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Thursday 14 March 2019

FonePaw Screen Recorder: Record Computer Screen with Audio and Webcam

FonePaw Screen Recorder: Record Computer Screen with Audio and Webcam

Want to upload and share some fantastic game playing moments with your friends? Need to demonstrate some tutorials to others? Feel inconvenient when you want to download some videos but the website does not provide built-in download feature? A screen recorder appears when you have the above needs.

There are many options for screen recorder in the market, and today we are going to review FonePaw Screen Recorder. It is a screen recorder for Windows and Mac computer to capture video, audio and screenshot.

FonePaw Screen Recorder provides many features and we are going to test the below three basic features for the recorder today. More feature introduction will be presented at the end of the article. These three main features are as per below:

  • Easily record screen activities and webcam video in HD.
  • Snapshot for the desktop and add annotation to it.
  • Simultaneously record with audio from microphone and system sounds.

Recording Test
We download FonePaw Screen Recorder from it’s official page:

The software is downloaded and installed quickly without any hassle. The main three features are well presented in the main page when you start the recorder, which is quite user-friendly.

1. Video Recorder

  • You can choose Full Screen Record or Custom Screen Record according to your requirement.
  • System sound and microphone sound can be recorded at the same time.
  • Webcam can be enabled in the screen recording. 
  • With the above three features, you can record any screen activity with audio. For example, you can capture your some special computer game moments by customizing the screen in your game zone, and adds your commentary via microphone when recording the screen. In our test, the recorder runs without lag when recording gameplay and the recorded video comes out clear. 

2. Audio Recorder

You can navigate to Audio Recorder simply by selecting the button on the up left corner. Similar to Video Recorder, system sound and microphone sound can be recorded at the same time. The audio can be recorded to MP3, AAC, etc.

3. Screen Capture

  • The screen capture size is clearly presented on the screen immediately once you select the feature. You can adjust the size to take screenshot of a specific area.
  • Maginfying glass tool is provided to help you to locate the screenshot area more precisely. 

All in all, FonePaw Screen Recorder shows as a professional video screen recording software which can capture your screen for Windows and Mac computer system. Simple and neat interface, useful tools with only several clicks, makes it an outstanding one in its kind.

For audio recording, system sound is not supported for Mac computer by default. A tool named Soundflower is needed to work with the recorder. Look forward seeing improvement in internal audio recording in the next version.

Tips at the end
FonePaw Screen Recorder has many small features to make screen and audio recording on a computer easier.

  • Audio Recording: Record screen and audio together from both systems and microphones. 
  • Webcam Recording: It is possible to record your webcam video only or along with screen activity.
  • Snapshot: One click to capture your desktop or get a snapshot from the recording video. 
  • Annotation: Create a unique video with drawing or adding texts, arrows to the recording or screenshot.
  • Scheduled Recording: Easily set the recording length for the video as you like (only on Windows version).
  • Customize Recording Area: Select the entire computer screen or part of it to begin your capturing.
  • Track Mouse: Make mouse cursor stand out and show the mouse clicks to customize your recordings.
  • Select Output Formats: The recorded videos can be saved in different video formats(MP4, MOV, WMA, FLV, etc.) in output settings. MP4 is recommended.
  • Set Video/Audio Quality: The output video and audio quality can be set as High, Medium and Low.
  • Hotkeys: Set up hotkeys for certain operation so you can take quick action when recording.
  • One-Click Preview: Quickly check the recorded history (videos and screenshots) and you can share or delete in one click.
  • GIF Maker: Export recording as GIF image and set up its frame rate (only on Windows version).


Saturday 21 July 2018

DRM M4V Converter for Windows - iTunes DRM Removal Made Easy

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to play any media files which are developed by Apple on any other player or device with different OS? The reason is that these media files are protected or has a DRM (Digital Rights Management). The DRM is used as a copyright material which can be enabled in any  M4V or similar type of media files. Therefore allowing such files to be played on proprietary hardware, software, & so on.
In case you find something more attractive, informative, or so but unable to access the same in your own device than there is no use of investing such heavy amount to buy such proprietary products. Instead, to play such files, there are DRM Removal Software, DRM removal tool and DRM removal program available online which can help to convert DRM M4V files to any other format. There are various DRM removal software which can also be used for M4V Converter for Windows. Such DRM M4V Converter for Windows can be downloaded and use under trial version to check the performance of DRM removal program or algorithm. If you find such DRM removal for Windows as a WOW option, then you can buy the license version of the same. This will be more economical than buying the proprietary hardware, software or anything similar.
The features of DRM removal for Windows or M4V Converter for Windows are as mentioned below -
  • Remove iTunes DRM at 30x faster speed
  • Losslessly remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows to multiple non-Apple devices
  • Best and fastest DRM M4V to MP4 converter
  • Keep AC3 5.1 Dolby surround sound, AAC stereo tracks, AD, CC, subtitles, etc.

The user interface of such software is attractive and user-friendly. Majority of the DRM M4V Converter support to cut or edit videos, add sound effects, watermark and much more. The video can also be exported against chapters. In addition to that, these various types of software or tool are also capable enough to resolve few known bugs.

The hardware required to install and run such software is basic. The specification of hardware is as mentioned below -

1) Operating System - Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Windows 10
2) Processor - 1G Hz Processor or better
3) RAM - 256 MB or better
4) Monitor - 1024x786 or better resolution
5) Other - iTunes 12.6.1 or any lower version

The DRM removal for Windows supports various input files such as DRM-ed M4V (iTunes Purchased and Rentals protected by DRM), MP4, M4V, WMV, SWF, MPEG, DAT, HD MOV, NSV, MXF, VRO, WTV, etc. which may or may not be DRM protected.
Such DRM protected or non-protected files can be converted to various Videos and Audios Formats like MP4, MPEG, MKV, AVI, 3GP, DivX, MOV, WebM, MP3, AAC, AC3, AU, WAV, FLAC, and much more respectively.

The result of such DRM M4V Converter for Windows can be viewed, played or access from devices like iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Apple TV 1/2/3, Apply TV 4K, Apple Generic, Samsung A7/A9, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, Google Pixel, Huawei P10/P10 Plus, Motorola Droid, Android Generic, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, Windows Phone, Game Consoles, Youtube, Facebook Vimeo and much more.
Download and check out the trial version of the software.

Waiting for your valuable feedback and comments...


Tuesday 2 January 2018

Joyoshare HEIC Converter : Best HEIC Converter Tool

Joyoshare HEIC Converter for Mac: Best HEIC Converter Tool

With the increase of digital world, more and more people are becoming tech savvy. Thus, they are not only updated about the current technology but also are the one who owns one product of each technology. As there are various leading tech giants such as Apple, Android, Windows, Mac, etc., everybody has their own pattern to give a better result. Thus, to share and view the photos, videos, files, etc. over a single platform is quite difficult. But there are softwares available which can help convert the media files such as photos, videos, etc. which can be viewed without affecting the clarity or the detailing of the original file. Few such softwares are Joyoshare Video Converter, Joyoshare Media Cutter, Joyoshare HEIC Converter, and much more. 
You must try the trial version of Joyoshare HEIC Converter for MAC OS, which can be used as HEIC converter to JPEG, HEIC converter online, and many more.

Joyoshare HEIC Converter : Best HEIC Converter Tool

The important functions of Joyoshare HEIC Converter for Mac:

1. Convert HEIC photos to JPG, PNG, BMP without picture distortion.

HEIC or HEIF are the two new formats of the image which in which are a pattern of iOS11. The advantage of this image compression technique is that it reduces the space without compromising the quality. Thus, to view the captured moments can be converted into any universal accepted format such as JPG, BMP, PNG, and much more by downloading the free trial version of Joyoshare HEIC converter. This software help to convert the format without distorting or degrading the clarity of the picture.
Below are the screeshots of this software:

2. Best solution to convert HEIC to JPG, PNG, GIF and more.

When you ask your friend to click a perfect picture from their expensive phone, but just imagine that photo cannot be used by you. As currently, HEIC/HEIF can only be decompressed by devices with iOS11 or macOS High Sierra. But if you want to share those memorable moments with your family or friends who are still using the old iOS, Windows, MAC or any other devices then Joyoshare HEIC Converter is the best software. It helps to convert photos in HEIC format to PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, WEBF, and other used image formats without affecting the actual resolution of the image and details.

3. Most efficient HEIC to JPG Converter with zero loss quality. 

The images captured from iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus/8, iPhone 7 Plus/7 are in HEIC format which can easily be converted into JPG, BMP, PNG, and any other require format using Joyoshare HEIC converter in just a few clicks. The software is capable enough to insert EXIF data after converting the photo. The trial version of Joyoshare HEIC Converter will guarantee to help you to recreate photos clicked from iOS 11, i.e. HEIC into JPEG, GIF, PNG, and much more without spoiling the quality of the image. Other than free online converters which are available online which may leak your private image by storing the image in the cloud, Joyoshare HEIC to JPEG Converter helps to convert offline on your personal MAC computer. Thus, it is 100% safe.

4. Fastly convert HEIC images to JPG, PNG with two modes in seconds.

Joyoshare Mac HEIC Converter is built with great image encoding engines which can easily convert HEIC to JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and much more. The algorithm helps to convert in two different modes like single mode or batch mode as per requirement. The software is so user-friendly that the user can simply drag and drop any HEIC photos from any iOS 11 to Joyoshare, then click on Convert and conversion will be done instantly into the desired format.

Thus, download and try the trial version of Joyoshare HEIC Converter for MAC and share your memorable moments with loved once.

Saturday 14 October 2017

Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Windows

Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Windows

iTunes is a media player used by many iPhone user all over the world. And there are over 1.2 billions of iPhone users all over the world. By this you can get an idea of how many people use the iTunes in their day to day life. With iTunes you can download movies, apps, books, music and many more things. iTunes is the part and parcel of an iPhone user. And you can even stream movies and songs without downloading it. The iTunes also provides it user with the service of renting movies.
But there is one drawback about iTunes, the movies you download or rent cannot be shared with your other devices. For example, if you have downloaded a movie on your iPhone and if you wish to watch it on any other platforms like windows, well you are not allowed to do that. You can’t even cast it on your T.V if it’s not an apple TV. In short you can only watch a movie, or listen to music on iOS devices only. And this thing is annoying right. Apple has done this to protect unauthorized redistribution of the digital media and restrict the customers from copying the downloaded content to other platform. This system is called DRM (Digital Right Management).
But don’t worry, there is another way you can approach to do this. We have the right app for you, to help you enjoy your movies, music, books etc that you have paid money for and you can’t enjoy it fully. The Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Windows. This app helps you to remove the DRM system thus helping you to enjoy your media to the full.

The Tuneskit DRM Media Converter removes the fairplay DRM protection of iTunes, that is, it will remove the DRM mechanism from the movies or TV shows you purchased or rented.

Features Provided by the Tuneskit DRM Media Converter are as follows.

Convert M4V Videos to DRM free M4V format.
The Tuneskit DRM converter can convert your purchased or rented movies from M4V to DRM free and lossless M4V. This will maintain the picture quality so that you can enjoy your movies and TV Show to the fullest. Most other softwares that does the job of removal of DRM cannot do it efficiently as they don’t provide the feature of lossless conversion.

Fastest DRM M4V to MP4 Converter.
The Tuneskit DRM converter can conver your DRM M4V videos, movies or TV Shows to a 100% lossless MP4 video format. And the quality is maintained for not jus the video, also for all audio tracks, subtitles, AC3 Dolby 5.1 surround sound. So that you can enjoy your movies, TV Shows, Music videos etc in HD and with Dolby sound quality.

Remove DRM 30X faster.
The removal procedure of iTunes DRM is at an unimaginable speed which is upto 30X times faster.  This is due to the innovative and fast algorithm that does the task in such a fast rate and that too the output is lossless. This will save you, the precious time of yours and you can enjoy your time watching your purchased or rented  movies and T.V shows.

Now that you know how powerful this software is you might wanna try.  The free Trial version of the software will help you understand this powerful software by using it. You try the software once and you would definitely want to by it. To download the Trial version of the Software you just have to go to the below given link and click on the Trial version button and download it.

The Following is a guide on how to use the Tuneskit DRM  removal software.
Once you download the software, install it and open it. After opening it follow the below given steps.
Step1. Click on the Add files button to import the movies, videos or TV shows for which you want to do DRM Removal and convert it to other format. You will be prompted with a dialogue box to select the movies or videos you want to convert. Select the files you want to convert or you can even drag the files to the converter.

Step 2. Once you add the files to the TunesKit DRM M4V media Converter for Windows you can select the output audio tracks and  subtitles as you like. Then click on the format button.

Step3. Now you can start removing the DRM mechanism from the iTunes movies and convert DRM video to lossless and DRM free M4V format. After the conversion is completed you can enjoy your movies on the windows platform too.

Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Windows is the best DRM Media Converter for windows. Other DRM removal software are not as good as the Tuneskit DRM Media Converter. I strongly recommend this software to the iTunes users out there. You should really try the free trial version of the software.


Friday 13 May 2016

Top 5 Video Watermark Softwares for Windows

Adding a watermark in my photo/video is one of the most exciting parts of creating a video for me.

Whenever I use a watermark it gives me a feel of personal attachment with the video. Once you have added the watermark, you know that anybody who will see the video will also know who created it.

A watermark also gives you the much-required protection against republication of your video. Nobody else can claim that it's their video thus you get full credit for your hard work. 

What is a watermark? 

For the fellas who don't know, a watermark is a piece of text or image we can add into the screen along with the video. So whenever you run the video, you will also see that text or photo giving knowledge about the creator. 

A watermark should be visible enough for people to see it but also transparent enough to make sure that it doesn't hide any part of the screen. Also, it should be in the right place so it cannot be cut off by any video editor, but it should also not distract the viewer from the action going on the screen. 

And if you have to take care of all these things correctly, then you'll need a good video watermark software. So we have brought you a list of top 5 video watermark adder software-

Top 5 Video Watermark Softwares for Windows

5. Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is a watermark application which is specially made for windows. You can add a text or image as your watermark. 

If you choose to add text then there are lots of formatting options for you such as different fonts, sizes etc. You can also set a specific duration for the text to appear. 

4. Format Factory

Format factory is a multi-purpose app which aims to provide all video editing options in one software. It has a basic watermark adder which is easy to use. 

Along with the watermark adder, you can convert all types of videos and change them into your preferred format. If you want to distribute your video on different devices then this is the best app for you.

3. Jahshaka

Jahshaka is an open source software. That means that it's source code is available for anyone who would like to improve the app.

That's why the app is available for almost all major operating systems such as mac, windows, and Ubuntu. The app is focused on watermarking so you'll find lots of editing options too.

2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is another great app for adding watermarks. It's a multi-feature app. So you'll find many video formatting options along with the option to add a watermark in windows. 

1. Video Watermark Factory

The best video watermark adder for windows we could found is Video Watermark Factory. It's a great app and comes in a tiny package of 5 MB.

You can add watermark, trim your video, add different filters and convert your video in any chosen format. The app is available for all versions of Windows so you won't have to worry if you are using any older version.

Wrap up

So this was our post on the best watermark software for windows. Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box

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