers from India 
  5. Best list of apps that everybody must download

Tutorials:Create tutorials of any Interesting Topics,How-to's,etc.

Movies – unique, informational stimulating videos from youtube or any other video networks.

Infographics – stumbleupon is one of the special networks which loves infographics.

For me, It was "Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location,Operator And Owner's Name". This article got 9K+ stumbles in just 3 Days and it's still counting.

5)Try Stumbleupon's paid discovery

Stumbleupon has several advertising plans available in StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery.Sometimes you are not satisfied Or maybe you certainly don’t have the time to watch for natural discovery.

Basically, you pay to get your links featured to stumbleupon individuals. The higher the engagement you need along with your target audience, the more price you need pay to Stumbleupon.

The satisfactory thing comes with paid discovery is that it sends visitors directly in your website, whereas with social networks like facebook advertising, you buy a small advert and wish that people will see it.
If your webpage doesn't violate any terms and conditions of Stumbleupon then you can pick any of three plans provided by them.


Stumbleupon is a great social tool for Bloggers/Developers for driving huge quality traffic to Blog/website.The main thing is that you need to spend more time with Stumbleupon by stumbling,liking others Contents,Following people's,Etc.It is not a one day process you need to have patience to achieve much success in Stumbleupon.

So If you really liked this Article then feel free to express your views about this article .


Saturday 23 January 2016

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