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Saturday 19 March 2016

Top 10 Best android apps for rooted devices

If you are reading this, then you probably belong to a very small but intelligent community of people. People who dare to think more and achieve more than what others want, after all not everyone is ready to take the risk which involves in rooting your android phone.

Getting the Superuser Access, Unlocking Your Android phone, Opening the root folder access they are all the same thing with different names but what really matters is what you can do after rooting your phone.You can change the look of your phone, feel of your phone and if you don't like it then you can also change the way your phone works,  in short you can do anything you like to do if you know coding.But don't worry if you don't know programming, there are a fair share of things you can enjoy with your rooted android phone with all the special apps available in the play store for rooted android phones.
Top 10 Best android apps for rooted devices
Top 10 Best android apps for rooted devices

So today we have brought you a list of top ten apps which you should install after rooting your android -

10 - Xposed Installer

You thought rooting your android phone is everything you need? Well, think again. Xposed Installer helps you to install the internal binary into your rooted phone.
installing this helps you to control the look of your phone. You can change the notification bar, apply themes, edit custom ROMs and a lot more. However, the app itself does not do all these things it basically helps other rooted apps in running just like the adobe flash player helps other apps to play media files.

9. Xui Mod Top

What's the first thing you want to change in your phone after rooting it? Yes, the animations. Every android phone comes with a fair share of different animations for different things but after a while they just become regular and you need something new to play with. In that time, this app comes into play.
Here is just an example of what you can do with this app-
1. Make clock center
2. Make status bar gradient
3. Change animation
4. Can make your navigation bar and status bar transparent of your rooted android mobiles.

8. DPI Changer

This is something for your gamers! DPI Changer is an app to enhance your screen experience. It somehow increases the Per pixel density or Display Pixel Density of your phone. Now it doesn't mean that it really gets changed but the experience is the same.
So as I said It's excellent for gamers as they can play high graphic games with low configuration phones. Also, you can enjoy watching HD videos even if your phone screen is not so HD friendly.

7. Set Cpu

One of the most basic things anyone wants to do with a rooted Android phone is to either Overclock the CPU or Underclock the CPU. Overclocking means your phone functions will run faster and Underclocking means they will be little slower than the normal speed.
Now doing all this manually is a big mess but this app does the same for you in a slick fashion. If you Overclock it you can run games and apps on your phone which usually lag. Or you can increase your battery life by making your phone a little slow.

6. Battery calibration

Almost all of the Smartphones face a big problem after you have used them for 6 months or so. They start showing the wrong battery status which is quite frustrating because you never when your phone will get turned off.
All this happens because your phone creates a battery stats.bin file. The file stores the previous charging and discharging time of your battery and shows the current battery status according to that. But after a time, the data becomes old as the battery starts to drain faster. So this app helps you keep your battery status fresh by deleting the old records.

5. Greenify

We all have seen those me memes on the Internet about the short battery life of any smartphone. Doesn't matter how many MaH your phone manufacturer provides, it's still not enough and a big reason for this are the apps running in the background.
Most of them are of no use or only used once in a while but they are still eating your battery up all the time by running in the background. So Greenify which is no doubt one of the best rooted android app helps you to close all these apps and increase your standby time.

4. Chainfire 3D

Over clocking your android phone is a great way to play high graphic games in your android.  But overdoing it is not recommended. The phone manufacturer knows the limit of the phone's Ram and Processor and sets the GPU according to it. So making your phone too fast can damage many important parts by overheating.
However good news for the gamers there is a better way of safely playing all those games. Chainfire 3D is an app for a rooted android phone which helps you to reduce the graphics of any game so you can enjoy all the heavy games without lag.

3. Freedom

Now we are talking some real thing. Most of the people want to root their Android phones so they can edit their game data. Whether it's increasing the number of coins or keys you have or unlocking all those heavy firing guns.
This is undoubtedly the most searched function for rooted android app, but if you are not a programmer then it makes the process of editing the game data a little more difficult.
But don't worry Freedom is one of the best rooted android app which allows you to do all this and much more and it's simple UI means you don't need to have the mind of Einstein to understand it.

2. Orbot and Orweb

These are the two apps I always have in my phone. Internet Access is a necessity in today's world doesn't matter where you are. But with all those servilenc programs it's very hard to access the World Wide Web with complete freedom.
Solution? The best app which helps you to browse The Internet anonymously. Orbot is a proxy app which connects you to the famous Onion Router proxy and Orweb is the official Tor Brewer. Together they help you save your identity from all the hackers looking for your data around the Web. And yeah you also get to access Deep Web after connecting these two. Bonus isn't it?

1. ROM Manager

And finally, the best thing you can do with your Rooted android phone is to change your Rom. For those unfamiliar with the word it means you can literally change your android operating system with any other. Cool isn't it? How about you show your friends how you are running the latest android version when your friends are still waiting to buy that new phone to get it? Or how about running windows 10 mobile on a Samsung phone? Why not both?
All these can be archived when you are ready to edit your rom. And Rom manager is the best app in my knowledge to edit all the data of your custom rom. Enjoy.


I believe one man can't know everything and there are many things that are yet to be discovered to do with your rooted android phone. So if I missed out anything do not hesitate in telling it in the comment section 

Saturday 12 March 2016

Best Platform Games to be played on Android Smartphones

No matter how much progress we make with our technology and graphics,and no matter how realistic our upcoming 3d action adventure games might be.There is an old game type which still stands proudly among all these new game types- Platform games.This old and probably the first game type of gaming history still gives us some of the best games to play each year. Maybe they don't have the realistic feel like some other but they are undoubtedly the most entertaining game types of them all. And don't forget the most iconic game in all of the gaming history - Mario was a platform game.

But this doesn't mean that these old jumping and firing games haven't adopted the new technology. No! they have successfully made there way in the Morden era of gaming. Doesn't matter what is your favorite gaming device, whether it's the handy gaming console/smartphone or a full room-set-up play station, there are plenty of fun platform games to choose from you just need to look at the right place. So today we are going to tell you the best Android platform games we were able to find in the play store.

Top Ten Platform games for Android phones

10. Cordy 2

Cordy 2
cordy 2
For the lovers of old school platform games, this is the best thing to start with. You control a robot and complete levels. You have to solve puzzles and beat obstacles in the way. And this all comes with powerful bosses in the way.
The gameplay is made of 63 levels which are a impressive number for any game. The only downside of this game is that you get to play only first 6 levels for free then you'll have to pay if you want to continue playing. 


The old contra style setup with the new graphics make this game worth giving a try. You have to complete levels in different galaxies in order to gain both experience and money. The experience helps you to unlock the next boss and the money gives you the sweet chance of upgrading your weapons. There are two types of shops in the game one is the premium market where you can buy new weapons and suits for real money, or you can always buy not so premium stuff in the black market with the money earned in the game. There is always a new level to play and you can actually make a level just by entering the name of a level this helps in keeping things fresh and you can enjoy this game for months.

8. Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune
This is a unique game if you'll see the storyline. You play as Leo, an adorable fuzzball who is looking for his stolen fortune. The gameplay is also inspired by other platform games but is still unique.
This is a very colorful game with pseudo steampunk theme. You have to cross some unique obstacles throughout the game and each one will leave you to guess about the next. Lots of people have found this game interesting in play store and chances are that you will too.

7. Mikey Shorts

 Mikey Shorts
 Mikey Shorts
Mickey Shorts is a simple platform game which makes it effective. It's best for the younger audience or for the people who get annoyed with hidden secrets in the game.
Some people have said that it's too easy but I believe it's interesting enough for appropriate players. All the buttons and controls are customizable meaning you can adjust them according to your needs.

6. Gunbrick

Enough with the slow stuff. This game is for the ones who like to complete any game in a single sitting. It doesn't mean that it will not challenge the player,  rather than it will leave you asking for more.
The fast paced gameplay keeps your interest renewed and helps you feel exited for the next level after completing every level. There are debates whether this can be considered a platform game or not because the game exudes arcade and retro elements, still it's fun enough give a try for any gamer.

5. Traps n' Gemstones

Traps n' Gemstones
Traps n' Gemstones
This is a classic old school retro 2d game. The graphics are not very amusing but the game itself is. It's more of a Platformer cousin brother of Metroid and Castlevania then Mario and Sonic.
You have to choose your own way through the game's vast pyramid. It's made of different interconnecting rooms each with a mind blowing puzzle to solve. This doesn't mean you don't get to kill people, you do. You have baddies to vanquish, runes to collect and many classic platform acrobatic tricks to perform.

4. Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade
4. Shadow Blade
Unlike Traps n' Gemstones, Shadow blade is a more action-driven game.  It has a fast gameplay with interesting combos to perform. You are a nimble ninja, who silently makes his way to the exact behind position of an enemy and then perform the killing move in one click.
It's somewhat a good android game adoption of early computer platform games like splinter cell. The control system is, however, swipe based which is very different from holding a remote control in your hand and playing.

3. Paper Monsters

 Paper Monsters
 Paper Monsters

The 2d style action packed gameplay will instantly remind you of Mario. But then you'll see the amazing 3d package it comes in and you'll be surprised.

This game includes everything you expect from a good platform game. And the gameplay is fun enough to keep you engaged for days. The only downside I see is that it will cost you a dollar to buy this game but judging by the fun you'll have to play this I say you won't regret it.

2. Badland


The deadly combination of eye-catching artwork, accessible gameplay, and clever design will leave you speechless. You have to drive you hedgehog-look-alike creature through very interesting levels designed as forests.
This is really a Morden relative of classic platform games. The gameplay is unique, the artwork is unique and matches the graphics of other latest games yet it somehow feels connected to the 16-bit console games.

1. Swordigo

If there is modern era smartphone succeeder or Mario then that is this game. I have completed this game 6 times and still don't feel bored with it. It has a simple yet effective storyline. A young soldier drove by the death of his master by the dark sides. He has to find the four pieces of Maze blade a classic powerful sword which will help him defeat the ultimate darkness.
It has more than what you can expect from a game. It has mysterious yet connected levels, upgrades, difficult bosses, easter eggs, secrets to find along the way In each level and what not. This is arguably one of the best android games ever made. Don't believe me? Go have a look at all those people asking for the 2nd part of this game in the reviews.

Final Words

So, friends, this is it. We have tried our best while making this list. If you still think we have missed any game which deserves to be in then do tell us in the comments.

Thursday 10 March 2016

How To Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

Today facebook is used by almost each and every people in the world.So Facebook has become One of the powerful Social media platform for bloggers, advertisers for internet marketers,Bloggers,Advertisers,Promoters who want to promote their online brand.Guys it's No.1 platform for bloggers who need to promote their articles to a huge audience after publishing on their blog.So today in this article "How To Auto Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once" I will show you one of the  easy method to autopost in your Facebook Groups at once.
How To Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once
How To Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

As you know that Facebook has billions of users,So Exposing your latest post on Facebook groups is considered one of the best way to Drive huge traffic to your blog/website. But, if you share your content in all Facebook Groups manually then it will definitely consume lots of time.

Benefits Of Autopost In Facebook Groups At Once.

  1. No time consuming.
  2. Easy to Share
  3. Very simple.No complex steps
  4. By this Trick you can attract huge number of visitors/customers to your blog/website.
  5. You Don't have to pay For this trick like many softwares which requires license keys. 

To promote your blog/brand You must join Facebook groups related to your niche.So that more people will click on your link.As Everyone knows that facebook is one of the best place for all the bloggers,Internet marketers to share their blog posts.

If you promote/share Your blog posts on our timeline than the probability of seeing your posts among people is less i.e limited to your friends(as facebook allows only 5000).So by this method,You can drive more traffic to your posts.So,start joining lots of groups and autopost your blog posts at once.So today we will share a amazing trick to post your blog posts in all facebook groups in just one click.


The first and main thing you will need in this process is Facebook Groups.Obviously,to share your content this is the only thing which you will need.So start joining lots of groups related to your blog/website niche.Try to join groups with more members,so as to ensure that huge number of people's will see your content which can give you decent amount of traffic to your blog posts.

Follow Below steps To Post In Multiple Facebook Groups In just Single Click.

It's a two step process.

First step : Collecting Email Addresses of Fb Groups

This step is not easy but also not difficult.Some groups prvide their facebook e-mail address in their group info.Otherwise we have to find the username of the group.We can easily get the username of facebook groups by opening them into our browser.This process can consume a little bit time,but you have to do this only once.

At first, you need to have a list of Username of all Facebook Groups where you want to share your post.
Step1: Initially Open any facebook Group on your browser.

Step2: After opening the group you can see the group URL on your browser's address bar.Now copy the username of that group from that URL.
For example:

Step3:Now Copy geeksgyan (which is red)of the group and paste them into notepad or in any text document.

Step 4: Once you have made a list of Username, you have to create Email Address of those groups from their username. 
To do this Just add after Group username.
For example:
where "geeksgyan" is the facebook group username.

step 5:Now collect emails of all Groups in which you want to Autopost.After this seperate the list of Email Address of Fb Groups  with commas (,).

Second Part of the Trick:Main Trick

Step1: Sign in to your e-mail address which you have used to create account on facebook or which is currently set as Primary Email in your FB Account.
Step2: Now click on compose e-mail option.
After that copy all facebook group e-mails which you have collected and paste them into BCC field.
step3:Finally enter your post/Message which you want to post into those Groups and then click on Send button.

That’s it.Now you can check all facebook groups, to ensure that your message is successfully posted in all groups.
Follow all above steps to post again in all groups.

Final words:

So by this way you can post in all Facebook groups at once without wasting your time.So with this trick you will save your lots of time and it will also help you to get decent traffic from facebook.I hope that you like above post.

If you face any problem please share it with us below in comments, we will try to solve this.

Sunday 6 March 2016

20 Most Inspiring Startup Quotes On entrepreneurship

Hello guys, today i am writing this article which might be no longer involving my niche,however this article will inspire you to become a great successful entrepreneur if you are a starter.
20 Most Inspiring Startup Quotes On entrepreneurship
20 Most Inspiring Startup Quotes On entrepreneurship

List Of 20 Most Inspiring Quotes On entrepreneurship

1.)If we were motivated by money, we would have sold the company a long time ago and ended up on a beach.
---Larry Page, Co founder of Google Inc.

2.)I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.
--- Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO Amazon

3.)The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.
-- Mark Zuckerberg ,founder and CEO of Facebook

4.)It's fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.
--Bill Gates , Co-Founder, ex-CEO of Microsoft.

5.)Success is competing with your conscience- no need to prove it to anyone.
--Muki Regunathan(He failed 7 times), Founder and CEO of pepper square.

6.)Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create.
--David Karp, founder and CEO of Tumblr

7.)The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be. 
--Reid Hoffman, co-founder Li2nkedIn 

8.)We are really competing against ourselves, we have no control over how other people perform.
– Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO Mashable

9.) Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not.
 – Michael Dell, Dell chairman and CEO

10.)Quitting was not an option i decided to hustle and succeed
--Jitendra vaswani, Indian Entrepreneur,Founder of

11.)In Silicon Valley, part of the reason why so many people start companies is because even if you fail, it is a badge of honour.
-- Sundar Pichai , Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc.

12.)Criticism is the best sign you're onto something. 
--Micheal Lopp, Blogger

13.)Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard. 
--Caterina Fake, Co-Founder of Flickr

14.)Be a user of your own product. Make it better based on your own desires. But don't trick yourself into thinking you are the user.
-Evan Williams, Co-Founder of Twitter

15.)The very first company I started failed with a great bang. The second one failed a little bit less, but still failed. The third one, you know, proper failed, but it was kind of okay. I recovered quickly. Number four almost didn’t fail. It still didn’t really feel great, but it did okay. Number five was PayPal.
-- Max Levchin-Founder of Paypal

16.)Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.
-- Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

17.)Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.
Guy Kawasaki, Alltop Co-Founder and Entrepreneur

18.)Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.
 –Drew Houston, Dropbox founder and CEO
19.)I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance. 
-- Steve Jobs, Co-founder & CEO of Apple

20.) Think big, think fast, think ahead.Ideas are no one’s monopoly 
Dhirubhai Ambani ,Founder Of reliance Group.


So Guys This was the List Of 20 Most Inspiring Quotes On entrepreneurship. I hope today's inspiration will motivate you to achieve something big in life and to become a successful Entrepreneur.
Hope You Liked It.DOn't Forget To Share


Tuesday 1 March 2016

5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon

Hello Friends,Today Blogging has turned into a full time business that you can choose as a carrier to earn money.
After creating a blog,the main problem come in blogger's mind is "how to Get huge traffic".So Today in this post I will share some Effective ways to increase Traffic with stumbleupon.
Guys If you want to get a huge amount of traffic, then one of the greatest sources is
5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon
5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon

So After moving to the topic we must know About stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon is a website which allows you to surf any random sites added by stumblers/users  based on your interests.It has about 12 million users.
 In other words,stumbleupon is a web discovery Engine which finds best Content/articles based on your interests.

As you know that web has grown enormously in recent Couple of years.
There are number of websites in the web with so many interesting topics and information which is practically impossible for anyone to know. So, StumbleUpon provides you such random websites and interesting articles. 

Things to Know Before Getting started with stumble upon.

  • Set up your Profile picture on Stumbleupon.Don't Get started without a proper profile picture.
  • Make sure that use only one StumbleUpon account. Creating multiple accounts on stumbleupon is against it's Terms of Service.
  • Make sure You spend some time on stumble upon.
  • At last,Don't forget to add a StumbleUpon badge or button to your blog/website articles.Adding a badge increase more chance to get your post viral on Stumbleupon.


Top 10 Secrets To Improve And Boost Your Alexa Rank Within 10 Days

Below are The some of the effective ways to Get traffic with stumbleupon.

1.) Add a StumbleUpon Badge to your blog/website

Stumbleupon upon has a share plugin which allows users to add your content to Stumbleupon.With this SU badge,Users can add your website to stumbleupon.

If you want to increase chances of your content to get viral on SU, the best way is to add a StumbleUpon badge to your website/blog articles. You can easily grab the coding of badge for your blog/website from here. You can easily integrate it with Blogger,wordpress, TypePad,etc.
Make sure to make easier for the people to stumble your content,this will increase your chances to get your content stumbled.

2)Become a Stumbler.

You won’t be capable of using stumbleupon efficiently unless  you become a stumbler. If this word is new to you, to “stumble” it simply means to find out internet pages with the aid of clicking the stumbleupon button displayed on bottom bar in Stumble upon App.The more you stumble and vote other's articles,better results you will see on your articles.

Stumbleupon will supply articles,photographs,etc based on your interest you have chosen while signing up your account. You’ll then get to vote on whether or not you want the ones hints or now not.
Spend Times to Stumbleupon to get increase your chances to get quality traffic to Stumbleupon

As you will be using stumbleupon to promote your personal blog articles in hopes of getting traffic, you must stumble and vote other's pages which is  similar to your content material.

 This gives your content a chance to emerge as a part of a chain response, in which many stumblers will share it with other top rated stumblers.

3.) Submit Content to stumbleupon Strategically.

After you have joined stumbleupon, don’t just begin submitting all of your content and not anything else.

Don't Be A spammer:
In 50:50 proportionality,You must also submit Others content material from any other resources than your own to avoid being you like a self-promotional spammer.

The main point of stumbleupon is to accumulate content in its series that adds value to the network. This will keep you in precise standing in line with their terms of service and it will add credibility to you within the network.

This may be very useful in building relationships with the community to share your own content material.

4.)Create Interesting Content/webpages

The most important thing to stumbleupon fulfillment is having a Great content with very clear webpage.You must always Create Content that StumbleUpon Users Like,So  if you don’t grab their attention in  just a second, they will be on the next one.

Below are the topics which you can create to attract visitors to Stumbleupon.

Lists – Many people love lists So create a content that contains a list of Any.
For example:
  1. List of usefull website to visit daily
  2. List of killer websites that every programmers must visit
  3. List of important websites that Everyone must know.
  4. List of bloggers from India 
  5. Best list of apps that everybody must download

Tutorials:Create tutorials of any Interesting Topics,How-to's,etc.

Movies – unique, informational stimulating videos from youtube or any other video networks.

Infographics – stumbleupon is one of the special networks which loves infographics.

For me, It was "Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location,Operator And Owner's Name". This article got 9K+ stumbles in just 3 Days and it's still counting.

5)Try Stumbleupon's paid discovery

Stumbleupon has several advertising plans available in StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery.Sometimes you are not satisfied Or maybe you certainly don’t have the time to watch for natural discovery.

Basically, you pay to get your links featured to stumbleupon individuals. The higher the engagement you need along with your target audience, the more price you need pay to Stumbleupon.

The satisfactory thing comes with paid discovery is that it sends visitors directly in your website, whereas with social networks like facebook advertising, you buy a small advert and wish that people will see it.
If your webpage doesn't violate any terms and conditions of Stumbleupon then you can pick any of three plans provided by them.


Stumbleupon is a great social tool for Bloggers/Developers for driving huge quality traffic to Blog/website.The main thing is that you need to spend more time with Stumbleupon by stumbling,liking others Contents,Following people's,Etc.It is not a one day process you need to have patience to achieve much success in Stumbleupon.

So If you really liked this Article then feel free to express your views about this article .


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