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Thursday 29 August 2019

How to Unblock 1337x Torrent?

How to Unblock 1337x Torrent?

As you know, 1337x has played a major role in breaking the privacy to another level. You can really find a movie in few hours of its first show on the torrents. This gave a huge impact on many industries like movie, gaming etc.
Then government of many countries started blocking the 1337x website. Many countries blocked torrent-based sites to prevent piracy but in some counties, it is still legal to access it. Not all content on torrent is pirated, many times you can find some useful non-pirated stuffs.  

So today we will discuss some methods to use unblock the popular 1337x website.
We are not trying to support piracy. We are just providing some methods to unblock torrent websites so you can download some good stuffs from there.
Make sure to always use a VPN while accessing torrent sites as your ISP can track you browsing history.

How to Unblock 1337x Torrent

We tried several methods to unblock 1337x torrent. Some methods didn’t work while some of them worked. We have listed all the best methods to unblock torrent sites from your computer and access it easily. Even my Internet service provider (ISP) have blocked 1337x website and all torrent related site due to government’s order but I can still access them using these simple methods.

Using Proxy Sites

This is the easiest and simplest method to unblock 1337x. Even a newbie can use this method, all you have to do is visit proxy site and enter the URL of site you want to access.
·        First of all, you have to visit
·        Now enter the URL of website you wish to unblock, In our case it’s 1337x.
·        Now click on Visit Anonymously button and you can access the blocked website.
Now you will be able to visit the website easily. This site is similar to hidemyass proxy. Even this website is using proxy server to connect to the site with other IP address so your identity is completely safe. If is blocked in your region then you can find more 1337x proxy sites here.
You can not only unblock 1337x, you can also unblock other torrents sites like Kat or Kickass using this method.

Using Hola Extension

There are millions of internet users using chrome. Chrome is considered one of the best browsers and one of the main reasons why it’s loved by people is its extensions. Chrome comes with lots of extensions. Hola is an extension using which you can easily unblock any website. Follow the below guide to unlock 1337x on your google chrome browser.
·         Download and install Hola extension on your browser.
·         Once Hola is installed turn on the extension by clicking on the icon.
·         No again, click the extension and select any random country where torrent sites are not blocked.
Now you can easily unblock any website. You have successfully unblocked 1337x websites. Now you can visit your favourite torrent site without any restrictions.

Using HTTPS in the URL

If the http version of URL is banned by the government then you can easily bypass it with this method.
Just visit the site and then you will see the banned notice. Now you just have to edit the URL and make it https in front of the URL instead of http.
This will sound idiotic to you but this method really works in some countries. You don’t have to install any software’s or apps to unblock 1337x. If the https URL is blocked in your country then you can try visiting the http version.


I hope you are able to unblock your favourite torrent site. If you still have any issues, suggestions or queries – feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


Sunday 20 August 2017

How to make anonymous calls to anyone?

How to make anonymous calls to anyone?

Isn’t it insanely amazing how technology has advanced, how time has revolutionised and how at single click thousands of miles of distance succumb to exist! Voice timing and face timing have really made this world a small place. But whilst the National Security Agency (NSA), a national-level intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defence, constantly tapping our phones it seems really a herculean task to get anonymity on the internet. Everything we do is recorded and stored in the huge ocean of internet data. Here I will let you know few legal ways to clear the phone call footprint!
‘A man has no face’, here I quote one of the quirkiest line of the most sought-after TV series of our times, Game of Thrones. To achieve this anonymity these are the few things you can do-

1. Buy a prepaid phone.
The easiest way to do this would be a buying a prepaid phone, which can be easily fetched from any   nearby store. Make sure you buy it with cash. Do not store any contacts on it and do not call anyone via it because that might leave a trace. Keep the phone in a switched off state with the battery out until you need to make the call. There you have it!
2. Disguise your Caller ID with SpoofCard.
One of the most popular techniques is using spoof call to disguise your caller identification code. You can get the free trial of this website which is also available in application format. You will then have to connect with them. Once you get connected with SpoofCard, you can choose which number must be displayed on the person’s screen, whom you want to call anonymously. SpoofCard also provides a voice changer where in you get to spoof your voice to an opposite gender. SpoofCard is legal with a lot of government agencies using it.
3. Use Google voice as a proxy number.
Google voice allows to have a free and legal phone number without you having to compromise your identity. This number can be connected to your phone, email or can be used on the desktop as well. In this way, this number acts as your proxy number. Well suing Google voice you can receive calls and messages for free, but for calling using this proxy number you need to buy some talk minutes. This can be used where you don’t want to compromise your identity but at the same time need to contact with the person. Though the person you are calling will not know your real identity, all the texts, calls and numbers will be logged in Google since it owns this service.
4. Use *67 before dialling a number.
This feature allows to block the caller identification. If you dial the *67 before the phone number of the person you want to call anonymously, it will appear as ‘unknown caller’ or ‘blocked caller id’. This ensures that the person cannot call you back or get your name. This can be also used in land lines. This is a cool technique but the issue is that the phone company can easily access your hidden identification. NSA can also tap into such calls.
5. Using payphones.
 Payphones are one of the easiest and ancient way to make anonymous phone calls. They can be found without much hassle, around street corner. They accept coins and give a cent percent guaranteed anonymous calls, anyway you will have to be careful about security cameras for the sake of being safe from being recorded. Try paying the payphone using coins or cash. Do not use cards or any sort of digital payment technique because that might leave trace which can bring your anonymity to stake.
7. Outbound caller id blocking.
Some of the phones have this feature, where in the caller id is blocked that is whenever a call is made using that number, the identity which is the name and number will not be displayed on the person’s phone whom you will be calling.
8. Use Burner.
Burner is another application whose services are quite like Google voice. You can get 20 minutes of talk time and sixty messages in the first week of usage. After this gets exhausted you will have to buy talk minutes and texts for which a range of plans are available.
Well making phone calls anonymously is not a criminal offence at all, it has a galore of advantages. This is used by government agencies, by individuals who want to convey some information and in plenty of other scenarios. 

Wednesday 19 July 2017

How to Pick the Perfect Font For Your Website

Pick the perfect font for your website

Even though technology has come a long way, enabling us to almost anything with just a click of a mouse, choosing more subtle elements of design such as fonts can sometimes be the hardest part of creating a website.

As a small business owner in charge of every aspect of your company, any help on this matter always comes in handy. That is why we’ve come up with this beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect fonts for your website.

Types of fonts

Before we dig any deeper into this matter, it’s important you get your basics right when it comes to the types of fonts.

Despite the fact that there are as many font classifications as there are fonts, typographers and typeface designers both agree on the four basic types of fonts: serifs, sans-serifs, scripts and decorative fonts.

Serifs are fonts with little lines attached to the ends of their letters. Considered to be more serious and traditional, they help your eyes move across the text more naturally, making long paragraphs easier to read.
CHOOSING (1).png
Sans-serif fonts, as their name already suggests, are fonts lacking the serifs – the little “feet” at the ends of each letter. They carry a much sleeker, more modern image, and are a favorite among web and graphic designers due to their ability to retain clearness and sharpness even when highly pixelated.
CHOOSING (2).png
Scripts are cursive fonts that resemble handwriting. Usually having letters that connect to one another, scripts come in all kinds of different styles – from sleek and elegant to the more casual, fun, hand-drawn fonts.
CHOOSING (3).png
Decorative, or display fonts as they’re often referred to, are usually created with a goal of grabbing your attention, rather than being practical and versatile.
CHOOSING (4).png

Why fonts matter

Your choice of fonts is largely responsible for the first impression people get from your website. They set the tone for the rest of your website’s design, as well as enhance and complement the content that you publish.

Fonts should be a visual vessel for you to share your brand’s message from, and they should never clash with what you’re trying to communicate to your customers.

Choosing and pairing fonts

When it comes to choosing fonts, you should always start by defining the kind of message you want your website, and ultimately your business to convey. Once you get the general idea you want to go with all thought out, you should pick the core font you’ll base the rest of your design on.

No matter what industry you’re in or the kind of image you want to portray, we suggest using clean fonts such as Open Sans, Montserrat or Roboto as your base. These are all modern, versatile fonts that pair well with both decorative and serif typefaces.
CHOOSING (5).png
For any larger bodies of text, such as an about me page or a blog, we recommend going with a traditional serif font such as Libre Baskerville, Merriweather, or Playfair Display. These serifs ooze professionalism and are easy on the eyes, giving value and integrity to your content
CHOOSING (6).png
To enhance important points on your website, say your company’s name, blog headers and page titles, don’t be afraid to use a bold, decorative font. Pair Abril Fatface with classic serifs for a traditional, yet memorable look, and use Knewave with a sleek, modern sans-serif to introduce visual breaks into your content.
CHOOSING (7).png
If you’re still not sure whether or not the font you chose will work together, there are a couple of amazing tools you can use to help you out.

You’re probably familiar with Google Fonts, but we bet you had no idea it also offered font combinations. Just select the font you want to start with, and the app will offer its most popular pairings.
If you lack inspiration, check out It’s an amazing database that allows you to see how different font combinations look on real websites.


Creating an image for your brand starts with designing a website – the world’s window into your company. Fonts are the backbone of every design, and web design is no exception. The fonts you choose for your website will be responsible for communicating your message to the world – so it’s worth investing a bit of time into selecting the right ones.

You don’t have to be a designer to create an amazing website for your company. The only thing you need is an unparalleled passion towards your business - something aspiring entrepreneurs never lack.

SITE123 is a website builder that recognizes this, and has created a platform that caters to the everyday needs of small businesses. From choosing the right type of website, tweaking its layout and design to touching up on more subtle details such as fonts - SITE123 should be your go-to website builder.


Wednesday 28 December 2016

How to Fix "google maps not working"

How to fix google maps not working?

Google maps is a very popular application used by many people for location based services today. Google has been updating the application from time to time in order to add more and more features constantly. It is one of the most used android application generally preferred by travellers. Even daily commuters seek the help of Google maps in order to explore new places. But sometimes the application fails to respond in many Android and desktop services due to some technical issues. We will therefore explore on the ways in which we can fix google maps.
How to Fix "google maps not working" ?
How to Fix "google maps not working" ?

To actually understand how to solve the issue we need to consider the reasons behind these issues. This will help to guess where the exact problem might lie and help in correcting it.
Hence the issue can be classified into three broad categories:
  1. The issue can be specific to the application you are loading. For example a recent update might have caused some unintended changes in the actual workings of the app.
  2. Access denial issues such as ‘Access is denied’ error messages indicate that your location cannot be accessed by Google Maps right now.
  3. And the last one is browser issues. Many times the browser is at fault which produces old cache data even when the applications have started working properly.
The first issue we will be looking at is ‘Google Maps not loading’ error message. This error occurs in a number of devices and sometimes even on the web browser. So in order to troubleshoot this issue we can follow a couple of steps.
  1. Google chrome browser :
->Open settings
-> Scroll down to ‘Show advanced settings’
-> Scroll to ‘Location’ and select the option “Ask when a site tries to track the physical location”
-> Be sure that “” has a permission to access your location.

  1. Firefox browser:
Type the url ‘
-> Click on lock icon and go to more information
-> On the Permissions tab and under ‘access your location’ click allow.

  1. Safari browser:
Click on Preferences at the top right corner
-> Click on ‘Privacy’ and ‘Prompt for every website for one time’
-> Select your country version in Google Maps
-> Click on the ‘GPS-like’ icon
-> Check on the prompted option ‘Remember my decision and don’t ask again’
-> Click on ‘Allow’.

To troubleshoot this issue in the case of Android phone you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Restarting your phone is a simple solution and in many cases this solves the issue because the application might have stopped due to less memory problems.
  2. Another way is to clear app cache and dat. You can do this by going to settings and then find google maps under the applications heading. There is a simple clear cache button provided there
  3. When the above methods fail one might try reinstalling the app itself. This also helps in getting the latest version of the app.
These compilations of methods are handy in order to resolve the error quickly by yourselves. Do share with us if you find more interesting solutions.

Tuesday 3 May 2016

How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide

Backlink. If you  have decided to become a blogger, then this word is probably going to be the most important word of your future life. 

You gonna spend your days building backlinks and your nights thinking about them. And your mind won't be able to stop thinking about it in the times in between.

But what the heck backlink even is? And why it is so important? And how do you build them? Well, we have collected the answer for you in this ultimate guide to build backlinks.
How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide
How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide

What is backlink?

Backlinks are links coming from any other site or any other page from your own site coming to a Webpage. 

In simple words when any other site has a link to your site on their own web page, then it's considered a backlink. For example, if a site has a page about backlinks and for better understanding they mention the link of this article which you are reading, then it will be considered a backlink for this site.

Why are backlinks so important?

So now you know what is a backlink. But why are backlinks so important? Let me explain. 

In order to earn any money from your website, you need real people to visit your site. Anybody who visits your site is called a visitor. 

Now the easiest and the largest way of getting a visitors for your website is ranking your page in Google. Google page ranks are decided by the reputation of the site.

And in order to earn a reputation for your site, you need backlinks from other sites. All these backlinks are relative. Means the amount of trust the site which gives you a backlink has, the more trusted your site will become. 

Another word you should learn is Link Juice. Link juice is a meter for measuring the amount of trust the other site is giving you. 

If a site is giving you a backlink but it's not passing any link juice then the link is of no use. And if you get a single backlink from a site which passes more link juice from 100 other backlinks from other sites, then that one backlink will be more valuable than other hundred backlinks.

Make Quality Backlinks

Backlink Doesn't matters,Quality matters.
When search engine like Google calculates the relevance of a site to a keyword, they consider number of quality backlinks Pointing to that site.

Backlinks Quality is determined through several methods. When a website links to your site related to your niche,then such inbound links are considered to more relevant. 

On the other hand,If inbound backlinks are found on websites with other niche(unrelated contents), then it is considered to be less relevant. 

In other words,higher the relevance of inbound links, greater is the quality.

For example, if you have a blog related to Apple and you created a link from other website related to apples, then it will be considered more relevant as a  search engine's assessment than a link from a site about mangoes. 

This is very Important Factor for Search Engine optimiziation because many search engines give more importance to websites that has a good number of high quality backlinks and it considers those websites more relevant than other website's in their Search engine results pages for a search query.

Avoid Building Low Quality Backlinks.

  1. Websites deindexed by Google
  2. Websites penalized by Google
  3. Websites with duplicated content
  4. Websites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines
  5. Websites totally banned by Google
  6. Websites with bad neighborhood (sites linking to low quality sites).

Guide of Building Backlinks

So now you have enough knowledge about backlinks. Now is the time to actually learn how to create backlinks. There are numerous ways to build backlinks and we have listed all of them with the possible blog type you should use them for. 

However, links which pass very less link juice are also important for your site. Do follow Backlinks are links which tell Google that the site wants to pass its reputation to the other site. And no follow links are the ones that tell that the backlink giving site does not want Google to associate its reputation with the other site.

1. Guest Posting

The first way of building backlinks are by guest posting, lots of sites offer to give a backlink for a written post. To get a backlink by guest posting, you need to find a blog which gives backlinks for posts. 

You can find such blogs by searching on Google. Once you find a blog which allows guest posts for links, you have to write a good post related to the topic of that site and then send it to the owner requesting him a link.

Best for- Long term blogs, niche blogs

2. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is another good way of getting valuable links for your blog. You have your site associated with your profile, so when you comment on any other site using that profile, it gives you a link.

Blog comment links do not give you much link juice so you'll need lots of such links to make a difference. 

Best for- Long Term blogs(not recommended), Niche blogs, event blogs

3. Directory Submission

Looking for easy backlinks? Directory submission is the way. These directory websites work like a telephone directory, but instead of telephone numbers they keep the record of websites. 

You can find such sites via Google and then submit your site for review. Once it's reviewed by the admin, he will add it into the directory by creating a page for it and you'll get a link from it.

Best for- Event blogs, Niche blogs

4. Infographic submission

Just like blog directories, there are lots of sites where you can submit self-made Infographics and get a link from it.

All you have to do is find such sites using Google, then create a good Infographic and submit it there. Mention your site in the description box and you got an easy link. 
Below are some websites where you can submit your infographics: (PR7) PR5) (PR4) (PR3)

Best for- Event blogs, Niche blogs

5. Bought Links

Lots of bloggers hesitate to accept it, but yes people do buy links for their blog. Getting a link from big sites with high authority(trust) can literally boost your SEO rankings. 

But most such sites do not sell links. Instead, you can contact their writers and pay them for getting a link. One such link can cost you from $50 to $500 dollars and even more. 

Another example of buying links are paid reviews. People who have launched a new service. They want to rank their website as well as advertise their product. So they pay blog owners to post a review about their product and insert a link to their web page in the review. 

Best for- Long term brand blogs 

6. Web 2.0 links

Links from sites which are based on a sub domain and hosted for free are called web 2.0 links. Blogspot sites are the prime example of such site.

And yes let other people say what they want to say, if a 2.0 blog has good authority than a link coming from them will definitely affect your rankings. People mostly build some web 2.0 blogs by themselves to get a link from them for their main blog.

Best for- Authority blogs

7. Forum links

Methods such as guest posting are secure for long term blogs but they are too time-consuming. Don't worry forum links are there to make the save.

Question answer forums such as quora allow you to add your blog link in your profile. And when you answer any question, you get a link for it. They are considered the most secure way of getting free links. 

There are lots of forums on different topics so you can choose them according to your blog niche.

Best for- long term blogs, authority blogs

8. PBN links

Probably the most guarded secret in all of the blogging world. Yes, they do exist and almost all of the big bloggers have their own set of blogs with medium authority. 

They are mostly only built for keywords which have very high CPC. And if Google catches one of them, then they'll punish all the blogs. So be very careful with them.

Mostly people who want to rank for a very tough keyword build a series of blogs in the same niche. And then they give links from all those blogs to their main blog to rank it.

People also build multi-niche networks to dominate multiple niches. But getting authority for such blogs will be harder and more time consuming. 

Best for- Blogs looking to rank for high competition keywords such as motor Insurance. 

9. Respond to questions on Quora

This is the best and foremost way to attract the attention of the online users towards your business and services.Quora is hub of people's looking for help. All you have to do is search for keywords related to your industry, and you will see many questions related to your keyword.
Answer the question, and if there is a specific post or article written on your blog that helps the question,then you can link to it.
Best For -Long Term blogs.

10.Submit website to websites Feedback site's.

There are number of websites on internet that are designed to help you to get feedback on your blog layout/theme.And you san easily get a high quality backlink to your website.
For. example

Wrap up

These were the prime techniques people use to get backlinks for their blogs. But as I always say- Experiment is the key. So keep experimenting and keep looking for new link building opportunities. 
if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment box.

Thursday 10 March 2016

How To Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

Today facebook is used by almost each and every people in the world.So Facebook has become One of the powerful Social media platform for bloggers, advertisers for internet marketers,Bloggers,Advertisers,Promoters who want to promote their online brand.Guys it's No.1 platform for bloggers who need to promote their articles to a huge audience after publishing on their blog.So today in this article "How To Auto Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once" I will show you one of the  easy method to autopost in your Facebook Groups at once.
How To Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once
How To Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

As you know that Facebook has billions of users,So Exposing your latest post on Facebook groups is considered one of the best way to Drive huge traffic to your blog/website. But, if you share your content in all Facebook Groups manually then it will definitely consume lots of time.

Benefits Of Autopost In Facebook Groups At Once.

  1. No time consuming.
  2. Easy to Share
  3. Very simple.No complex steps
  4. By this Trick you can attract huge number of visitors/customers to your blog/website.
  5. You Don't have to pay For this trick like many softwares which requires license keys. 

To promote your blog/brand You must join Facebook groups related to your niche.So that more people will click on your link.As Everyone knows that facebook is one of the best place for all the bloggers,Internet marketers to share their blog posts.

If you promote/share Your blog posts on our timeline than the probability of seeing your posts among people is less i.e limited to your friends(as facebook allows only 5000).So by this method,You can drive more traffic to your posts.So,start joining lots of groups and autopost your blog posts at once.So today we will share a amazing trick to post your blog posts in all facebook groups in just one click.


The first and main thing you will need in this process is Facebook Groups.Obviously,to share your content this is the only thing which you will need.So start joining lots of groups related to your blog/website niche.Try to join groups with more members,so as to ensure that huge number of people's will see your content which can give you decent amount of traffic to your blog posts.

Follow Below steps To Post In Multiple Facebook Groups In just Single Click.

It's a two step process.

First step : Collecting Email Addresses of Fb Groups

This step is not easy but also not difficult.Some groups prvide their facebook e-mail address in their group info.Otherwise we have to find the username of the group.We can easily get the username of facebook groups by opening them into our browser.This process can consume a little bit time,but you have to do this only once.

At first, you need to have a list of Username of all Facebook Groups where you want to share your post.
Step1: Initially Open any facebook Group on your browser.

Step2: After opening the group you can see the group URL on your browser's address bar.Now copy the username of that group from that URL.
For example:

Step3:Now Copy geeksgyan (which is red)of the group and paste them into notepad or in any text document.

Step 4: Once you have made a list of Username, you have to create Email Address of those groups from their username. 
To do this Just add after Group username.
For example:
where "geeksgyan" is the facebook group username.

step 5:Now collect emails of all Groups in which you want to Autopost.After this seperate the list of Email Address of Fb Groups  with commas (,).

Second Part of the Trick:Main Trick

Step1: Sign in to your e-mail address which you have used to create account on facebook or which is currently set as Primary Email in your FB Account.
Step2: Now click on compose e-mail option.
After that copy all facebook group e-mails which you have collected and paste them into BCC field.
step3:Finally enter your post/Message which you want to post into those Groups and then click on Send button.

That’s it.Now you can check all facebook groups, to ensure that your message is successfully posted in all groups.
Follow all above steps to post again in all groups.

Final words:

So by this way you can post in all Facebook groups at once without wasting your time.So with this trick you will save your lots of time and it will also help you to get decent traffic from facebook.I hope that you like above post.

If you face any problem please share it with us below in comments, we will try to solve this.

Saturday 27 February 2016

Easy Steps To Activate wikipedia service by whatsapp Bot

Hello Friends,
GeeksGyan is back with another Trick to get Free Wikipedia alerts through WhatsApp bot for free. Whatsapp has about 900 million users has become the most easyway to communicate in a cheap, fast and reliable way.
So today in this post, I will tell about how to activate wikipedia service by WhatsApp bot . WhatsApp,which is one the most popular messaging app.So with this feature you can easily get any information such as news,dictionary, without google search.
If you are looking for latest free recharge, then I strongly suggest you to follow this blog where the author shares some best free recharge tricks to get free recharge alerts .

Features of this bot:

  1. Absolutely free,No charge for this service
  2. Fast reply,usually in seconds
  3. Quick service
  4. No Risk

About WhatsApp Bot:

This whatsapp Bot is not related to official WhatsApp or wikipedia. The aim behind launching this free service is to provide important knowledge for free.

 Steps to Access Wikipedia via Whatsapp.

Follow these below steps to activate wiki service on whatsapp:

  1.  First Save this phone number  +16044491532 in your phone contact as Wikipedia.
  2. Now Create a Group with any Groupname and add this contact(wikipedia) only. You are already another contact by default: so wikipedia and you (only 2 members) become the members.
  3. Now post anything in that group with starting WIKI word as prefix with a space. "wiki<space>".
  4. Eg: if you want Information about "Google" 
  5. Then type: wiki Google
  6. (WIKI {SPACE} Google)
  7. Now Wikipedia will reply you automatically in the group in just seconds.

See proof :


Sample Text

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