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Thursday 19 May 2016

Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced

Real Review of Sony PlayStation: Games Enjoyed and Problems Faced
I am a big gaming lover. I am using Sony PS since the launch of its first iteration. Over the years, I have tried various other products like Xbox, some local made gaming devices (which claims to be more efficient that PlayStation and Xbox) but believe me PS is the device/console that I have spent my most of the time with. As I am using it for quite a long time now and am comfortable with most of its functions/controls so that might be the reason why I am using it the most when it comes to gaming consoles. Here I will share true review of gaming on PlayStation.

At first I will share the problems that I have faced so far with all my PlayStations.

Problems with PlayStation

Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced
Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced

1. Cinavia Message Codes

I have faced this problem while playing some audio/video clue on my console. Cinavia Message Codes are great means of stopping the piracy but sometime . One of my home made disks was identified copyrighted by Cinavia protection. I love Cinavia and its features but sometime it behaves weird. Thankfully there are ways to fix Cinavia errors.


YLOD stands for Yellow Light of Death and starts with light beeps of yellow and red colors. This has happened three times with my PS3 and PS4 (two times with PS3 and 1 time with PS4). Root level of YLOD is temperature so please try to use your console (or at least keep your console) well within the defined limits. You can yourself repair YLOD infected PS or can get it repaired from Sony Outlets Centers as well.

3. Temperature

As I just mentioned above, temperature is one of the root cause of most of the PS evils. You should try your level best to keep gaming console under given limits. Temperature around 25 Degrees Celsius is generally considered good. Please keep an active eye on air vends as if they blocks they can easily contribute in increasing the inner temperature of PlayStation.
These are some of the problems that I have faced so far with all PlayStations.

Gaming Experience with Sony PlayStation

Now let’s share the positive side of gaming experience with Sony PS. I have used variety of gaming devices till now. I love exploring each of them. Main reason why I put Sony ahead of all the competitors is the easy design and controls. Xbox is not much behind Sony on this part (in fact, controls are super easy on Xbox too) but still PS has slighter positive edge on this aspect.
Variety of games is the other reason why I can’t think of other gaming consoles. NFS, FIFA, GTA are few of my favorite games that I am playing since the 1st iteration of PlayStation. I somewhere do not find it cool to leave my memories behind and try them on any different console.
These are few of the reason why I love Sony PlayStation and what all problems I have faced till now.

Top 5 SEO Optimized Free WordPress Themes

The theme or template you choose for your blog not only represents the elegancy of your blog but it also represents your mindset. 

So choosing the perfect blogging theme is one of the most important part of your blogging journey. But the problem is that if you are a regular blogger then you have at least 15-20 sites to manage and if you are a new blogger then you have limited money. 

In both conditions if you decide to pay for the templates of each one of your blogs then you will probably have to sell yourself in order to pay all the bills. 

But don't worry, there are plenty of free WordPress themes available for your use. And today we have brought you a list of Top 5 SEO optimized Free WordPress themes

Top 5 SEO Optimized Free WordPress Themes
Top 5 SEO Optimized Free WordPress Themes

Top 5 SEO Optimized Free WordPress Themes

5. Moesia


Moesia is something for the companies or services who are looking to create a landing page about their product with a strong portfolio. 

It allows you to display the best qualities of your product yet it's simple enough to keep the brand image alive. The best thing about the theme is that it's responsive so you can present a strong first impression of your product in front of mobile users too.



4. Hueman


If you are looking to start a blog in entertainment niche then Hueman is probably the best free WordPress theme for you. It's simple yet colourful presence is perfect for posts which require lots of different colour shades. 

The simple design is good for both single and multi niche blogs or if you like you can start with a single subject and go on for making it multiniche. 

Demo -


3. Resolution


The bright coloured Resolution is a great free magazine WordPress theme. It has almost everything you need to build a multi niche blog with great earning potentials. 

We have a simple slider and sections to display all the content without being too messy. Then the header and sidebar parts give you enough space for image and text ads. 

The best thing is that neither of these two components overshadows the other so your readers will be able to enjoy the content without being distracted but they will also be able to notice the ads as they follow the Adsense heat Map.



2. Patus


The most unique one in the list, Patus is best for making a personal blog or a virtual diary. It's best for people who are looking to start a blog just for sharing their thoughts with the world. 

The simple and colourful design is like a blank canvas for you to paint it with your thoughts. It's also good for people bloggers who are looking to digitalise their journey online. 



1. Point


And finally, the best things in the world are simple and so is this awesome template. The template is simple and does not impose any special colour on your content. 

Means doesn't matter if you are looking for a template for your next niche blog or you are ready to make your Internet brand, this template is the perfect pick for your needs. 

And it also allows you to put ads on all the right places to ensure that you do not lose any single earning opportunity. 



Wrap up

We have tried to create a list of best free WordPress themes which fulfil all kinds of blogging needs. Do let us know in comments how successful we have been in our efforts.

Friday 13 May 2016

Top 5 Video Watermark Softwares for Windows

Adding a watermark in my photo/video is one of the most exciting parts of creating a video for me.

Whenever I use a watermark it gives me a feel of personal attachment with the video. Once you have added the watermark, you know that anybody who will see the video will also know who created it.

A watermark also gives you the much-required protection against republication of your video. Nobody else can claim that it's their video thus you get full credit for your hard work. 

What is a watermark? 

For the fellas who don't know, a watermark is a piece of text or image we can add into the screen along with the video. So whenever you run the video, you will also see that text or photo giving knowledge about the creator. 

A watermark should be visible enough for people to see it but also transparent enough to make sure that it doesn't hide any part of the screen. Also, it should be in the right place so it cannot be cut off by any video editor, but it should also not distract the viewer from the action going on the screen. 

And if you have to take care of all these things correctly, then you'll need a good video watermark software. So we have brought you a list of top 5 video watermark adder software-

Top 5 Video Watermark Softwares for Windows

5. Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is a watermark application which is specially made for windows. You can add a text or image as your watermark. 

If you choose to add text then there are lots of formatting options for you such as different fonts, sizes etc. You can also set a specific duration for the text to appear. 

4. Format Factory

Format factory is a multi-purpose app which aims to provide all video editing options in one software. It has a basic watermark adder which is easy to use. 

Along with the watermark adder, you can convert all types of videos and change them into your preferred format. If you want to distribute your video on different devices then this is the best app for you.

3. Jahshaka

Jahshaka is an open source software. That means that it's source code is available for anyone who would like to improve the app.

That's why the app is available for almost all major operating systems such as mac, windows, and Ubuntu. The app is focused on watermarking so you'll find lots of editing options too.

2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is another great app for adding watermarks. It's a multi-feature app. So you'll find many video formatting options along with the option to add a watermark in windows. 

1. Video Watermark Factory

The best video watermark adder for windows we could found is Video Watermark Factory. It's a great app and comes in a tiny package of 5 MB.

You can add watermark, trim your video, add different filters and convert your video in any chosen format. The app is available for all versions of Windows so you won't have to worry if you are using any older version.

Wrap up

So this was our post on the best watermark software for windows. Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box

Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog

Blogging is a tough job to do. You need to put a lot of efforts and time in order to build a successful blog. But all your dreams can get demolished in a minute if a hacker finds a backdoor to hack your site.

That's why using proper security measures for your blog is necessary. But the problem is, that despite being used by millions of bloggers, WordPress it self does not have enough security features.

But thank god, they have given full control to users by allowing various types of plugins. There are lots of different additional security plugins available for WordPress users which you can use.

So today we have brought you a list of top 5 WordPress security plugins
Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog
Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

5. 6Scan Security

6scan security

6Scan Security is a great automated security plugin for WordPress. As the name suggests it's a security scanner which scans all your files and protects your site from threats like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF, Directory traversal, the Remote file including, DOS attack and more.

But that's not all, a feature we liked very much is that it not only scans any possible vulnerability but also automatically fixes it with its auto-fix server-side agent solution.

4. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All in One WP Security And Firewall
All in One WP Security And Firewall

The list of security features that come with this plugin is as long as it's name. It blocks the possibilities of Brutal Force attack and locks the admin panel if somebody tries to do so.

Another great feature us that it keeps a record of username, IP and login date time of all website users so it's great for bigger blogs with forum alike facilities. Its online firewall provides real-time security against XSS, CSRF, SQL injection and other possible threats.

3. Acunetix WP Security scan



Acunetix is a well-known security company. So it's security tool is also one of the most trusted in this list. As the name suggests, it scans all of your hosting files and informs you about any possible vulnerability.

A notable feature is that it removes all the unnecessary details from the front end of your website which can be used for hacking such as theme update information, plugin update information, really simple discover meta tag, WordPress version, Windows live write meta tag, versions of different scripts etc.

2. Sucuri Security

Sucuri security

This WordPress security plugin from the famous web security and auditing company Sucuri is like an all in one security machine. It protects your website from DOS attack, Zero Day Disclosure Patches, brute force attacks and all other scanner attacks.

And not only that, it comes with lots of additional security features such as security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, and website firewall. Together, all these features are enough to save you from any well-known security risk.

1. WordFence


The developers of this plugin have done as much hard work in building this plugin as they have done while thinking the name for it. And both things are very much near of being perfect.

The plugin not only regularly checks all website files for any malware but also makes your website faster. The plugin uses Falcom caching engine and claim to make your website 50 times faster.

The plugin blocks bruteforce attack and can add two-factor authentication via SMS. You can also block traffic from a specific country. There are lots of additional features for keeping an eye on your website in real time. If you like the free version you can buy the premium one.

Wrap up

So these were the best WordPress plugins we found. Which features do you expect from a good security plugin? do tell us in the comments box


Thursday 5 May 2016

How To Increase Adsense CPC to Double Your Earnings

You may know lots of bloggers who spend day and night working but still struggle to make little money, and there are bloggers who spent their days enjoying and having fun and still make more money than others.

Want to know the secret? It's CPC.

CPC or cost per click is the money Adsense or any other Ad network pays when someone clicks on the ad you have placed on your site.

But how does it connects with the party-junkie Money making blogger? Let me explain. 

Let's say you and your rival have a site about food. And your average CPC is $0.05 and your rival blogger has a CPC of $.50. That means the money you'll earn from 10 clicks ($0.05 x 10 = $ 0.50), your rival will earn it in just one click (1 x $ 0.50 = $ 0.50).

It means your rival will have to do only 1/10th of work to earn the same money as you. Cool isn't it? And if he can have a higher CPC then why can't you? 

We believe everyone should be earning according to their hard work. That's why today we have brought you a handful of methods to increase your CPC Naturally. 

This guide includes methods for both people who are looking to start a new site and people who already own one. 
How To Increase Adsense CPC
How To Increase Adsense CPC

How to increase your CPC?

Increasing your CPC is not a tweak that can be done in a day, rather than it's a series of things you need to do for a month or so and your CPC will increase slowly. 

So we have made a list of methods you can try one by one to and each one of them increases your earnings a little, if used correctly together, they will give you an unimaginable boost in your earnings-

Method 1- Choose the correct Niche

If you haven't started your blog yet or you are looking to start a new one, then you should concentrate on Niche selection more than anything else. 

Top bloggers have suggested that they spend more than 1/4th or their time in finding the right Niche and Keywords. And believe me, it does pay off.

Google shows ads according to the content in your Web page and they are directly related to your Niche. If you select a good high paying Niche then your CPC would automatically be higher than other low paying niches, hence, you will automatically earn more. 

People who choose Adsense to show their ads are only ready to pay as much as they can afford. 

Because of this, Niches which are directly related to selling things such as phone accessories and computer parts automatically have high CPC and niches which do not sell anything like dating. 

But don't get too excited, high CPC also means that the competition for that niche will also be higher and you'll need more money and time to rank for that keyword, so be sure to choose a niche which pays more but also the one that has low competition. 

Pro tip- if you are only able to find high CPC but high competition niches, then try to think a relative keyword. For example, if competition for Captain America T-Shirts are too high then you can try to make a blog about Captain America socks and you'll still have a fair amount of high CPC ads related to the T-Shirts. 

Method 2. Choose (and do not choose) the right keywords

How many times it has been said that you should choose the highest paying keywords? But still you end up having a low CPC.

And the culprit is the same- keywords. People often forget that Google's algorithm to choose the perfect ads for your site is more or less a robot. So if have used the high paying keyword once but there are 5-6 more low paying keywords in the same post then it's more likely that you will have low CPC.

So while choosing keywords for your post, do add necessary keywords required for ranking but also keep in mind that you have to eliminate low paying keywords from your post before publishing. 

If you have already published your post with low CPC keywords then you should edit your post and remove the unnecessary low paying keywords. 

Method 3. Block Unnecessary ad categories

By default, Adsense shows User Based ads means they show the ads that are most likely to be clicked by the user rather than which are related to your website to your site.

For example, if a user has previously clicked on an ad related to dating (which is a low CPC niche, remember?) And then he opens your site then it's most likely that Adsense will show ads about dating on your site too, doesn't matter what your site topic is.

But don't worry, Adsense also gives you the power to turn this off. Just open your Adsense account, go to the Allow & block ads tabs and select the Ad serving option. There uncheck the 'Show user based ads' option and you are done. 

Other tweaks

Above mentioned three techniques play the most crucial role in showing high paying ads on your blog, but still there are numerous other small tips and tricks to increase your Adsense CPC. So we have made a list of such tweaks which you can use and increase Adsense CPC -

  1. Use responsive ads to make sure your ads are attractive enough on all platforms, especially smartphones. 
  2. Try to get more traffic from high paying countries like US and UK.
  3. Use text and Image ads instead of only text ads. Also, follow the Adsense heat map and avoid using all the available ad spots, Instead place ads on 1-2 places which give you the most CTR.
  4. Avoid fake clicks/low-quality clicks which don't become conversions. It triggers Google Smart Pricing and your earnings will drop drastically. 
  5. Keep experimenting!!

Wrap up

Doesn't matter how much the online world changes, few things remain the same. And choosing the right Keyword/Ad combination is one of them. 

So start spending more time on choosing the best keywords for you to earn more money. And do tell us your experience about increasing Adsense CPC in the comment section.

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Mobdro apk for Android Free Download

Mobdro apk for android Free Download : Download Mobdro Pro Apk 

Mobdro apk for Android Free Download
Mobdro apk for Android Free Download

Download the mobdro apk for your android device to stream all the exclusive TV shows in full high definition from anywhere anytime directly on your android smart phone or tablet. Download the mobdro apk now and bring your TV to your smart phone will all the latest movies one click away on your android smartphone. Download the TV shows and YouTube videos on your smartphone using the mobdro apk. 

What do you usually do with your smart phone to kill time when you are bored? Mobile games are a total pain in the head, they make you feel a lot sleepy and get boring in a matter of minutes. You need something exiting that can make you feel relaxed as well at the same time. 

What if I say you can bring the comfort and relaxation of your living room to your smartphone? Now catch the missed episodes of your favorite TV show I full high definition on your android smartphone form anywhere in the world. 
Download YouTube videos on your android smartphone, take unlimited episode of ant exclusive TV show offline on your device and transfer it to any other android device and share it with your friends. Watch all the media content in full high definition on the screen on your android smart phone just one tap away. 

Mobdro Apk Alternatives

Netflix and Hulu are some of the leading apps in the segment of portable entertainment apps and they are currently dominating the segment but they are slowly losing their customers and you will consider leaving them too if you tried the mobdro apk for your android once. The Netflix and Hulu apps let you watch TV shows and some of the movies on your device but you will have to pay extra to enjoy those movies and TV shows in full high definition. Also you will need to pay extra if you are using the Netflix or Hulu app on different devices at once, these are some of the major setbacks of using these paid apps to enjoy TV on your android device. 

One premium feature that is missing from these paid apps is that you do not get to download any of the TV shows and movies that you are watching on your android device. The Netflix and Hulu do not allow you to take the media offline that you watch on your android smart phone or tablet. You can not share the content you are watching on Netflix and Hulu whereas the mobdro apk lets you download all the episodes that you watch using the apk on your android. You can download all the media content on your android and then share it with any other android device and with your friends. 

Moviebox is a considerable alternative of the mobdro apk, you can watch most of the TV shows on the moviebox apk. The moviebox apk lets you watch many new movies in high quality but not full high definition. You can listen to songs on the moviebox apk may it be Bollywood or Hollywood. The moviebox apk also lets you download the media you watch on the app. You can also share the media you download using the moviebox app with your friends and other android devices. 

How to Download Mobdro Apk for Android 

You can download the mobdro apk for a number of operating systems. We have provided download links for almost all the device out there, you can download the mobdro apk for android as well as mobdro for iPhone and for iPad. Also need not to mention, mobdro for pc can also be downloaded for free.
Download the mobdro apk for your android smartphone by following the below given steps. 

  • First download the mobdro apk for android using our provided active download links. 
  • Now open the downloaded apk file of the mobdro apk using any preinstalled file manager on your device.
  • Now install the apk on your android device and open the mobdro apk when done. 

After some usual sign procedure, you are ready to go. 
Thank you for downloading the mobdro apk for android, feel free to leave your quarries regarding the mobdro apk for android using the comment section below, we will be happy to help you within twenty fours. v

Tuesday 3 May 2016

How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide

Backlink. If you  have decided to become a blogger, then this word is probably going to be the most important word of your future life. 

You gonna spend your days building backlinks and your nights thinking about them. And your mind won't be able to stop thinking about it in the times in between.

But what the heck backlink even is? And why it is so important? And how do you build them? Well, we have collected the answer for you in this ultimate guide to build backlinks.
How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide
How To Build High Quality Backlinks: A complete Guide

What is backlink?

Backlinks are links coming from any other site or any other page from your own site coming to a Webpage. 

In simple words when any other site has a link to your site on their own web page, then it's considered a backlink. For example, if a site has a page about backlinks and for better understanding they mention the link of this article which you are reading, then it will be considered a backlink for this site.

Why are backlinks so important?

So now you know what is a backlink. But why are backlinks so important? Let me explain. 

In order to earn any money from your website, you need real people to visit your site. Anybody who visits your site is called a visitor. 

Now the easiest and the largest way of getting a visitors for your website is ranking your page in Google. Google page ranks are decided by the reputation of the site.

And in order to earn a reputation for your site, you need backlinks from other sites. All these backlinks are relative. Means the amount of trust the site which gives you a backlink has, the more trusted your site will become. 

Another word you should learn is Link Juice. Link juice is a meter for measuring the amount of trust the other site is giving you. 

If a site is giving you a backlink but it's not passing any link juice then the link is of no use. And if you get a single backlink from a site which passes more link juice from 100 other backlinks from other sites, then that one backlink will be more valuable than other hundred backlinks.

Make Quality Backlinks

Backlink Doesn't matters,Quality matters.
When search engine like Google calculates the relevance of a site to a keyword, they consider number of quality backlinks Pointing to that site.

Backlinks Quality is determined through several methods. When a website links to your site related to your niche,then such inbound links are considered to more relevant. 

On the other hand,If inbound backlinks are found on websites with other niche(unrelated contents), then it is considered to be less relevant. 

In other words,higher the relevance of inbound links, greater is the quality.

For example, if you have a blog related to Apple and you created a link from other website related to apples, then it will be considered more relevant as a  search engine's assessment than a link from a site about mangoes. 

This is very Important Factor for Search Engine optimiziation because many search engines give more importance to websites that has a good number of high quality backlinks and it considers those websites more relevant than other website's in their Search engine results pages for a search query.

Avoid Building Low Quality Backlinks.

  1. Websites deindexed by Google
  2. Websites penalized by Google
  3. Websites with duplicated content
  4. Websites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines
  5. Websites totally banned by Google
  6. Websites with bad neighborhood (sites linking to low quality sites).

Guide of Building Backlinks

So now you have enough knowledge about backlinks. Now is the time to actually learn how to create backlinks. There are numerous ways to build backlinks and we have listed all of them with the possible blog type you should use them for. 

However, links which pass very less link juice are also important for your site. Do follow Backlinks are links which tell Google that the site wants to pass its reputation to the other site. And no follow links are the ones that tell that the backlink giving site does not want Google to associate its reputation with the other site.

1. Guest Posting

The first way of building backlinks are by guest posting, lots of sites offer to give a backlink for a written post. To get a backlink by guest posting, you need to find a blog which gives backlinks for posts. 

You can find such blogs by searching on Google. Once you find a blog which allows guest posts for links, you have to write a good post related to the topic of that site and then send it to the owner requesting him a link.

Best for- Long term blogs, niche blogs

2. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is another good way of getting valuable links for your blog. You have your site associated with your profile, so when you comment on any other site using that profile, it gives you a link.

Blog comment links do not give you much link juice so you'll need lots of such links to make a difference. 

Best for- Long Term blogs(not recommended), Niche blogs, event blogs

3. Directory Submission

Looking for easy backlinks? Directory submission is the way. These directory websites work like a telephone directory, but instead of telephone numbers they keep the record of websites. 

You can find such sites via Google and then submit your site for review. Once it's reviewed by the admin, he will add it into the directory by creating a page for it and you'll get a link from it.

Best for- Event blogs, Niche blogs

4. Infographic submission

Just like blog directories, there are lots of sites where you can submit self-made Infographics and get a link from it.

All you have to do is find such sites using Google, then create a good Infographic and submit it there. Mention your site in the description box and you got an easy link. 
Below are some websites where you can submit your infographics: (PR7) PR5) (PR4) (PR3)

Best for- Event blogs, Niche blogs

5. Bought Links

Lots of bloggers hesitate to accept it, but yes people do buy links for their blog. Getting a link from big sites with high authority(trust) can literally boost your SEO rankings. 

But most such sites do not sell links. Instead, you can contact their writers and pay them for getting a link. One such link can cost you from $50 to $500 dollars and even more. 

Another example of buying links are paid reviews. People who have launched a new service. They want to rank their website as well as advertise their product. So they pay blog owners to post a review about their product and insert a link to their web page in the review. 

Best for- Long term brand blogs 

6. Web 2.0 links

Links from sites which are based on a sub domain and hosted for free are called web 2.0 links. Blogspot sites are the prime example of such site.

And yes let other people say what they want to say, if a 2.0 blog has good authority than a link coming from them will definitely affect your rankings. People mostly build some web 2.0 blogs by themselves to get a link from them for their main blog.

Best for- Authority blogs

7. Forum links

Methods such as guest posting are secure for long term blogs but they are too time-consuming. Don't worry forum links are there to make the save.

Question answer forums such as quora allow you to add your blog link in your profile. And when you answer any question, you get a link for it. They are considered the most secure way of getting free links. 

There are lots of forums on different topics so you can choose them according to your blog niche.

Best for- long term blogs, authority blogs

8. PBN links

Probably the most guarded secret in all of the blogging world. Yes, they do exist and almost all of the big bloggers have their own set of blogs with medium authority. 

They are mostly only built for keywords which have very high CPC. And if Google catches one of them, then they'll punish all the blogs. So be very careful with them.

Mostly people who want to rank for a very tough keyword build a series of blogs in the same niche. And then they give links from all those blogs to their main blog to rank it.

People also build multi-niche networks to dominate multiple niches. But getting authority for such blogs will be harder and more time consuming. 

Best for- Blogs looking to rank for high competition keywords such as motor Insurance. 

9. Respond to questions on Quora

This is the best and foremost way to attract the attention of the online users towards your business and services.Quora is hub of people's looking for help. All you have to do is search for keywords related to your industry, and you will see many questions related to your keyword.
Answer the question, and if there is a specific post or article written on your blog that helps the question,then you can link to it.
Best For -Long Term blogs.

10.Submit website to websites Feedback site's.

There are number of websites on internet that are designed to help you to get feedback on your blog layout/theme.And you san easily get a high quality backlink to your website.
For. example

Wrap up

These were the prime techniques people use to get backlinks for their blogs. But as I always say- Experiment is the key. So keep experimenting and keep looking for new link building opportunities. 
if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment box.

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