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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Tool Review 2016

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Tool Review 2016: Best Data Recovery Tool For iOS
IPhones are always a top ranged royal smart phones, but its features are limited in one sense, but the best in other sense. Like it has the best performance, as all the cores in their processor architecture are designed by them, Camera is very good, etc. But they don’t have Bluetooth, songs; pics can’t be shared to iphones with other devices, etc.

Another big drawback is that it has a limited storage and they don’t accept expandable memory cards. And often iphone users complain that their data gets lost, or corrupted, etc. So, in this post we have come up with a solution that will fix all your iphone issue with a single click. Excited? Read more…
IPhones are among one of the most famous brands of the modern world. Most of the people who have used iPhones tend to face some issues. Although it is a fact that iPhone is a lot better than Android phones but there are some issues that make iPhone a less likely option. For instance transferring music is a difficult task in iPhone whereas in Android phones you do not have to go through these steps. But Android phones tend to crash early and booting them up, recovering data is quite a hectic task.

Managing each and everything is a difficult task thus it is important that one single element is there to manage your things. When it comes to phones then you will always need software that manages everything. There is software that is here in your presence and it helps to manage your stuff on your iPhone. To remove every kind of hitches on your phone tenorshare has introduced iPhone Data recovery tool for you so that you could take good care of your phone. Tenorshare realizes the importance of your phone and how much it is important to keep it error free. Your phone is the device that carries tons of data with you wherever you travel. This particular tool is divided into 6 small tools that specialize in six different aspects.
  1. One Click transfer of music videos and apps

Tenorshare realizes that your time is precious. Thus it is important that you are able to perform multiple tasks with a single click. iTunes limits your downloads because it won’t allow you to download things that are not verified. But you won’t face any issue here because it will allow you to get your phone loaded with everything.
  1. It's now very easy to clean your device

Cleaning your device is extremely easy now because tenorshare is here for you. Tenorshare is going to ensure that it deletes all the junk files from your phone and load the important files again. This will not only free up space on your phone but it will also help to speed up the phone.
  1. A Solution To Overheat, iOS Upgrade, And Other Issues

iPhone suffers from overheating, iOS upgrading and other relevant issues this is a reason due to which users require software to manage them. If you are looking for such software then tenorshare is a perfect choice. Tenorshare is also going to work even when your home or sleep button is not working.
  1. Backup and restore your phone without any hassle

Your phone might have some important information that you do not want to lose. But it is important that you backup and restores your phone with important files. Users might face a lot of difficulty in restoring and backing up data through iTunes but tenorshare has made it a lot easier.Tenorshare iPhone data recovery tool is simply exceptional software that is not only easy to use but it also provides you with a lot of opportunities to maintain your phone.

5.Geniously repairs Operating system

Bugs cause a lot of issues and when you find bugs in operating system then it becomes a lot difficult to cope up. Tenorshare has designed iPhone data recovery tool with such expertise that it can even remove bugs from your operating system.

6.Supporting Devices

The software supports all kinds of iOS devices. This is the reason due to which users tend to use tenorshare more than everything. IPhones, iPods, iPads are compatible with this software. Thus you won’t need different software for different tasks.

Product link:
IPhone data recovery tool :

 Other useful products offered by Tenorshare

    BuyTenorshare iCarefone : 
    You can also use free trail before purchasing this product.


[METHOD 1]:Recover Data Directly from iPhone on Windows
1.First Connect Your iPhone to your computer

2.Now Scan Your Iphone

3.Now Preview Your Lost Iphone Data

4.Now Save Recovered Iphone data to your computer.

[METHOD 2]:Restore Data from iTunes Backup File
1.First Scan Backup file on Itunes

2.Select Your ITUNES BACKUP File

3.Preview Your Deleted Files From Itunes Backup

4.Now Save your Recovered Iphone data

Using tenorshare is extremely easy because it provides you with a lot of functionality and ease to its customers. It is one effective way to manage your iOS device. There is a premium version of the app as well. You need to buy the premium version. After the purchase, you will be provided with a key that you will enter into the software and then you will be able to access all the features of the app. It has become a whole lot easier to manage your phone just because of this intelligently designed software. What are you waiting for? Go, Install Tenorshare and enjoy your Iphones as androids users do.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

HideMyIP Review 2016 - The Best VPN Software

HIDE MY IP – The Best VPN Software!
The Internet is a world of fun and knowledge for every man on earth! It’s very difficult to find a person in this world who hates the internet. There is nothing left on this planet that you cannot find on the internet. But if you live in a country that has banned YouTube, Netflix, PayPal, etc, then it will be very irritating for you.
Where many people buy VPS Servers or go for proxy software or add proxy them manually to your operating system. VPN or proxy software are quite famous that many people are using it regularly, many software are free to use, where there will be 10-20 servers divided among thousands of people which will make the browsing very slow.
Finding a best VPN software is also compared with Finding a Good GirlFriend online.There are many software's available on the Internet but only a few are reliable and if you choose in a hurry then you may get cheated.
One such famous paid software that is very cheap and provides fast internet speed is Hide-my-ip. It is so frustrating when the whole world can access the internet freely but you can’t. But, don’t worry hide-my-IP is your perfect solution.
HideMyIP Review 2016 - The Best VPN Software 

Features of

  1. Anonymous and Encrypted Web Surfing
  2. Unblock any Website Easily.
  3. Works on Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS
  4. Prevent the Government from Spying on You
  5. You can Send E-mails Anonymously
  6. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee :
  7. Works on all browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.
  8. Premium Service provides location choose feature.
  9. You can encrypt your browsing to be safer.
  10. It is avalaible in 24 different languages.
  11. Android users can purchase this tool in a very small amount of 2.95$.
  12. Premium Features include full access to Different Ips in over 90 cities,Smart DNS proxy service and Many more.
  13. It protects Internet traffic with 256-bit secure encryption with OpenVPN technology.
  14. And many more features.

Hide my IP is a proxy software which provides private proxies for every individual which makes your experience awesome. Hide my IP is available for windows, MAC and Android devices. The features of hidemyIP has out ranked it. Believe me, there is no other software in the online world which provides these facilities at this rate!
So, in this post I will walk you through how to use a proxy software ( hide my IP in this post ) and what all features to ensure before buying a proxy software, there is no need to check for hide my IP as they are awesome, I have been using it personally for over a year without any problem.
There are sites which provide the interface within their site like, Hotspot Shield, Psiphon, etc. There are numerous reasons to choose hide-my-IP, like they provide 7 days free trail where you can use their premium service for absolutely free. And I am damn sure that one who uses it for 7 days will surely buy it because of its performance and other factors.
Here You can Access free trial of Hide My IP:
You can see some extraordinary features in this software like IP rotation, No IP repeat, etc. Which are exclusively added to their premium service and only available in their software!
Many VPN Softwares charge users on a Monthly basis,But Hide My IP charges a one-time single amount of 29.95$ only.The best thing about Hide My IP I liked is that it gives 30 days money back guarantee.
VPN software usually provides servers from other courtiers, usually, they provide from United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, etc. But Hide my IP provides servers from almost all countries, so that you can choose your country’s server which will further increase your speed. It works like when you request to access a site, it will send your data to the server and it will receive your data and send it to your computer.

They will never charge a subscription free or transaction fee or anything else. And most importantly they don’t ask your credit card credentials when you are using the 7-day free trial. You should only have to pay a onetime fee which very lower than other VPN Software.

Steps to Use Hide My IP:

Visit their website:
Download free software to try or buy the premium service.
You can download in all platforms like Windows, MAC, Android, etc.
Now just install the software, activate the tunnel mode and enjoy browsing.
Step1:Once you have Downloaded Hide-my-Ip,Launch it by clicking on its desktop shortcut.The software is very simple to use and after Launching it you will see a dialog box just like below.This dialog box shows your current IP address on the top.

Step2:To hide Your IP,You just need to click on HIDE-MY-IP button.Now you can browse Websites like YouTube, Netflix,Hulu anonymously.

So by following these simple steps you can hide your IP and surf the Internet anonymously and access blocked websites like YouTube,Hulu, and Netflix.

They also Provide Google Chrome extension and Firefox Add-on which makes users further easy to use, like you visit a website blocked in your area and just click on the add-on active the VPN, and refresh the page and you’re in!

HIDEMYIP For Android

The Hide My IP app is available for Android users which can be used forever for free without any ads, however,it has a limited number of IP locations.
Users May purchase a Premium license for a very small amount $2.95 to use all  locations on Hide My IP.
The best thing is that Hide My IP for Android is completely Free during "Free Fridays" where all IP locations are available on every Friday.Hide My IP comes with a one-time payment of $29.95 USD and is cheaper than most VPN providers (about $30-$80/year)

Links for Google Add-on and Firefox Add-on:
Firefox add-on
In addition, Hide My IP also offers a DNS Proxy service that is included free with the purchase of a Hide My IP license. HideMyIp is one of the largest DNS Proxy services in the world from our research:

Hide my IP will be useful in countries where many sites like PayPal, YouTube, Netflix are blocked. They are very cheap and reliable. Hide my IP provide 30 days money back guarantee so you can blindly buy it, if you don’t feel satisfied then you can simply apply for money back.Also, if you have any questions then Feel Free to ask us in the comments field.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Top 5 hottest female hackers

List of top 5 hottest female hackers

Boys, geeky and nerdy with glasses on face, this is what comes to your mind; when you think of hackers. Hold on this article because this article is going to bust this stereotype from your mind. You are missing gang of some super hot, sexy girls that can make you uncomfortable with their hotness. They are the geeky chicks, the beauties with brains. Don’t be judgmental with their looks for their look can melt down your heart. And, their brains can melt down the highly secured firewalls.

1.Adeanna Cooke

Adeanna Cooke
Image source:techlomedia

This former Playboy model is a self-trained hacker. Her story of getting hands on hacking and becoming a famous is very interesting. Surfing the net, she accidentally found her photo shots on an authorized website. The website was making money out of it without her knowledge or permission. So, this hotty did something very impressive. In spite of informing the authority and taking their help, she started to learn coding and became hacking maestro. Then she hacked that website to remove all her photos. Later, she helped many girls who faced similar condition of helplessness.


Image source :soldierx

Famous with the name of Gigabyte, this Belgium born cute looking hacker is notorious of all. Her real name is Kim Vanvaeck. Just at the age of 14 she wrote her first virus to make her presence feel in the dark world of male dominated hackers. She has developed some high ends viruses like Coconut-A, Sharp-A, Sahay-A. They attack hardware and then destroy sensitive data from memory. Though arrested, she was released on bail, within 24 hours.

3.Anna Chapman

Anna chapman

Probably the first sexy female hacker, Anna Vasilyevna Chapman. This 1982 born Russian beauty was arrested in 2010 from New York City by the FBI. She was an active member of an illegal Program spy ring under the Russian Federation’s “SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki)”. Her story takes you to those sexy spy agents that you see in Hollywood movies.


kristina hacker

It seem Russia, a country famous for breakthrough researches stands ahead for sexy hackers. Kristina Svechinskaya is another poplar, young, super hot hacker from Russia in our top five list. A big money mule, she along with her nine mates, attacked various top banks like Bank of America and Bank of Wachovia. They managed to take out more than $3 million. For attacks, she used trojan viruses. She was also charged for forged passport. Arrested in New York, she was later (2013) released under the court’s supervision after paying a fine of 35 thousand dollars.

5.Ying Cracker

Ying Cracker
Image Source:

This hacker from Shanghai is too shrewd. She never got herself in any illegal mess yet you can’t call her work all clean. Ying Cracker, the Chinese super hot and sexy hacker is somewhat different. She treats herself as an educator, who conducts various hacking workshops. You must be dreaming to have such hot teacher in your class. She helps others to crack software and also writes software for corporations for a good charge. She has a large online followers.

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Wrap Up

Which one of these hackers you liked the most?  Do let us know in the comments box. Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about?  Do let us know in the comments box.


Saturday, 30 July 2016

[Tips] Killer Tricks To Increase Karma On Reddit

A Redditors Karma or referred simply as Karma between the regular Reddit users is one of the most fun ways to get an idea of the reputation in the virtual world.

However the easier judging anyone by their Karma is, the harder it is to increase your karma on Reddit. So today we have brought you a list of ways to increase Reddit Karma:
[Tips] Killer Tricks To Increase Karma On Reddit
[Tips] Killer Tricks To Increase Karma On Reddit

What is Karma on Reddit?

If you are not a regular Reddit user then chances are that you have never heard about the Karma feature of Reddit and it's not entirely your fault since it's little-known outside of the Reddit world. 

You can understand the concept of Karma as online reputation points. Reddit is a community where you can share links to different stories and comment on others stories. 

Both ways, the upvotes received by you on either your stories or your comments increase your Karma points and the downvotes result in a deduction of your Karma points. 

How to increase your Karma on Reddit? 

Now as you have enough knowledge about the process of Karma, now is the time to know how you can increase your Karma on Reddit. So below are some of the most prominent ways used by Reddit users to increase Reddit karma

However there is still a catch, there are two types of Karmas on Reddit known as Link and Comment Karmas respectively so we'll gonna take a look at how to increase Reddit karma of both types one by one:

How to increase Reddit Link Karma

You link Karma is increased as much upvotes you get on your shared stories. So the best and probably the most respected way of increasing link Karma is to post original content on Reddit regularly and hope to get more upvotes thus more Karma points 

However like any other field, posting just good content will not help you to get a massive amount of Karma points until it really appeals to the mass audience. For example, you may find photos of ancient temples in your local area but it will hardly be appealing to the bigger audience until you live somewhere near to the statue of liberty. 

Here we should also note that Reddit only likes original content and posting a duplicate photo/content can result in a ban of your account. So if you are thinking about posting pics of famous monuments by downloading from Internet drop the idea instantly. 

Here is a great tool which lets you to check if any photo has previously been posted on Reddit or not.

Pro tip - if you are having a hard time coming up with original ideas to post, then you can also pick up any of the recent popular stories, just make sure it hasn't been posted on Reddit yet or even if they have been posted, you can find a different URL of the same story just make sure it's not copied.

How to increase Comments Karma on Reddit?

While increasing the link karma is limited to posting good stuff, Increasing comment Karma is a whole different story. In fact, I have seen people who lost all their comment Karma points by doing one harsh comment.

So make sure you don't make any harsh comments on any post without the proper knowledge to avoid losing comment karma points. The best way to increase comment Karma points is by finding and praising positive posts which have a high number of upvotes.

A quick way to increase comment Karma is posting sarcastic comments on annoying posts which get lots of upvotes in a short time if used correctly. Although as I mentioned above, make sure you don't comment anything bad on a post which is supported by a majority of users. 

Over to you

So these were the techniques I used to increase Reddit Karma points, do you know any more techniques to increase Reddit Karma? Do let us know in the comments section.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Contentmart: An online marketplace for content services

Contentmart: An online marketplace for content services

The most difficult task is to find somebody which can write high quality content. Are you seeking for any good writer? I’m going to solve your problem in this post. Read on.
Content Mart is one of the most leading portal in which you can find writers easily.  It is a Hiring and freelancing Service. It specializes with only content freelancing no other service which is great thing about it.  If you are a writer, Content Mart is a great opportunity for you to make money easily. And if you are blogger and want to hire a high quality writer, this place is perfect for you.

Contentmart: An online marketplace for content services
Image source :

How is Content Mart different from Upwork or Fiverr?

It is well known fact that the Upwork and Fiverr and other portal out there is much cluttered and crowded, while Content mart is designed only for Content.
No commissions for clients

For a client, the commission is totally ZERO which is the best thing about it! Almost Upwork and Fiverr and other portal out there charge commissions both from the freelancer and the client for the service. Content mart doesn’t charge single rupees from the client. So you can say it’s Commission-free service for clients.
Image source :

Features of ContentMart
  1. Customer support  
  2. Secure Payments for both parties
  3. Zero Commission
  4. Customised content with different language options
  5. Easy Bidding
  6. Fixed deadlines
  7. Built-in Plagiarism checks
  8. 100% refund if writer did not write good content for you

How does Contentmart pay the clients?

They have the wallet system which is great for clients or writers.  You may deposit money in your wallet, and after that you can easily pay.
Now a day, is a worldwide online portal that provides a good range of content services such as:
  1. Proof reading
  2. copywriting
  3. Blogs
  4. Product descriptions
  5. Web page content writing
  6. Seo content
  7. Testimonials
  8. Editing
  9. Articles
The portal uses an automated and fair payment method. Clients may deposit money to the wallet by using HDFC Payzapp mobile wallet, MobiWick, Debit / Credit cards or Net banking. When the client awards a task to the writer, the payable money gets blocked and it gets transferred to the wallet of writers after content approval.

So, what are you waiting for? Just join now as a copywriter or as a client to showcase your skills or for all your content needs.


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