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Wednesday 29 June 2016

20 Best WhatsApp Tricks And Hacks 2020

Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging app in all mobile platform like android,java,blackberry,iOs,etc.You just need the internet connection on your phone and you can enjoy Many features of WhatsApp like sending unlimited messages/photos/videos/documents to anyone.The best thing is that it's free of cost.You might not be knowing that there are a number of WhatsApp tricks that works like a charm.But many of us don't know that there are lots of hidden features of WhatsApp.So today in this article I will reveal some amazing WhatsApp tricks and hacks.
20 Best WhatsApp Tricks And Hacks 2016
20 Best WhatsApp Tricks And Hacks 2016 

1. Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture
This trick is just for pranking your friends.By using this trick You can change your friend’s DP into any other Picture.

  1. First, Choose any profile picture like cat,monkey or any image for your friend.
  2. Now Copy your friend’s profile picture name located in WhatsApp >> Profile Pictures and delete that pic.
  3.  Now use that image which you have selected in first step and Resize it using any photo editor to this dimension 561×561 pixels.
  4. Save this image with your friend's pic name which you have copied before.
  5. Now Save this image to WhatsApp >> Profile Pictures.
  6. Now Disable data network.
  7. Now you have successfully changed your friend profile picture.

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2.Read Your Friends Chat/messages

This trick can be done in a very easy way.
Initially, you must do is, go to the Whatsapp folder of the victim and then go to the Database folder.
Here,You will see two files mainly.


Note: WhatsApp has encrypted all data in with crypt2, crypt5, crypt7, crypt8 form. That means  that is very hard for the developers to hack the database files and read all chat messages.

After finding these two documents, copy these files and compress it in a zip file and send it via Bluetooth to your phone.

 Now, you need to decrypt WhatsApp database into encrypted form. There are tons of software available on Google Play store like  Crypt-Db converter, Whatcrypt,  Tri-Crypt or omni-crypt.

We shall use Omni-crypt. Considering that, it easy to use. And it does not require Root Access  Download Omni-crypt. Click on here.

Then you may have several options on the menu. 

Convert the modern CRYPT7, CRYPT6 or CRYPT5 to the usual CRYPT

Now Let's check which version of encryption is in our database files which you have copied to your sd card, For example, msgstore.Db.Crypt5, msgstore.Db.Crypt8, msgstore.Db.Crypt2 . Numbers will outline your database version

Now  If, you database version is, Crypt5  Then select the first option of Omni-crypt. If, database version is Encrypt6, Encrpt7, Encrpt8. Then go for the third option. (To use the third option you need to root your device. )

 Now, when the decrypting process is finished. Then, We need to make the database in the readable format.

 Now  open WhatCrypt.Com and upload your files there, and then hit on down load ZIP. And afterwards, download it and read the conversations of your friends or  girlfriends.
NOTE:This is Just for Educational Purposes.

3.SEND ANY FILE(Like apk) On WhatsApp

There are certain limitations in Whatsapp that Doesn't allow you to send apk files.But here is a simple trick to send apk files through WhatsApp.

Simply Follow the below Steps:
Suppose you want to send an APK file through WhatsApp.

  1. First, download ES FILE Manager from google play store.
  2. Now open your File Manager and rename the apk file which you want to send.Now add remove .apk and add .mp4 at end of the word.
  3. This will change the extension of apk file to mp4 format.
  4. Now Send this file through WhatsApp to your friend.
  5. Now,Tell your friend to download that video and rename that file from .mp4 to .apk
  6. Now your friend can use this apk file.

4.Get yourself unblock when someone blocked you On Whatsapp

Follow the below Steps To Get Unblock Yourself From Someone Whatsapp ?

  1. First, Open Your Whatsapp account and then navigate To Setting and Then switch to Account
  2. Now Click On Delete Account.
  3. Now Enter Your Mobile Number and Click On Delete My Account Confirm (Don't worry Guys)
  4. Now After this Login on WhatsApp Again. 
  5. Enter your same mobile Number and Verify it and Now you will See that you are unblock from all who Block You.

5.Destroy Your Friends Whatsapp Without Knowing Them 

 By using this simple trick you can destroy  anyone's WhatsApp account by using an android app(little KBS).

How To Destroy and Force close Someone Whatsapp By App ?

  1. Initially Download An App namely Whatsapp Bomber- Download Now
  2. Now Install It And open this WhatsApp bomber
  3. Now Select the level of Attack .
  4. Use level 5 if your friend uses a high type of mobile.
  5. After choosing level 5 or more and click to send then after your WhatsApp will open now choose the contact on which you wants to attack.
  6. After choosing your victim chat will open now hold tap on type box and paste the code which you copy from Bomber 
  7. Now press on send and wait for 30 seconds, the message will send automatically.

6.Use Whatsapp On The Web


  1. First Open on your computer. This is an official web version of WhatsApp. 
  2. Now Press the three vertical dots on your  phone, and select WhatsApp Web.
  3. Now Scan the QR code which will appear on your computer screen with your phone. 

Done! Now you can use WhatsApp without your phone.

7.Send All Your Conversations on Gmail

  1. Open Whatsapp and Go to any contact and press it.
  2. A popup will appear on your screen.
  3. Now click on Email Chat.

8.Get +1 secret US number on WhatsApp

 As we know that Whatsapp is a cool platform for messaging. Some users  wish to use Whatsapp anonymously. So here I'm offering  the step-by-step tutorial to get a secret US(+1) WhatsApp number which can be used for both messaging and calling. 
Follow the below steps to get Free +1 number

  1. First, download Voxox app from Google play store .
  2. Now  Open Voxox and click on sign up.
  3. Create an account  with your mobile number and fill other necessary details.
  4. Now Enter the OTP sent to your number.
  5. After successful signup, you have successfully created your  personal  +1 US calling  number.
  6. Click on on more in the higher bar to see your Vovox number.
  7. Now download  Whatsapp.
  8. Open newly downloaded  wWhatsAppand enter your Voxox number. ( if your Vovox number is like this: 2132676590, put it like this:(+1)2132676590
  9. Now wait for the OTP. You will get the OTP in the Voxox App and also within the registered e-mail id.
  10. Now enter the OTP which you got in the message.
  11. After entering the OTP, it will start automatically

Now you have successfully got a secret +1 US Whatsapp number.

9.)Create Custom Notification Ringtone for Chats

Follow these easy steps and Setup Custom Rings for each chat.

  1. First, Open WhatsApp and Go to the desired chat.
  2. Now Tap on the contact’s name where you can see your friend's DP and Status.
  3. Below the profile picture You will find a custom notifications option. Enable it.
  4. Now Change Notification tone, Popup notification (Enable/Disable), Vibration and also you can setup different Notification light for that chat.

10.Broadcast Message Feature

Follow these simple steps to create a broadcast message

  1. Open Whatsapp and Press the three-vertical dots on the top.
  2. Now Select “New Broadcast” option.
  3. Now Choose recipients which you want to add to your broadcast and tap on Create option.

Done.Now you have successfully created your broadcast group.

11.How to Spy On Someone Else Whatsapp

  1. Step 1: To spy on your friend's Phone,You need to borrow your Friend's phone.
  2. Step 2: Now Go to settings > About phone > Status> Wi-Fi MAC address.
  3. Note down this mac address on your phone or somewhere else.
  4. Step 3: Now uninstall WhatsApp in your android phone.
  5. Step 4: Now you need to change your WIFI Mac address to your friend’s one by using an app called spoofing mac.
  6. Step 5: Now Install WhatsApp on your phone.

Now verify your WhatsApp by the confirmation code sent to your friend’s phone.
Done.Now You have a replica of your friend's WhatsApp.Now whenever your friend will do anything on WhatsApp,you will all conversations to your phone
Note: This trick is just for educational purpose.Do not use this trick for any illegal purpose.

12.Hide Blue tick in WhatsApp

  1. First Download and Install Latest version of WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  2. Now Open WhatsApp and tap on three vertical dots located in the top right.
  3. Now Navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy.
  4. Uncheck Read receipts option.

13.Use Multiple WhatsApp On single Android Phone

Read This Trick here :

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Single Mobile Phone

14.Send Messages on WhatsApp in bold,strikethrough and italic Format

  1. To send a bold text : For sending messages in bold format,add an asterisk (*) before and after the word.For example, *hi*
  2. To send  Italics text :  For sending messages in Italics Format,add an underscore (_) before and after the word.For example  _hii_
  3.  For strikethrough: To give strikethrough effect,add a tilde (~) before and after the word: For example : ~hii~

15.Hiding Last Seen

To hide last seen of your whatsApp,follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to WhatsApp’s Settings->Account->Privacy
  2. Now choose Last seen option.
  3. Now select nobody.

Done.Now Nobody will be able to see your last seen status.
Note: If you hide your last seen, you won’t be able to see others’ last seen as well.

16.Check when a message was read

Whatsapp allows you to check when the text sent by you was read by the receiver.
Follow these simple steps to Check when a message was read

  1. Hold any message sent by you.
  2. Now Tap Info 
  3. Once you have done this you will be able to see the exact time of when the message was read and delivered.

17. Hide Whatsapp Images from your gallery

  1. First of all Download and Install ES File Explorer or any File explorer
  2. Now Go to sd card>WhatsApp>Media 
  3. Now enter Whatsapp Images folder which you want to hide from your gallery.
  4. Now Create a new file and rename this file as .nomedia

That's it.

18.Send Blank Message On WhatsApp

Follow these simple steps to send blank messages on WhatsApp to prank your friends.

  1. First Download Install Noword App.
  2. Now Open it and choose "WhatsApp" and "Send".
  3. Now , choose the WhatsApp contact  where you want to send the blank message.

With this, you'll be able to send a complete blank message.

19.Create Shortcut For Frequently Used Contacts

  1. First, Open your WhatsApp and Tap on any contact which you want to create a shortcut on your home screen.
  2. Now a popup will appear,select Add conversation shortcut.
  3. Done.shortcut will be created on your home screen.

20.Create Fake conversations of whatsApp

  1. First Download and Install Yazzy app in your android phone.
  2. Now Tap on Whatsapp Icon.
  3. Now type the name of the victim which you want to prank in the Name Field.
  4. Note : Don't Forget to Enter the exact name Of the victim which exists in your WhatsApp contact list.
  5. Now Download you friend's current profile picture and now add the profile picture of your friend by clicking on avatar option. 
  6. Now Go to MESSAGES tab. 
  7. Type Message which you want from your side.Now click on the right + button.
  8. Now type the Chats which you want from victim’s side and then click on left + button.
  9. This will add the message from victim side. 
  10. Repeat above steps to add messages.
  11. Now click on Save button.

Final Words 

So these were the killer whatsApp tricks and Hacks that many people don't know. Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box

Thanks For Visiting GeeksGyan. Please Share This Article With Your Friends On Whatsapp, Facebook and Google Plus and If you have any problem regarding this article or if you want any suggestions from us then you are  most welcome please comment below and Support us.



Friday 24 June 2016

Top 10 Killer Tricks and Hacks to Increase Followers, Retweets and Engagements on Twitter

After Facebook,Twitter is one of the top social media used in the world. It has approximately 500 million active users. Today,Twitter has become one of the most powerful tools of online marketing.

Twitter is a platform where anyone can build a strong community. It is all about interacting and engaging with your followers. The goal is to build a good reputation and gain popularity of their brand,person or product.

Today Many people use twitter and the numbers of users are growing day by day.This is because People have realized that this social media can help them to gain popularity instantly which others can't.
That's why some people buy twitter followers from certain websites to show others how much they are popular in social media. This ultimately drags the attention of other people's towards their profile.
Top 10 Killer Tricks and Hacks to Increase Followers,Retweets and Engagements on Twitter
Top 10 Killer Tricks and Hacks to Increase Followers,Retweets and Engagements on Twitter

Top 10 killer Techniques to Increase Twitter Followers,Retweets, and engagements.

1.Make Interesting/Catching Bio

Many people look at your bio to decide whether they should follow you or not. Explain who you are and what you do. Add Clear And Catching bio about you or your company.Don't forget to add your website link on your profile page.Add a relevant page on your profile so that it will help you to increase your conversion,rather than adding Homepage of your website.

2.Follow Back

Always Follow back people who follow you.When someone follows you,go to their profile and return the follow. It makes your followers feel special.

3.Thank people who follow you.

Try to Engage with People who follows you.Send Direct Message to your new followers.Try to Engage with people when they engage with you.This makes your new followers feel special and they feel like that you care about your followers.Use Automated “Thanks for Following Me” Messages provided by tools like crowdfire and Hootsuite.

4.Use Hashtags in your tweets.

Including Hashtags in your tweets significantly increases engagement. These are words with "#" symbol like "#SEO" and "#backlinks.For example, If you are tweeting about an article related to Blogging,use a hashtag in prefix of "#blogging" word.Don't Try to include more than two hashtags in your tweet because it will cause a negative effect on engagement. HashTags helps to get more engagements and exposes your brand in front of millions of people searching about that topic.


 Twitter is all about interaction. If you follow people and interact with them, they'll notice it and appreciate it.This Feature is similar to tagging of facebook.So If you want to mention anyone in your tweet,Use @ symbol before their usernames.


Tweet a lot.Obviously, If you don't tweet anything,no will be interested in listening.So people may unfollow you.Twitter is a fast medium,the tweets stay visible to your followers for only a few make sure you Tweet at least 25-30 tweets a day.If you don't have anything to Tweet you can also tweet the same posy twice a day or on different days.But if you don't have time to do so many tweets then you can also use tools like Tweetdeck or buffer in which you can preschedule your tweets.


Follow lots of people every day on Twitter.There is 80% chance that they will follow back.Find people who have many followers but also they have a huge list of following.Check their Profile and follow such type of peoples unless you hit a limit.But if you do manually it's too time-consuming.For this purpose, you can use "Twitter mass follow" chrome extension.

8.Post Useful Information and links

Be informative.Post Informative links with Photos,videos,etc.Tweet Popular stuffs like meme's,pictures,videos or news which are going viral in other social media like Facebook,YouTube,etc. If you have a blog then post links from your blogs with relevant hashtags and Pictures.Don't post content from your own blog only but also try to post informative articles from other blogs.Nowadays google is displaying tweets in SERP's,so add relevant Hashtags,keywords and information with the tweet to give a wider web presence. So You will reach more people and drive more traffic.

9.Retweet Others tweet.

This is the best way to engage with people. Retweet other people tweets regularly and the best part is that most of them will return a retweet.Retweets are the easiest way to expose yourself in front of tons of new followers.Retweet interesting articles and even participate in retweet groups that share each other's content.

10.Try Copromote

Copromote is one of the best tools to get more tweet Reach.It is absolutely free.For the past few days I'm using copromote to increase my twitter reach,I found that not only it exposes your tweet to more audience but also helps to increase your twitter followers.

Copromote allows you to select tweet of your choice from your twitter account to get others retweets.Pick any tweet that complies with their policies which mean no spammy tweets.


Benefits for using
So Far,the tweet which i have boosted on copromote had received retweets.I found that it delivers on its promise to scale social sharing.
In copromote you need to earn reach.For example, If you have 1000 Twitter followers, for instance, and you retweet someone else’s post, you will gain 100 reach points.

Tips To use Copromote.

  1. Boost Amazing content.
  2. Boost Interesting tweets
  3. Follow Some people on Copromote.

Final Words

So these were the killer tips and tricks to increase followers,retweets and engagements on twitter . Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box

Wednesday 22 June 2016

50+ High DA Websites To Increase your DA

Domain Authority is something that needs to be earned,not be receive by default.Domain authority of the website is one of the most important factors to be considered while getting backlinks.DA  is based on 3 factors : Popularity ,size, and Age.There are some Factors that you can influence to Increase your DA, however, there are also some factors which are not in your hands like Domain AGE.
50+ High DA Websites To Increase your DA
50+ High DA Websites To Increase your DA

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a score by Moz ranging from 0-100 , which predicts that how well a website will rank in the SERP's.High Domain Authority means the high power of your domain name.
For example, A website with Domain Authority 35 will Rank high in Search Engines than those websites with low DA.

So Today we have brought you a list of Websites that will help you to increase your Domain Authority.

Twitter is one of the major social networking site with DA 100.Create your Profile on twitter and add your website in your profile.By this way you can Get a backlink from twitter Easily.

Facebook is world's largest social networking site with billions of users.Getting a backlink from facebook is too easy,Signup on facebook and add your site in profile details.

Linkedin,the most popular business-oriented networking has a domain authority of 100.So getting a backlink from linkedin will help you to increase your DA.

Pinterest is one of the largest Photo sharing social media website.While creating your profile you can easily put your website link and Get a backlink.You can also Do it later by editting your Profile.

Youtube is one of the most popular Video sharing website with Domain authority of 100.
Youtube allows you to put a link back while creating a Youtube channel.
Reddit is one of the popular social bookmarking website that allows you to share your website news and many more exciting features.
This is one of my favorite website to get high quality traffic.Stumbleupon is a website which allows you to surf any random sites added by stumblers/users  based on your interests.It has about 12 million users.Submit your site to stumbleupon and enjoy traffic.
Delicious is also one of the popular social bookmarking website with Domain Authority of 98.Delicious allows you to add your website link in your profile along with a short Description.
Being owned by facebook,Instagram allows you to share your photos.It also allows users to add a website in their profile.So you can easily get a backlink from Instagram with DA of 97.
Disqus is now replacing wordpress default comment system as is emerging as one of the biggest commenting system.Disqus allows you to add a website's link to your profile.

Here is the list of 40 More such websites with High DA.

  1. DA-100
  2. DA-98
  3. DA-97
  4. DA-97
  5. DA-92
  6. DA-93
  7. DA-94
  8. DA-92
  9. DA -92
  10. DA-92
  11. DA-90
  12. DA-92
  13. DA-89
  14. DA-88
  15. DA-86
  16. DA-86
  17. DA-86
  18. DA-75
  19. DA -78
  20. DA-79
  21. DA-85
  22. DA-72
  23. DA-72
  24. DA-70
  25. DA-33
  26. DA-66
  27. DA-44
  28. DA-55
  29. DA-67
  30. DA-45
  31. DA-25
  32. DA-51
  33. DA-81
  34. DA-57
  35. DA-84
  36. DA-76
  37. DA-83
  38. DA-40
  39. DA-82
  40. DA-85

Wrap UP 

So this was our post on Websites To Increase Domain Authority. Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box


Sunday 19 June 2016

Top 10 SEO optimized fast loading blogger templates

After reaching the first page of Google, ranking your blog becomes more about on page SEO then off page SEO.

Things like site loading speed, bounce rate etc become very important as Google wants to provide the best results possible. So whoever wins in the terms of quality also wins the SERP battle.

However lots of bloggers don't keep this in mind while creating their blog, they choose blog designs which are fancy but very slow to load and hard to navigate, and then they wonder why they are stuck in the 2nd position.

That's why today we have brought you a list of 10 best blogger templates which are also fast loading to ensure the best result.

Top 10 SEO optimized fast loading blogger templates
Top 10 SEO optimized fast loading blogger templates

Top 10 SEO optimized fast loading blogger templates

1.THESIS SEO V3 Fast Loading Blogger Template

SEO Thesisv3
SEO Thesisv3

SEO Thesis is superfast loading Blogger template.It is perfect For News magazine and Personal blogs. It has many features like Fast Loading, SEO Friendly,Responsive, Visitor Friendly, Dynamic heading, Auto read more Function. 


  1. FAST Loading 
  2. SEO Friendly 
  3. Responsive Design 
  4. Auto READ MORE function 
  5. Mobile Friendly


2.Fast Edition Blogger Template

Fast Edition blogger Template
Fast Edition blogger Template

Fast Edition blogger Template is very Fast loading blogger template.


  1. SEO optimized 
  2. Mobile Friendly 
  3. Adsense Friendy 
  4. Social Media Sharing Buttons 
  5. FAST loading


Resizable Blogger template
Resizable Blogger template

Resizable is another fast loading template with highly Responsive design and awesome features.Resizable is the perfect template for news site,blogs, and magazine.It has super cooled Social media sharing buttons. 


  1. SEO optimized 
  2. Adsense Friendly
  3. Social Media sharing buttons 
  4. Fast Loading 
  5. Mobile Friendly



4.Supreme V2

SupremeV2 blogger template
SupremeV2 blogger template

It is the second version of Supreme blogger template which loads faster than the previous version.It  has a cool looking design with awesome popular post widget and Footer widgets.


  1. SEO Optimized 
  2. Adsense Friendly 
  3. Mobile Friendly 
  4. Responsive
  5.  Fast loading 
  6. Stylish Related Post widget 
  7. Stylish Popular Post widget




Neo Responsive V2
Neo Responsive V2

Neo Responsive V2 is very fast loading SEO optimized and Responsive Blogger Template.It is perfect For Personal Magazine Sites.It looks cool with an awesome font,Custom 404 Page,Subscribe Mail Widget and much more.


  1. SEO optimized
  2.  Superfast Loading 
  3. Cool looking 
  4. Awesome Font 
  5. Flat Subscribe Mail Widget
  6.  Mobile Friendly 
  7. Post by Label Widget 
  8. Social Widget 
  9. Adsense Friendly



6. News pro

Tech shadow
News Pro blogger template

News pro is one of the best templates when it comes to having a simple but effective design, yes there are many different templates which are simple but they fail to create the classy look News Pro provides.

Whenever someone asks me to suggest them any simple and effective blogger templates which they can use on their niche or micro niche blog then I suggest them News Pro without thinking twice. However, the only problem is that the developer hasn't introduced a responsive version of the template yet meaning you'll have to use any of the default blogger templates for mobile.



7. Tech Shadow

Tech shadow
Tech shadow

Technology is probably the largest niche containing the most number of blogs in comparison to any niche, to become a blogger you need to be tech friendly so most of the bloggers start their websites as a tech blog owner.

And when it comes to tech blog templates which are fast enough, there is probably no better template than Tech Shadow. Yes, the design is a bit outdated but it still fits the needs of a tech blog. After all, if I open a blog to read a review about a fridge or tv, and it looks like a page 3 blog filled with colors and sneaky widgets, then it's most likely that I'll hit the back button as soon as possible.



8. Elice

Elice Blogger Template
Elice Blogger Template

In their first few years of blogging, people often neglect other kinds of income sources and concentrate only on Adsense, while this strategy is good for making money in a short span, you'll slowly realize that in long term affiliate marketing is far better.

However unlike Adsense, affiliate marketing demands a more personal relationship with each one of your customers, and creating email lists is one of the best ways of doing so. That's why Elice gives you a very powerful 'subscribe via email' widget, which helps you to make a strong relationship with your customer in the long term.

Apart from this, the template is simple and classy to help you maintain your blog's brand image.



9. Sensational


If you are really keen on making your blog fancy, but still want it to load fast, then Sensational is probably the best option for you.

It's best If you are looking to make a multi-niche blog, or your niche covers lots of topics because all magazine style templates contain multiple javascript and long CSS codes which make your site incredibly slow.

However Sensational has the minimum number of scripts which gives a boost to your page speed and the multi-colored look allows you to enjoy a magazine-alike feel.



10. Gordon


And finally, the best templates are those which only need to be downloaded once and then you don't need to look out for any other template ever again.

It's almost impossible to believe how beautifully this template is made. The two main colors in black and white often make any template dull, however here they make the web page look extremely lively and you can use it on any niche you like. Plus the qualities like responsive design and a simple yet catchy sidebar makes it the best on the list.



Wrap up

Which one of these templates you liked the most? Do you know any better templates which deserve to be a part of this list? Do let us know in the comments box.


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