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Friday 30 October 2015

How To Root xiaomi Redmi1s

Realizing the needs of rooting,I decided to share a tutorial on complete guide of rooting.
There are several advantages in rooting which is unbelievable.

Follow the bellow steps to root your Xiaomi  redmi 1s:

First of all : download the , and save it on your PC.

1) IN YOUR PHONE GO TO  “Settings > Developer options", and then enable USB debugging mode.

2)  Android battery should  be full charged  or above 80% battery level  to avoid some unnecessary expectations.

3) NOW Connect your phone with  PC by USB cable and paste the file on your phone  in internal storage - to the folder 'Computer\HM 1S\Internal storage'

4) Once the file is placed properly , YOU have  to disconnect your  phone from PC/laptop safely ,Now  go to the menu then  “Tools > Updates”. There are three  options in the menu  button, and from there choose “Select Update Package” then Choose the zip file, and click  the update  button. Now your  phone will be reboot.


* First Download the file to your laptop/pc
 *Now Connect your phone with  PC via  USB cable and now pace  the file to your MI's internal storage - in  'Computer\HM 1S\Internal storage' .

NOte:  IF the same file exisist already  with the same name, replace it first, but first  renaming the older one.

  * Now  Disconnect your phone from USB

  *NOW again,go  to the  “Tools > Updates”, touch again the 3 striped  button, and  hence choose the option “Reboot to recovery mode”.

* Now you  phone will start  rebooting,Now  enter in the TWRP console. From There, choose the Install option and then  select file. Apply the execute or flash  button.
 Now  it  will install the zip file which you have downloaded.Now  Go to Home, and Reboot it.After rebooting go to the Security icon. Click on Permissions, and  then enable Root Permission.

 * finally  install Super SU{ link is given below of the post}.
Now  Move the toyour  internal storage – in the same folder which i have  mentioned ,now after connecting it with  USB cable.REmove it  safely.
Again Go to “Tools  and then  Updates”, and choose option  the “Reboot to recovery mode”.
After rebooting , go to TWRP, choose Install, pick the SuperSU zip file, and  finally flash or execute it.
Now Go to Home and Reboot the System again.

Finally your Redmi 1s has been success fully rooted.
comment if any problem below,,,,,,

Wednesday 28 October 2015

How to root YU YUphoria [Easy safe Method]

After reffering many guides and  doing a  lot of research on internet, I founded a working and effortless method .I have personally tested this on my friends phone.People who have not rooted yet ,simply get your YUphoria rooted and Enjoy the freedom Of YU Play God.

Note:Please follow the below Guidlines very carefully
How to root YU YUphoria [Easy safe Method]
How to root YU YUphoria [Easy safe Method]

Things to do before going for any further action to root :

  •  Step1: You must have YUphoria Phone.
  • Step2:Now navigate  to Settings.
  • Step 3:Now Scroll down And then go to About Phone option.
  • Step 4: Now in about phone Scroll down and tap build number 5-7 times unless and until you see the option 'You are now a developer'.
  • Step 5:Now Go back and now Developer Options will appear in Your settings just Above the About Phone option.
  • Now Tap on it Now you have to turn on the toggle seen at the Top.
  • Step 6: Now You have to Open Developer Options in your Phone YUphoria  and just turn on the option " Advanced reboot"
  • Step 7: scroll down  You will see the option "turn off Update Cyanogen recovery"
  • Turn it off.
  • Step 8:Now Just go down and turn on the option Android/USB Debugging.

  • Keep a  backup of all your data in the Internal Memory to be safe as your bootloader may or may not be unlocked.
  • Make sure  That you  have at least 35% battery In your phone to avoid Unexpected failures.

  • Download and install PdaNet Drivers to connect your YUphoria to PC in stand-by mode.
  • Download YUphoria Root from this link:YUphoria Root Files-click-here-to-download
  • *Copy in your PC/laptop.
  •  Extract/Unzip the  YUphoria Root Files.
  • Now  Install adb-setup-1.4.2.exe
  •  Now paste the ( file in Your Internal Memory or SD card of your YUphoria Phone.

Always Check the latest version of from the link below  before using it.
-=>Now You have to Download YUphoria CWM recovery if you want to flash  your CWM custom recovery.

Download LINKS:

  1. PdaNet-clickheretodownload(Necessary adb driver)
  2.  YUphoria Root Files-click-here-to-download
  3. YUphoria CWM Recovery-click-here-to-download (This recovery should be pasted in YUphoria Rooting folder for flashing)
  4. Latest

Note: Better use latest TWRP and Copy and paste it into YUphoria Root Files before flashing.

Steps to Root:

  • First Connect your YUphoria with computer/Laptop
  • Now Install PdaNet drivers in your PC/Laptop while connecting YUphoria in standby mode.
  • NOW You have to Press  Power button and now  select and  hold Reboot.
  • You will be  getting  four options in that . Select the one which states Bootloader.
  • Fastboot Mode or bootloader will be now be visible To  ur YUphoria.
  • Now  Navigate to the extracted YUphoria Root Files folder located in your PC and now open YUphoria rooting.
  • Now press The Shift key on your keyboard, right click in that folder in blank area and Open Command Prompt there. The command prompt will now open up.
  • Run the following command in command prompt for confirming that your YUphoria is detected by PC in Fastboot Mode or it has not detected.
fastboot -i 0x2A96 devices
The device should be  detected to proceed further.
Now check whether bootloader is locked or unlocked by running following command in your command prompt:

fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem device-info
If it is unlocked,no need to unlock the  bootloader.
If not true, you have to unlock the bootloader by running the following command:
CODE:fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock

Caution: Keep Backup of your data before going running the above command as unlocking the bootloader will erase all your data.

AND NOW RUN the BELOW COMMAND to flash the custom recovery:
To flash latest TWRP (64-bit)
Type the CODE:fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery TWRP_v2.8,7.0_Yuphoria.img
While flashing TWRP (64-bit) recovery-
Type the CODE:fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery twrp.img
To flash CWM (64-bit) recovery-
CODE:fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img

  • Now After successful successful attempt,Disconnect the data cable from your YUphoria and  press Volume Up+Volume Down+Power button Together.
  • By this YUphoria will booted into recovery mode TWRP which is  flashed by you.
  • Now just Select and Choose zip from /sdcard > 0/ >Select >Yes +Install
  • Go Back and Select The Wipe Cache Partition and then  Yes Wipe.
  • Now It will take about  2-3 minutes to wipe it .
  • Now just Select advanced and select Wipe Dalvik Cache and then Yes Wipe.
  • YEAH NOW ATLAST Select Reboot System Now >THEN Yes - Fix Root
Note : It may take  time to reboot the device  depending upon the apps you have in your phone. So, please Be patient.

Congratulations,Now Your YUphoria phone  is finally rooted.
Final note: For checking that you have successfully rooted your device or not, just download Root Checker app from google  playstore.
Stay Happy and comment if any problem below!!!

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Use Facebook And Blocked Websites In School Anonymously

I know how it feels, when you want to visit your favorite website online and it is blocked by the institute or college administration. As a student, I continously faced the problem in my college days, fb was blocked in our pc of laboratory, no one can enter these sort of social web site through our institution network.
But, We were the students and sure, we discovered the way to access these sites, right here is the key that i am going to share with you guys. THOUGH Many social networking web sites and different websites are blocked in institution, to unblock these web sites essentially the most efficient way is to use proxy sites or proxy servers. However lots of the proxy websites are already blocked in faculties and those web sites which aren't blocked takes quite a few time to load a designated internet site.
So i've created a record of fine 5 free proxy sites that helps you to quite simply surf on-line. The best section is these websites may not be blocked on your university as they aren't so Famous on web.
Use Facebook And Blocked Websites In School Anonymously
Use Facebook And Blocked Websites In School Anonymously

What's a Proxy Server/ web site ?

  • Proxy server acts as an middleman server between you and the site you are surfing. It no longer simplest enables you to access blocked websites but in addition allows you to to surf internet anonymously.
  • * This permits us to open/unblock web sites at institution, school and place of work that are otherwise blocked.

List Of prime Free Proxy sites

i've given the best info about Proxy websites by means of the web that works good for me and I have tested personally.
HideMyAss.Com :Today according to the record of top 10 satisfying proxies in 2015 in which HideMyAss is top and this is my personal favourite. It is entirely featured proxy that supplies steam-less downloading.
New IP Now -
I observed New IP Now the fine for the reason that it has the potential to change multiple proxies (nearly sixteen) each time even as surfing the net.
With Proxify which you can easily access any websites with full speed . Unlike most different nameless net proxies, Proxify helps encryption through the SSL and HTTPS network protocols to make your approach  Anonymous.
Proxy.Org is yet a different wonderful proxy which replace your web sites. You can easily sort  as per country IP Address and you can change the SSL proxies
A rapid proxy internet site for these persons who need to visit the blocked internet sites.
You will get the access you wish from the above facebook login proxies. This Facebook proxy is mainly created to access facebook from blocked colleges, offices/school. This site helps you to access facebook anonymously.
Here are the below 50+ more proxy websites that may be working as they may be so popular :
Safe Proxy
Private Surf
ZacebookPK Proxy-
Europe Proxy
My Red Proxy
VPN Browse
Web Proxy Free
Cant Block This
Star Doll Proxy
HideMyAss UK
PRO Unblock
Proxy 4 Freedom
WebSurf Proxy
Fish Proxy
DZ Hot
FB Proxies
America Proxy
Suede Proxy
PK Proxy
To Proxy
London Proxy
Kr Proxy
Brazil Proxy
Canada Proxy
US Proxy
kProxy Site
Xite Now
Hidden Digital
Surf For Free
Intern Cloud
Singapore Proxy

Saturday 24 October 2015

How to Tag all Friends in Single Click on Facebook

Many people on facebook want to tag all their facebook friends in a fb status..So GEEKSGYAN is back with an amazing trick from which  you can  tag your entire friends in a facebook photo/reputation with a just  single click in seconds.This trick works good  and i have tested it. One of the best  method is to notify all friends for the status that you have posted as Posting status is not enough to attract audience, we are able to achieve this via tagging them. So I got here up with this tutorial which demonstrates how to tag all friends on fb with a single click on. There is  a script that enable us to do so, the script is in most cases termed as autotag script.........

Steps To Tag all Friends in Facebook Comments:

#Open any photo/fame/video/any publish wherein you want to tag your all buddies in a new Tab.

#in case you are using chrome then hit Ctrl + Shift + J to open javascript console and if  you are using firefox then hit Ctrl + Shift + k to open javascript console.

#now copy this script  and paste it into javascript console

# now you will get a box with a message,,,

#now paste the  fb  id number of posts of which you want to tag friends,,
for example :copy the status link:

Then the copy the fb id from the link iwhich is in red colour  1654611491445910 as above and paste it in the box and hit enter,,,,

Wait after a couple of minutes it will say tagging completed refresh the web page.After that refresh the page ,,.Congrats! You could have now  tagged all your friends in  facebook comments
Please dont be selfish and share this publish on social media sites to help us!....
If you are having any queries related to this  please freely  comment below.


How to protect your blog posts from getting copied

These are the best tips and tricks to prevent your blog from being copied.Every blogger doesn't wants his article to be copied by anyone's because everyone wants to provide a best valued content for their readers.There are few copiers on internet who copy articles.Not only they copy,But sometimes those articles copied by them ranks well on Google due to their old domain ageCopying is now became a part of the Internet's DNA.It is not OK to copy anyone's article.But here are some few methods  by which we can do some efforts to make it hard for stealer to copy our blog posts. It is not possible to stop content plagiarism by 100%,But still we can put some effort,,

Reasons for copying article's

1.)No waste of time
2.)No efforts
3.)No watermarks on blogger's posts


Register your site at DMCA:

DMCA protection is the best way to get bullet proof protection from stealers.Register on and put the code of DMCA protection on your blog/website.If anyone copies your content Google can take down your website.
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is strict copyright principles for digital content material. No one wants to get a DMCA takedown.Of you are using wordpress,Usethis WordPress plug into place a DMCA badge to your sidebar, in a distinguished function so each person can see it.

Use Image watermark protection:

I think this is the cheap and most effective way to discourage the stealer to copy the article because if they copy the watermarked image on his blog,it display your blogs logo so everybody will come to know that this image is copied.

Use Copyscape Service:

By using copyscape you can easily track the stealers/copycats who copy your content.This is not free service it charges five cents for each search.If you really love your content and don't want anybody to copy you can go for this,,

Disable Right-Click on blog:

By disabling Right-Click on your blog prevents the stealers to copy/steal your blog posts.
If you are using WordPress, then you can use this plugin wp-copyprotect
Get this at here

Add Copyright footer:

These are  easy way to add to your site. You can place the notice right in your footer. For example:
© 2014


Irrespective of how a lot work you set into defending your work, Scrappers and computer systems will steal it. The web is a copy machine.That's the character of the beast. Which you could simply accept it, after which take measures to make it less damaging to your blog and your online business.After Google panda updates it’s is highly recommended to protect your contents from getting copied by some number of websites, which may outcome as Google Panda.
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