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Wednesday 6 January 2016

How To Download Torrents With Internet Download Manager(IDM)

In this post I am Going To show you that how you can download Torrents With Internet Download manager(commonly called as IDM).As we know that the downloading speed of Torrent clients are too slow and I Have also seen my many Friend's asking me How we can download Torrent files with IDM,Due to which i created this topic.
Sometimes Torrent websites are also blocked in offices,schools. Again, you can use these ways to Download torrents with IDM bypassing restriction on torrent  download.Nowadays,Downloading torrent files with Internet Download Manager is too easy.Below are the given some best websites which let's  you to Download files without uTorrent or Bit Torrent.
How To Download Torrents With Internet Download Manager(IDM)
How To Download Torrents With Internet Download Manager(IDM)

About torrent:

Torrent is best way for everyone who download anythings such as Movies, songs, games Softwares,etc.Torrent works on PEER to PEER connection between seeders (distributors) and requesting Leachers(clients).

Advantage Of Downloading Torrents with Internet Download manager:

  1. It accelerate's downloading speed by up to 5 times due to its amazing file segmentation technology.
  2. Download anonymously
  3. best acceleration performance.
  4. No need to install anything.
  5. sometimes torrent is blocked in your colleges/offices. Again you can still  download files IDM.
  6. schedule your downloads as per your requirement
  7. secured and safe
  8. Useful for torrents with low number of seeds.
  9. No network Or IP restrictions.

Below are the list of websites which provides torrent download with IDM :

1. Zbigz :- Torrent to IDM
Zbigz is one of the most amazing website to download torrent files through idm.Zbigz is an online torrent downloader From where you can directly download your torrent files  through internet Download manager with full speed. Download limit is 1GB for Free account,If you want more go for premium.They provide anonymous downloads. 

First download the Torrent file (containing .torrent  extension) from any  torrent site and save it anywhere on your computer.


 *Free account users can download 2 torrents simultaneously.
*While premium account holders download unlimited files simultaneously and superfast downloads
Follow These Steps:
 1.)Go to

2. )Now Sign up a account which is free of cost and verify your account

3.)Now You will see homepage.Now Upload your torrent file
 and After that  click on go button and you will see  popup window.

4.)Now  Click on free button you will be redirected to  a page 

5.)Now click on  that zip file.

6.) Now  click on start download button and now  your download will start.

2.) is the another Amazing site which allows you to download torrent files with Internet Download manager(IDM). Similar to Zbigz,Bytebx also Provides  Free as well as premium membership.It allows you to download files upto 2.5GB . A .It gives downloading speed of  Max 100KB/sec. On the other hand premium users get Unlimited downloading speed. So its Up to you to choose either free or premium account depending upon your requirements.

Note: Once you have uploaded your torrent file,it will store for 5 days and It will automatically delete The file after 5 Days

1. Open and  Sign Up for bytebx Free Account. After signup.
verify your email to activate bytebx account by clicking on the confirmation link received in your email.

 2. Click on upload torrent File and now Upload your .torrent file to it's server.

 3. Now After this, you will see a popup with  download button. Now Click on the blue squared button and Now your download will be started.

#3)– Download Torrents directly to  IDM
sign up your boxopus account with Google or Facebook. It is similar as zbigz.You can Add  torrent file to download.The limit of a file is up to  to 1 Gigabyte. The main thing is that You can also search download torrent Meta file in this website.

 1. Open and  sign up for account through manually or through any social network.

2. Now add the torrent download the torrent directly to dropbox. 

 3. Now from dropbox you can directly download torrents with IDM.

It's one of the popular Online Cloud Downloader. Signup Today for and now you can easily download your torrent files directly through idm. The main thing is that they  provide anonymous torrent downloads.You have to upgrade to Premium account if you want to Download Files greater than 1GB.

1. sign up Your Putdrive account by using your facebook  or google account. Now after successful account creation.

2. Click on next and get your Download file ready.

#5.) – It's a Online Storage.It is safe and Popular 

1. Firsr Sign up for filestream

2. Then Click on download torrent.And Now Paste your torrent from computer. 

3.Now After that just click on download icon. Now Copy the link to the clipboard paste it into IDM and Your torrent will start downloading.Now Relax And Enjoy Faster Downloading.

So friends In this Post i explained about How to download Torrent files with Internet Download Manager or IDM and also given some best sites List  which ables you to download Files without uTorrent or Bit Torrent.


Thursday 24 December 2015


Hello Friends,You might Have Got Encounter end with DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG error in Google Chrome, Firefox or in some Browser.This Error Unables you to access Our Favourite Web pages like Gmail,Facebook,twitter,etc.This Bad_Config Error is gaining too much Popularity recently as many people are getting it. But Today I will show you 3 ways by which you can resolve this error


It's an error which is related to  DNS server. DNS is a Domain Name System which is used to translate website names to  corresponding IP addresses.

These are three ways by which you can Fix  DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG Error:

#Method 1: Tweaking DNS Settings.
This setting definitely work in most of the cases if you do it properly.This step Requires you to do small Tweaking in your DNS Settings.

Follow the below Steps.

1) In taskbar Right Click on Network icon And click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

2)Now  find  Click Change Adapter Settings located in left. Now you will see that Network Connections have opened.

3)You will your all Network Connections in the new window, Now Right Click on Active Connection and then select Properties.

4)Now search for IPv4( Internet Protocol Version 4 ),After Finding it Double Click on it  and then open  Properties.

5)Now In the Properties, Just Click on Use  Following DNS Server Addresses and Type in in Preferred DNS Server and type  in Alternate DNS Server .After typing Click on OK.

#Method 2: Flushing  DNS Cache

Open Run by Typing “Windows + R” .

Now Type “cmd” to open the command prompt.
Enter the command Ipconfig/flushdns.
Now hit  Enter.
Now You can see that your dns has been successfully Flushed.
Now open your browser and test that the error has been resolved or not.

#Method 3: Release/Renew Ip Address.
Step 1: In Command Prompt, open run and type   “cmd” and  then Hit Enter.
Step 2: In CMD, Type  ipconfig /release and hit enter.
Step 3: Now type in ipconfig /renew  again and hit enter. This will Renew your IP address.
Step 4: Now Close  Command Prompt and open your Browser to Check if the Problem is solved.

Tips And suggestions To Avoid This ERROR:-

1)Make a habit to clear recycle bin, temp file, prefetch  and %temp% files Always before using.

2) Clear  cache,history and cookies of your Browser.

3)If you visit any type of website that Filters  software then you must obviously update the software or uninstall  it

4) Disable Other  internet connection while using only one active internet network connection .

Conclusion: These three methods normally work to fix this dns  error but if you still can’t get rid of this then you can try to Reinstall your Google Chromebrowser or reset up windows on your Computer

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